February 29, 2024

Property Transfers Published February 10, 2024

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.

109 W 15th St; Studio Two Three to 109 W 15th Street Llc, $1,750,000.

527 N 21st St; Tnt Construction Carolina Llc to Jones Reuben And, $412,500.

1223 N 24th St; Agee Mathieu C to Decem Design Build Llc, $260,000.

300 W 25th St; Fivehouses Llc to Mela Estates Llc, $485,000.

1810 N 29th St; Smga Properties Llc to Buller Jacob Lloyd, $320,000.

311 N 30th St; Tepal Marilyn to Godfrey Anthony Francis, $600,000.

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627 N 33rd St; Jones Sadie T to Stewart Katherine E, $275,000.

1118 N 35th St; We Renovate Richmond Llc to Cleary Ben C, $310,000.

1815 W 45th St; Reed Justin James and to Nichols Daniel Scott, $727,000.

3304 5th Ave; Guzman Investment Group Llc to Branch Erika Zsavay, $380,000.

2122 Allwood Ave; Studifin Katie M to 2912 Midlothian Turnpike Llc, $189,314.

506 N Arthur Ashe Blvd; Oneill Daniel Iii and to King Donald E, $920,000.

6503-1/2 Barcroft Lane; Zeus Holding Llc to Fraser James M Trust Trustee, $710,000.

402 N Belmont Ave U3; Ray Diane B to White Sarah Matthews, $260,000.

4200 Bromley Lane; Warfield Cheryl Myers to Londrey James and James Jr, $609,000.

1742 Catalina Dr; Gaskins Astrid to Bahamon Maria Y, $229,000.

506 Chimborazo Blvd; Higgins Tracy Elizabeth to White Karen Mackenzie Preddy &, $500,000.

7443 Comanche Dr; Der Bryan S and Sarah to Griggs Rebecca, $468,000.

4423 Cutshaw Ave; Lalor Brian and Curtis Sarah to Ripley Brett C And, $615,100.

3218 Detroit Ave; Crittenton Bryan Cleveland to Lee Allison Ia, $280,000.

10521 Duryea Dr; Iacob Emanuel Jacob and to Carroll Katherine Elizabeth, $388,000.

3003 Enslow Ave; Carthorne Darius A to Mejia Christian M Hernandez, $323,800.

3219 Fendall Ave; Morgan Lahoma to Los Renovations Llc, $269,000.

2515 Floyd Ave; Engel Jeffrey S Trust Trs and to Vance Douglas W, $750,000.

3404 W Franklin St; Lafrinere Taylor and to Goss John and Alaina Sadick, $910,000.

1609 German School Road; NVR Inc to Abraham Roshen and Vibin, $379,980.

903 W Grace St; Gurganus Mary L to Siam Investments Llc, $925,000.

2902 Grayland Ave; Waddle Andrea L to Williams Stephen David, $550,500.

301 N Hamilton St Uc; Beckner Rachael B to Benson Bobbi Sarah, $332,500.

2500 Hargrove St; Williamson Lori Anne R to Home Solutions Of Va Llc, $200,000.

4303 Hillcrest Road; Eugley Brian S and to Purdy Michael D, $475,000.

6713 Kensington Ave; Bean Mclean Carlisle and to Zalesiak Chad A and Sarah S, $361,000.

6232 Lamar Dr; New Canaan Properties Llc to Murillo Diana Mendez, $290,000.

109 E Leigh St; Gladwell David A and Sarah R to Mcnicholas Leo and Mai Linh, $525,000.

107 Libbie Ave; Mccathern William W Jr to Whitford Corporation Of, $517,000.

4022 Macarthur Ave; Seelmann Donald L & Sandra W to Macarthur 1937 Llc, $4,000,000.

3015 E Marshall St; Jones Reginald N to Shute Benjamin Alan And, $497,505.

1610 Maury St; Prime Property & Investments to Atlas Property and Investments, $220,000.

1319 Mechanicsville Tpke; Rva Properties Llc to Buchanan Callen Q And, $210,000.

2824 Midlothian Tpke; Minns Jeramian to Cox Joshua Adam, $275,000.

4303 Monument Park; Pogue Janice Walker Revocable to Denslow Suzette Poupore, $532,060.

3021 North Ave; Americas Dream Holdings Llc Ps3 to Smiley Travis and Katherine, $450,000.

928 Old Denny St; Blackwell Alice Grace to Schilling Clay and Maya Gillian, $310,000.

5301 Parker St; Cho Lea to Sinnott Halle Anne, $285,750.

3306 Patterson Ave; Dogal Natalie Marie to Beach Thomas E And, $600,000.

2851 Penrose Dr; Snead William R to Repplier John L Revocable Trust, $451,000.

7710 Prairie Road; Borzelleca Nolan J to Ellingson Nathan Joseph, $390,000.

2001 R St; Smith Neal E Ii and to Kohlhepp Tobin M And, $335,000.

2109 Rosewood Ave; Bareford Jonathan W and to Hughes Jeffrey David, $560,000.

2825 Skipton Road; Ramos Ronald B Trustee and to Sanders Richard L and Ellen B, $670,000.

919 St John St; Solutions Investments Llc to Caroline Llc, $195,000.

4509 Stonewall Ave; Sparra Hunt and Mcfadden Jacqueline to Rowan David and Patricia, $577,500.

4620 Stuart Ave; Brink Sonya to Maraghy Jenny, $380,000.

3306 Tuxedo Blvd; Strand Nathaniel L Sr to Spivey Christian and Chuky, $211,000.

301 Virginia St U1405; Oltmans Sheryl Ann and to Purcell Maria, $599,000.

4500 Whitehall Road; Ward Brian M and Margaret G to Eccles Sean A and Katherine A, $730,000.

1235 Windsor Ave; Mcgowan Claire M to Hunt Kenneth And, $602,500.

6306 Worthington Road; Yohai Ron 401 K Trust to Wilson Jeffery Bogart, $270,000.

3103 Abruzzo Pl; Duplissey Jennifer to Arora Narinder S and Kawal J Trustees, $417,500.

7570 Ansley Rd; Murray Earl W and Patricia H to Robinson Joseph Corpening and Dawn D, $175,000.

9007 Avalon Dr; Copes Joshua Beverley T and Mary Catherine to Anderson Alison M, $518,500.

3 S Beech Ave; Poller Latrice S and Gervon Bruce Et Al to Murillo Loany Yolibeth, $195,000.

1805 Betty Ln; Naylor Jessica K to Rapp Francine, $330,000.

1003 Borden Rd; Copper Row Real Estate Llc to Tompkins Julia S, $560,000.

5905 Brandy Ln; Bernard Scott to Bradshaw Rachel Swyers and Joseph Jr, $300,000.

9300 Broad Meadows Rd; Dolan Reuben J and Emily R to Schad Anne Elizabeth and Jordan Lee Smith, $290,000.

1505 Bronwyn Rd, U204; Klenzmann Gabrielle to Perrone Annette C, $215,000.

2306 Burnley Ave; Hodkinson Bradley Ray and Lara Rix to Ellis Rebecca, $328,000.

1311 Careybrook Dr; Hryvniak David and Shanna Murphy to Alexander Emily and Steven Caruso, $435,000.

9665 Carters Mill Rd; Luellen Roger D and Marie Q to Malvern Hill Bluffs Llc, $1,120,000.

7919 Chowning Cir; Smiley Ronald G Jr and Lori Trustee to Diaz Robert Vo and Bichdan, $350,000.

2105 Cool Brook Dr; Complete Home Design Llc to Young Rodney Bernard Jr, $374,900.

5415 Coxson Rd; Schiffhauer Jr William H to Napoles Marcelino, $220,000.

3990 Creighton Rd; Copeland Ricky Lee to Cardenas Alexandra B and Jose Sola-Santos, $310,000.

10008 Crystal Lake Ave; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Lagana Madeline M, $309,000.

3055 Danrett Ln; Brown Pamela to Robinson Terry and Nicole, $390,000.

306 De Sota Dr; Jelinek Scott Trustee to Complete Home Design Llc, $482,000.

12319 Dewhurst Ave; Jaros Richard James and Mary Brigid to Blair Curtis E Jr, $730,000.

3406 Dewsberry Ln; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Veltsistas Nikolaos and Carillon, $306,390.

315 Duberry Dr; Wade Kashif C and Antoinette Y Brown to Lopez Silvia Lucero, $256,000.

22 S Elm Ave; Integral Properties Llc to Sledge Ayasha N, $318,000.

2892 Fairway Homes Way; Thompson Lon B and Lyn S Haase to Gravatt Robert A Jr and Sharon M, $400,000.

255 Finial Ave; Banton Robbin Dale to Lauterberg Robert W, $955,000.

2309 Fleet Ave; Roper Glover Holdings Llc to Summerlin Jenna, $250,000.

8315 Forge Rd; Smith Arthur J and Mary J to Liberti Timothy, $358,500.

3903 Francistown Rd; Marrs B Molly to Husejnovic Mirsad and Sedika, $307,000.

4720 Fry Landing Dr; Kain Road Investors Llc to Nvr Inc, $405,000.

10503 Gayton Rd; Frenzel Sara L and C Knowles to Nayeem Gazi Mohd and Monalisa Mukta, $325,000.

12719 Glenkirk Rd; Pheil Nicholas M and Joanna B to Dixon Joshua R and Brittany Gayle, $595,000.

2233 Grainmill Ct; Piana Lenita Estate to Lima Ronaldo, $305,300.

3978 Grove Point Dr; Van Hook Diana Rochelle to Butts Gerald C, $320,000.

610 Haven Mews Cir; Fazel Khatija to Nair Shilpa S and Anup Chandran, $515,000.

809 Haversack Hunt Way, Ua; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Medina Yahusef, $298,290.

811 Haversack Hunt Way, Ub; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Hicks Charles W Jr, $359,990.

3805 Haylor’s Beach Way; Miller Milton P and Sarah R to Hoffmann H George and Katherine M Trustees, $570,000.

586 Hazel Dr; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Bhosale Vikamsinh M, $568,890.

1534 Heritage Hill Dr; Kirlow Corporation to Boyle Holly L, $260,000.

2219 High Bush Cir; Wilson Christie T to Oconnor James and Karie Lescallett, $275,000.

1511 Honor Dr; Brooks Tiara to Mobley Group Llc, $150,000.

3061 Hunton Cottage Ln; Wood Brent and Luiza to Moores Aaron P and Kathryn H Kellam, $585,000.

1203 Hyde Ln; Meyer Alicia B to Reedy Robert E and Sana Salah, $780,000.

911 Ironington Rd; Cain David A and Mary Beth Cain Tuck Trust to Bartos Dru Ann, $327,000.

119 N Juniper Ave; L and A Acquisitions Llc to Davis Stacie, $265,000.

2509 Kenmore Rd; Hickman M Annette to Creasey John Weldon and Brittany Ann, $325,000.

9408 Lakeland Pl; Moe Donald W and Constance to Kleeman Douglas Alan and Courtney, $603,000.

9725 Laurel Pine Dr; Crump Cheryl F and R M Fletcher Jr Et Al to Wood Donna and Christina L, $310,000.

2300 Lenora Ln; Cole Marye D and Karen T Shope Et Al to Tang Thien Cong and Dao Thi Trinh, $230,000.

8717 Lonepine Rd; Madison Development Co to Greaves Denise Michelle, $305,000.

505 Lowell St; Aeburnett Llc to Lamb Jacqueline J, $290,000.

9280 Magellan Pkwy, Ua; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Chen Chih Cheng and Yu Ju Trustees, $313,090.

2204 Manlyn Rd; Doane Barbara S Trustee to R Squared Group Llc, $255,000.

105 N Mapleleaf Ave; Iles William P and Barbara J to Robinson Street Properties Llc, $172,500.

920 Masters Row, Ub; Franco Gustav V and Carol A to Ragland Shanna D, $250,000.

7576 Media Park Rd; Waldrop Lestra B and Bruce to Craddock Property Holdings Llc, $259,950.

8807 Midway Rd; Almomani Batoul to Foley Malcombe R Iii and Maris C Mulroney, $342,000.

9108 Minna Dr; Stewart M H Jr and N D to Whitlock William B Iv, $312,500.

5100 Monument Ave, U101; Coble Kenyon to Wyatt Elyse M, $174,000.

6006 Morgan’s Glen Pl; Campbell Lynn Smithey to Greenstreet E Tracy Trustee, $446,100.

5101 Nandun Rd; Dostal David and Alison Wirth Et Al to Moore Robert H, $275,000.

12420 New Point Dr; Metz Andrew John Trustee to Stauffer Cynthia Lynn, $326,114.

1549 Oakland Chase Pkwy; Beaver Linwood to Saltwater Properties Llc, $150,000.

3828 Old Burleigh Ln; Yp Burleigh Llc to Hall Kathryn, $748,500.

3018 Overton Rd; Riveland Ralph H and Susan B to Waller Connie Lynne, $315,000.

844 Parkland Pl; Yu Wanyan to Penmutcha Satyanarayana V, $426,650.

3711 Pemberton Ave; Montgomery Antonio L and Claudette Dendy to Amigos Homes Llc, $150,000.

10416 Perennial Dr; Davis Mack M and Margot D to Shah Suril Roopesh and Keya H Turakhia, $435,000.

917 Pleasant St; Lamb Jacqueline J to Moore Taneil Rochelle, $270,000.

341 Purbrook Ln; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Carter Farnaz D and Duane L, $853,505.

9630 Rainbrook Dr; Cox Kathleen M and S Bruce to Kirk Thomas E and Lorretta A, $340,000.

4749 Red Coach Ln; Burton Darren L to Paramount Investments Llc, $223,000.

5207 Reids Pointe Rd; Conley Jeffrey and Karen to Cao Limo and Yanxia Li, $291,000.

1017 Ridge Top Rd; Douglas Richard E and Debra to Troy Ryckman Llc, $482,000.

9144 Rigney Ter; Matheson Gordon M and Karen S to Cocchiola Michael W and Sarah Ann M, $755,000.

7070 Rivermere Ln; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Mccray Joseph, $464,715.

210 Rocketts Way, U302; Aguinaldo Peter to Murphy James, $280,750.

4206 Rosedown Pl; Prioleau Janique to Pearson-Keeling Kelly and Devin T Robinson, $273,000.

8290 Scott Commons Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Arteaga Evelin H and Nickol Natali Cornejo, $367,990.

10601 Shadrach Ct; Sharif Bahman B and Tammy L to Miller William P and Maria S O Torres, $439,900.

12307 Sir James Ct; Chaplin Kevin Richard to Orledge Mollie Mcdanald, $276,000.

9709 Snowberry Ct; Reedy Robert E and Sana Salah to Rush Amanda and Michael, $475,000.

9810 St Pages Ln; Lumpkin Robin J and J C Menzel to Sauder Kristen Lynn, $355,000.

5613 Stoneacre Pl; Armstrong James Sutton and Julie H to Politowicz Ryan and Megan, $770,000.

224 Stuttaford Dr; Witcher Nicole to Pena Urias Alvaro Osmin, $209,000.

13301 Teasdale Ct; Burrows Thomas and Carolyn to Snell Michelle P and Jason M, $625,500.

4901 Topping Ln; Lonas Carl D and Cynthia to Danil Ossama Reda and Farah, $650,000.

3007 Valleyfield Rd; Durrette Barbara G to Gardner Cornelia and Patricia K Woolridge, $385,000.

3100 Wallaby Trce, U0709; Shippers Service Company to Laster Martha and Renee F Mullen, $231,000.

1139 Warwick Park Rd; Gillies John E and Diane T to Faul Jacob and Julieta, $425,000.

591 Weaver Brook Walk, Ub; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Bhutia Penila, $494,950.

3508 Whelford Way; Petrilak Thelma R to Stone Susan M, $490,000.

3815 Wild Goose Walk; Archer Kevin and Leslie to Zamperini Ashley H and Michael J Castro, $660,000.

7645 Wilton Rd; Craig Gerald W and Lawrence G Et Al to Craig David Andrew, $164,463.

10220 Winston Blvd; Mathis Angelene to Theofanos Alexander S, $311,500.

5408 Woodcock Ct; Pegeas Barry to Holmes Vinson, $275,000.

1901 Yeadon Rd; Noble Development Of Virginia Corp to Shelton Jake and Emma Melanson, $351,000.

2708 Addington Ave, North Chesterfield; Lhs Holdings Llc to Manns Alexander, $240,000.

8407 Aldera Ln, Chesterfield; Kuhle Joseph A Jr and Jacqueline to Lee Myron A and Susan G, $589,950.

11312 Amara Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Larew Samuel and Straka Kendel, $562,205.

4042 Anita Ave, Midlothian; Izadjoo Meisam to Kotze Mari, $240,000.

3417 Argent Ln, North Chesterfield; Jacobson Bradley R to Reddick Alicia J, $278,000.

225 Ashford Hill Loop, North Chesterfield; Meyer Nancy to Beck Beverly Ann and Beck J Edward Jr, $450,000.

5837 Austin Woods Dr, North Chesterfield; Mouton Robbin C to Cupay Patricia Angela, $335,000.

12225 Balta Rd, Chesterfield; Ayers Brandon Lee and Ariel Q to Ramirez Javier and Pabon-Hernandez Ingrid Z, $400,000.

7007 Batten Ct, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Denefield Joshua Rashad and Whitney Nicholas, $487,990.

615 Bellerive Ct, North Chesterfield; Walker Marie J to Hewitt James M and Hewitt Rhoda D, $320,000.

4008 Belspring Rd, Chester; Hudson Mary A C and Jed Walter to Ross John and Sierra, $361,100.

2601 Bermuda Ave, Chester; Irvin C David and Susan K to Mims Patrick Wade and Melanie Irvin, $350,000.

912 Biggin Pond Rd, Midlothian; Mays Robert Jr to Hafley Derek Victor and Priscilla Breeanne, $476,500.

9019 Blooming Ct, Chesterfield; Mcclure Tammara J to Robichaux Patricia M Trustee, $440,000.

4888 Bonnie Brae Rd, North Chesterfield; Morris-Harris Evelyn W to Watson William N, $255,000.

10401 Brandy Oaks Blvd, Chesterfield; D and T Investments Llc to Spencer Cheryl R, $699,990.

412 Bridge Creek Ct, Midlothian; Chilcote Tristan S and Amanda J to Sexton Chase V and Evelyn R, $415,000.

604 Bristol Village Dr, Apt 306, Midlothian; Wawrzyniak Judy to Shahzad Abdul Wali, $189,000.

2301 Brookforest Rd, Midlothian; Simard Gerald A to Chen Lina and Chen Zane and Chen Heather, $257,000.

2421 Castle Hill Rd, Midlothian; Hague J R and Hague P S Trustees to Sjogren Sven, $680,000.

13110 Cedar Creek Rd, Chesterfield; Hutter Fred to Carter Richard Iii and Kathy, $444,950.

5436 Chatteris Pl, North Chesterfield; Jensen Whitney Kirsten to Tench Robert, $286,000.

13500 Chesdin Landing Dr, Chesterfield; Mcaulay Craig and Kristen to Ledesma David E, $645,000.

6645 Citory Way, Ste 104, Moseley; NVR Inc to Bell Raymond Earl and Boone Brenda Eason, $277,095.

6645 Citory Way, Ste 305, Moseley; NVR Inc to Fordney Angela Marie, $315,280.

4701 Clear Bark Cir, Moseley; Homesmith Construction Inc to Bamishile Olayemisi and Olufemi, $795,071.

4361 Collingswood Dr, Chesterfield; Farrell John C and Tracy D to Nielson Brian and Velazquez Ashley, $379,000.

18030 Cove Creek Dr, Moseley; Lifestyle Home Builders to Mcaulay Kristen, $781,950.

6901 Crosswinds Dr, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Jfs Real Estate Group Llc, $489,575.

6225 Deer Summit Ct, Moseley; NVR Inc to Moore Jerry J and Donna M, $523,695.

7101 Desert Candle Dr, Moseley; Shiue Taciana S and Jyb Shiue Guann to Succardi Anthony and Lytha C, $388,000.

7625 Drexelbrook Rd, Chesterfield; Coaker Jean Siedlarczyk to Banks Eric and Kimberly, $277,000.

11549 Dunmore Mill Ter, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Majors Michael Paul and Kroeger Eden Rebecca, $360,760.

7025 Dunton Rd, Chesterfield; Cosby Village Llc to Liggon Douglas and Nikita, $380,290.

11218 Eastfair Way, Chesterfield; Reynolds Michael C and Jeannine to Lizik Carolyn A and Luke F, $475,000.

3448 Ellenbrook Dr, Chester; Poirier Joshua and Tammy to Clark Denine, $385,000.

4908 Enchanted Ln, North Chesterfield; Cash Michael V and Terri L to Perdomo Bernabe Lopez and Picon Rosibel Pantaleon, $268,000.

23 Fairwood Dr, North Chesterfield; Mobley Adam to Jacobson Justin, $236,800.

3231 Farcet Ter, Midlothian; Babb Kellett to Brenner Luann Trustee and Gottfried James D Trustee, $565,000.

620 Fern Meadow Loop, Apt 303, Midlothian; Holder Homes Llc to Jones Michael Scott and Jones Alison and Jones Danielle Renee, $207,500.

2725 Flour Mill Dr, Midlothian; Oh Kwangsuk and Jang Yeunsuk to Riordan Rachel A, $430,000.

6002 Fox Crest Cir, Midlothian; Lumley Robert James to Rhyne Joseph Thomas and Carly A, $570,000.

15425 Foxvale Way, Midlothian; Thompson Jean K to Bliss Kevin William and Green Stephanie Michelle, $480,000.

2968 Gaffney Rd, North Chesterfield; Valko Llc to Roane Anthony, $238,500.

10840 Genito Square Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Lee Dae Han, $313,845.

10856 Genito Square Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Jones Elizabeth M, $317,880.

543 Glenmeadow Rd, Midlothian; Hodges Caitlin L to Davis Alyssa and James Benson Ii, $460,000.

9210 Gregory Dr, North Chesterfield; Reese Victoria Jane Shipley and Shipley Johnathan Lee to Kotchish Glenda M and William D, $391,000.

9209 Groundhog Dr, North Chesterfield; Parker Patricia W to Minnick Keith, $250,000.

10516 Halflight Dr, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Ethier Renee E, $402,500.

10012 Hamlin Creek Pl, Chester; Pettie Charles E and Kathryn R to Butler Evan, $380,000.

14416 Hancock Towns Dr, Chesterfield; Hancock Village Building Company Llc to Singh Jaspreet and Kals Shalini, $344,830.

13700 Harbourwood Rd, Midlothian; Dw Evans Investments Llc to Danner Charles A and Sankirtana, $525,000.

9106 Haynes Bridge Rd, Chesterfield; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Fowler Andrew Walton and Brittany Lois, $620,000.

11919 Heathmere Cres, Midlothian; Cates Martin L and Meredith G to Scott Olivia K and Daniel L, $420,000.

4233 Heron Pointe Pl, Moseley; Garrett James R Trustee to Hughes Debra, $640,000.

14100 Hockliffe Ln, Midlothian; Rehman Shakil to Litaker Hania M, $575,000.

5612 Houndmaster Rd, Midlothian; Beck Donna G and David to Collins Valeria and Kevin M, $457,000.

14600 N Ivey Mill Rd, Chesterfield; Tailored Homes Inc to Lather Robert K and Tracey Lynn, $150,000.

2732 Jimmy Winters Rd, North Chesterfield; Hutchinson R E Jr and Cynthia W to Allen Korrey D and Hutchinson Meredith L, $150,000.

1343 Keaton Chase Ln, Midlothian; Biringer Builders Inc to Grzywinski Jerzy and Alison, $1,094,936.

8806 Kingsland Park Dr, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Addison Champaine, $600,200.

8419 Kintail Dr, Chesterfield; Lekavich Kenneth Leo and Mary L to Thomas Christopher M and Brandi M, $690,000.

11101 Lady Allison Ln, Midlothian; Hill Katja Hamel and Hamel Kristan Maximilian to Sood Rohitash and Goyal Samita, $665,000.

4807 Lake Summer Loop, Moseley; Harring Construction Co to Sattin Rebecca and Price Robert Randolph, $837,929.

16436 Lambourne Rd, Midlothian; Krasner Ryan and Kelly to Frisch Timothy Allen and Emily, $800,000.

16818 Laurel Park Dr, Moseley; Wright Jeremiah and Angel-Marie to Ahmadi Zikr, $460,000.

17611 Le Master Rd, South Chesterfield; Massie Evans H and Rebecca G to Mann David C and Mann Erin, $485,000.

13319 Little Horn Rdg, Midlothian; Atherton Amanda Cathleen to Hurley Shawn and Kaitlyn, $300,000.

11212 Magill Terrace Dr, Chester; Windswept Development Llc to Bailey Shellyon Andrea, $372,550.

9912 Maidstone Ct, Midlothian; Collington East Llc to Sitterson Timothy C and Karen C, $585,698.

500 Marbleridge Rd, North Chesterfield; Mcmanus Danielle N to Faith Contracting Corporation, $295,000.

3700 Maze Runner Dr, Apt 105, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Khanchandani Dinesh Vasudev, $279,990.

17429 Memorial Tournament Dr, Moseley; Hallas Natalie B to Willis Michael J and Willis Peggy B and Clements Jessica W, $350,000.

9118 Moldova Rd, Chesterfield; U S Home Llc to Vaidya Rahul Pramod and Kamat Trupti Suhas, $720,000.

6520 Monroe Arbor Ln, Chester; Windswept Development Llc to Craddock Cierra, $337,860.

8719 Nakoda Ter, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Groomes Shavonna, $562,985.

5505 Oak Center Dr, North Chesterfield; Decker William N and Elizabeth V to Perrotte Kelley Leeann and Summers Rebecca Lynn, $392,000.

2446 Old Bermuda Hundred Rd, Chester; Ramsey Florence Blankenship Estate to Myers Eric Charles and Sarah Elizabeth, $285,000.

11541 Old Lewiston Rd, North Chesterfield; Cathell Philip W to Tevault Eric and Darcie L, $450,000.

2518 Pagehurst Dr, Midlothian; Biringer Builders Inc to Goodloe John Allan Iii and Carol Camden, $799,000.

10911 Pegwell Dr, Midlothian; Painter Joyce K to Slater Geroge Bryan and Imamura Anthony J, $685,000.

12405 Petrel Xing, Midlothian; Torres Jim Daniel Zapanta to Inspirom Llc, $369,000.

800 Pocono Dr, North Chesterfield; Black Margaret L to Sklute Brian G and Rosalyn J, $350,000.

1249 Providence Knoll Dr, North Chesterfield; Gaddis Mark P to Eckis Alison, $355,000.

207 Pumpkin Pl, North Chesterfield; Einsmann Francis E and Joanne R to Walker Bernard W and Barbara G, $430,000.

3112 Ramsey Dr, Chester; Dawson Kaleva M and Kris R to Trek Properties Llc, $238,000.

8201 Reedy Hill Dr, North Chesterfield; Finer Homes Inc to Payne Shannon A and Chauncey S, $461,792.

13424 Ridgemoor Ln, Midlothian; Milam Melanie J to Rent Ready Rva Llc, $273,000.

11824 Riverpark Ter, Chesterfield; Wyngaard Gerald T and Kimberly A to Futrell James Derek and Futrell Melissa Maney, $341,000.

7601 Robinwood Dr, Chesterfield; Greene Debra K to Chavez Crystal, $251,000.

17400 Route 1 , South Chesterfield; Hayes Lois Vandegrift to White Kimberly and White Zachary and White Donna, $374,000.

14616 Sailboat Cir, Midlothian; Rodgers Deborah A to Rekas James T and Deboarh L, $461,000.

7213 Salvers Pl, North Chesterfield; Wright Anthony and Desireene to Belandres Candice, $430,000.

9130 Saxsawn Ln, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Chapman Dennis Patrick and Heather Leigh, $698,990.

10335 Seacliff Ln, North Chesterfield; Neighborhood One Properties Llc to Salter Conor D and Mcdonald Krista L, $310,000.

17507 Sheehan Pl, Moseley; NVR Inc to Herbst Larry J and Nancy H, $530,130.

20108 Shire Oak Dr, South Chesterfield; Williams Vanessa A to Thompson David Scott Jr and Downs Amanda, $240,000.

3400 Silliman Ter, Chesterfield; Robinson Joshua to Thomas Marcus, $295,900.

3811 Snyder Rd, North Chesterfield; Brewster Carolyn W to Delta Citation Llc, $355,000.

2843 South St, South Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Tinsley Gary E and Shenell T, $378,360.

3701 Spratling Way, North Chesterfield; St John Keisha and Gerrol to Whichard Bettina P, $437,500.

6919 Stafford Park Dr, Moseley; Gonzalez Tomas E and Arteaga R to Adetona Sunday Adebayo and Tolulope Muinat, $482,500.

10930 Stilton Dr, Chester; Sink Ashley A to Short Keith and Guercio Gary Thomas, $280,000.

18200 Stonewolf Dr, Moseley; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Hall James M and Trish S, $816,230.

21610 Stuart Ave, South Chesterfield; Wilson Sharon to Sizemore Cameron R, $242,000.

8500 Sunningdale Ter, Chesterfield; Timmons Jelisa A to Yoss Gail L, $450,000.

8579 Sutherland Rd, North Chesterfield; 8579 Sutherland Road Series to Kopf Melissa Irene, $324,000.

7112 Swiftrock Ridge Pl, Chesterfield; Tinnell Charles H to 7112 Swiftrock Ridge Place Series, $245,000.

4719 Taylor Brook Ln, North Chesterfield; Watts Garnell A and Sydelle B to Hunt Emmanuel, $285,000.

5326 Terrace Arbor Cir, Midlothian; Andrews Roy E and Pamela M to Cowles Gary Scott and Sandra Kay, $372,000.

10717 Timberun Rd, Chesterfield; Morones David Jr and Emily to Mangialetti Shannon Christopher and Susannah Ellen, $307,000.

14500 Tralee Ct, Chester; Miller Wendell W and Leslie M to Bonds Billy C Jr and Starling Rachel E, $405,000.

14006 Two Notch Ct, Midlothian; Yost Jonathan to Allen Jennifer L and Kopczynski Tom, $407,000.

18154 Veronica Ct, Moseley; Craftmaster Homes to Rittenhouse Robert Cecil Iii and Elizabeth Marie, $552,333.

12711 Vogt Ave, Chester; Mann David C and Erin to Strand Nathaniel and Deborah, $349,950.

1804 Walnut Dr, Chester; Becker Joan C to Vanworkum Lucas, $271,770.

16401 Walthall Industrial Pkwy, South Chesterfield; Arundel Corporation (The) to Cc Gateway 95 Owner Llc, $5,500,000.

6024 Watch Harbour Rd, Midlothian; Sec Of Housing and Urban Development to Mbr Business Trust, $426,000.

2245 Waters Mill Cir, North Chesterfield; Frye Catherine Nichols Trustee to Stell George R and Kathy F, $315,000.

6806 Wentworth St, North Chesterfield; Wrenn R C Iii and Penley K M to Sabatini Andrew Robert and Sarah, $250,000.

6418 Whisperwood Dr, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Johnson Linette Beatrice and Minns Jeramian Omar, $483,990.

2420 Whitecastle Dr, Midlothian; Galloway Julia L to Young Brandon and Rebecca, $980,000.

6902 Windy Creek Pl, Chesterfield; Coleman Collin Willis Iii to Reesalsingh Shobha and Jairaj, $311,500.

2810 Woodbridge Crossing Ct, Midlothian; Byrd Cristen to Wayshner Michael, $251,000.

7600 Yorkdale Ct, North Chesterfield; Couch Michael G to Magalhaes Andre and Albert Grace, $380,000.

0.8319 acres, Kings Charter Commercial Center; J&J Gayle LLC to Atlee GLR LLC, $425,000.

2.581 acres; Alison L. Dickerson, executor to ARRGE LLC, $175,000.

50.784 acres; Stephanie G. Ballard to Earl K. Tyree Jr., $270,000.

124 Arlington Square, Ashland; John W. O’Connell Jr. to Mitchell G. Herbert, $230,000.

7148 Autumn Ridge Lane, Mechanicsville; Tia M. Mitchell to Dana L. Gibson II, $350,000.

20844 Beaver Dam Road, Beaverdam; Delta Deck Co. LLC to Christopher D. Hutchins, $299,000.

6361 Blackbear Trail, Mechanicsville; Robert J. Todd to Heather Irby, $408,000.

13104 Cabell Farm Parkway, Ashland; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to David Joe Johnson, $740,000.

8022 Clay Hills Court, Mechanicsville; Jeffrey R. Martin to Avie M. Eckles, $399,000.

10036 Doe Run Place, Mechanicsville; Hector Madrigal Jr. to Ian Burns, $425,000.

8014 Elliott Drive, Mechanicsville; Sherri Meade to Naidoo Kesva, $389,900.

7314 Hardtack Road, Mechanicsville; Marc E. Maitles to George Akuffo, $495,000.

13108 La Reine Court, Ashland; Mary Buchan to Howard Eugene Grow III, $679,950.

116 Lauradel Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Maria M. James, $659,244.

10519 Little Meadows Lane, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc. to Joseph Paul Romanoski, $700,046.

Lot 16, Section A, Berry Point; Stephen W. Beach to Coble Property Management LLC, $335,000.

Lot 2, Section, Rock Creek; Rock Creek Partners LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., $170,000.

Lot 3, Block A, Sunhillow; Pine Ridge Park 2 LLC to Boss Enterprises 2021 LLC, $525,000.

Lot 5, Ravenwood, 6.5 acres; James R. Neilson to Susanna B. Jones, successor trustee, $907,751.

8226 Lucille Road, Mechanicsville; William E. Garthright Jr. to Tambra Gunter, $392,000.

7294 McClellan Road, Mechanicsville; Christopher M. Walls to William R. Wolfe IV, $550,000.

7091 Mill Valley Road, Mechanicsville; Danny Trung Tran to Barry Lee, $306,000.

Parcel; QPI Legacy Inc. to Real Properties LLC, $265,000.

8300 Pepper Lane, Mechanicsville; AFJ Properties LLC to John Rodrigo Ondap Gidson, $375,000.

7266 Public Lane, Mechanicsville; Steven A. Crone to Zachary Harrison Hudson, $299,500.

9381 N Rinker Drive, Mechanicsville; Juliruth V. Michael, successor trustee to Aaron Richard McCool, $329,000.

8330 Roden Drive, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Wayne W. Buchan II, $819,295.

14617 Scotchtown Road, Montpelier; Robert A. Gravatt Jr. to Nicole Meador, $550,000.

Section 2, Rock Creek; Rock Creek Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $540,000.

11415 Shady Farm Lane, Ashland; Liberty Homes Virginia Inc. to Christopher Michael Schilling, $455,300.

9534 Stone Spring Drive, Mechanicsville; Markella Ann Maschas to Mohammed Shahrabli, $535,000.

17500 Taylors Creek Road, Montpelier; Heather Burnett Lathan to Joshua Marietta, $589,950.

Unit 304, Stony Run Condominium; Stony Run Partners LLC to Walter H. Kuhl, $239,950.

3096 Westwood Lane, Mechanicsville; Karrin R. Gordon to Jacob Whealen Timme, $415,000.

2 parcels; Douglas P. Keil to Douglas W. Brown Jr., $410,000.

301.47 acres; David Waldron to Jerry Yoder Jr, $1,300,000.

19940 Genito Road, Amelia Court House; Daniel Brian Larkin to Jenna Leigh Affeldt, $242,000.

2.664 acres; Elemeno LLC to Venture Investments LLC, $1,560,000.

7231 Trevors Road, Charles City; Corey D. Cotman to Tyler A. Park, $384,000.

101 Brookhill Ct; Jones, Jeffrey To Murphy, Pattie, $235,000.

335 Jackson Av; Holt, Brian R. To Brandeberry, Jared R., $250,000.

306 Suffolk Av; Hellyer, Andrea F. To Brock, Vynedra, $215,000.

401 Whipporwill Ct; Dacey Family Trust Etc, To Gugel, Donald N, $310,000.

1.01 acres; Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Raylonzo Blathers, $157,500.

5.945 acres; Skinquarter Properties Ltd. to Jason L. Farnham, $335,000.

37 Forest View Road, Cumberland; M&I Home Building LLC to Cherish Chumley, $317,000.

2 lots; Beverly HUdson Millirons, executor to Maple Street Realty LLC, $156,100.

7 acres; Autumn Winn-Lewis to Dennis Anthony Hisey II, $285,000.

18304 Bonneville Lane, Dinwiddie; Temaine Sapp to Oscar Lemus Carranza, $250,000.

10229 Doyle Blvd., McKenney; Carollo & Associates Construction LLC to Mack Lyon, $294,000.

22190 Lake Jordan Drive, North Dinwiddie; John Edward Nuby to Serena Reese, $374,990.

Lots 18-20, Dancy Estates, 10.094 acres; Dancy Estates Subdivision LLC to NVR Inc., $225,000.

Parcel; Victoria J. Roberson, trustee to Michael Langrall, $365,000.

4917 Woodstream Drive, North Dinwiddie; Ruth D. Rosso to Garret Wayne Evans, $271,000.

0.926 acres; Seung Gyoo Dong to Bundle of Joy Properties Manakin Sabot LLC, $400,000.

2 tracts, 16.87 acres; Reginald F. Wallace to Claire McGowan, $800,000.

3.64 acres; John M. Williamson, special commissioner to Wayne Enterprise LLC, $150,000.

2134 Broad St., Maidens; Brian Harris to Austin Mills, $325,000.

2677 Dogtown Road, Goochland; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Samuel Stephen Tate, $359,950.

2141 Haskin Road, Goochland; David M. Seay Jr. to Evelyn P. Ellis, $385,000.

Lot 2, Block A, Section 1, Kinloch; TTF Management LLC to Teresa R. Steinfatt, $300,000.

Lot 4, Section 4, Breeze Hill; Randy L. Riley to Anthony W. Spencer, $1,075,000.

15690 Mosaic Creek Blvd., Richmond; Stylecraft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Mark Yardis, $685,273.

12430 North Crossing Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Matthew C. Goldenson, $618,919.

3002 Preston Park Terrace, Sandy Hook; Chesterfield Construction Services Inc. to Carl Robert Lindenzweig IV, $650,000.

1366 W River Road, Crozier; John David Shelburne to Sara Soeun Lee, $384,850.

7237 Shenfield Ave., Glen Allen; Ann K. McJunkin to George Steven Dietz, $487,500.

3370 West River Road, Goochland; Tracey Woolard to Robert R. Harris, $254,950.

2 parcels; Darrens Rentals LLC to Qadir El-Amin, $225,000.

2709 Boston St.; Brandon P. Sasser to Brandon P. Taylor, $206,000.

3510 Courthouse Road; James R. Jones to Joseph Walton, $257,000.

3803 Grovewood Road; Richard A. Giacalone Jr. to Tannette Farmer-Johnson, $265,000.

Lot 21, Section 3, Cobblestone; Riley E. Ingram Sr. to Buyer Accepted LLC, $245,000.

2106 Pickett St.; VIP Dream Homes LLC to Tywanda Nicole Frazier, $214,950.

4202 Riverfront Drive; Fengling Zheng to Timothy Moore, $360,000.

3401 Sussex Drive; Susan E. Dubuque to Norma Luz Rivera Alvarado, $225,000.

3507 Wilmington Ave.; Nise Properties LLC to Terah Rubin, $298,900.

4 tracts; Hazelwood Farms LLC to Beltline Beltway Investments Ltd., 12,000,000.

3008 Bent Creek Road, Williamsburg; Phillip H. Epperson to Caitlin Piephoff, $535,000.

109 Broadmoor, Williamsburg; Harold Nelson Jr. to Steven N. Arne, $500,000.

4218 Candleberry Way, Williamsburg; David R. Dugan to Michael Mitchell, $460,550.

6528 Continental St., Williamsburg; Matthew Paul Antill to Jeffrey E. Thompson, $342,000.

4887 Ercil Way, Williamsburg; William F. Collier to David W. Carter, $557,000.

3426 Foxglove Drive, Toano; Keith A. Grant to Susan Westfall, $360,000.

141 Great Glen, Williamsburg; Philip Wunderly to Sheri Manos, $535,000.

128 Henry Tyler Drive, Williamsburg; Kyong McFadden to Whisper Grass LLC, $265,000.

107 Hunstanton, Williamsburg; Ibrahim Khayat to John C. Ritchie, $867,000.

37 James Square, Williamsburg; Stone Wall Group LLC to Eliza Tess Shoemaker, $240,000.

2869 Jonas Profit Trail, Williamsburg; Charlie Luna to Jennifer Mary Godwin, $491,000.

108 Killington, Williamsburg; Charles F. Leahey Jr., trustee to Edgar W. Prange, $730,000.

128 Leven Links, Williamsburg; Charles A. O’Brien Jr., trustee to Alice Bredin Karny, trustee, $700,000.

2203 London Company Way, Williamsburg; Hathaway Offices LLC to Jennifer May, $167,000.

Lot 14, Fords Colony; Gary F. Canino to Catherine M. McDonald, $210,000.

Lot 41, Mirror Lake Estates; Kenneth D. Rinehart to John Richard Tuttle, $335,000.

109 Mahogany Run, Williamsburg; Thomas G. White, trustee to Victor M. Moss Jr., $840,000.

152 Mid Ocean, Williamsburg; Timothy McNamara to Jason Matthew Smith, $834,000.

2267 Moonlight Point, Williamsburg; D.R. Horton INc. to Andrea Loretta Wright, $594,990.

3023 Old Grove Lane, Toano; Howard R. Goodman to Angela Robinson, $550,000.

Parcel 6B, Busch Corporate Center; SB HCP Williamsburg I LLC to Shantinath BGW LLC, $9,750,000.

4040 Powhatan Secondary, Williamsburg; William J. H. Ward II to Harry Lomas IV, $925,000.

107 Racefield Drive, Toano; Sheila W. Shepard, successor trustee to Austin Moschler, $260,000.

201 Royal Dublin, Williamsburg; Maria F. Liona to William Peter Gilman, $670,000.

6000 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Hilary Price, $450,000.

2216 Sir Hatchett Court, Williamsburg; Leslie C. Wilson, successor trustee to Kenneth Charles HIlbert, $501,000.

112 The Green, Williamsburg; Nancy C. Myers to Ione G. Garrison, trustee, $430,000.

3617 Trillium Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Daivd Lorenzo Jr., $609,385.

3102 Weathers Blvd., Toano; James Talley Cook, trustee to Ashley E. Cicero, $235,000.

4123 Windmill Road, Williamsburg; Sandra H. Martin to Katina D. Henley, $440,000.

2 acres; Donald L. Benton to Ariel Bartolon Perez, $190,000.

4958 Owens Mill Road, St. Stephens Church; Homeland Financial Group LLC to Earl Edward Washington Jr., $263,225.

1140 Bagby St., West Point; Alexis Delaine South to Aaron J. Inge, $265,000.

2450 Chelsea Road, West Point; Kelly Meaghan Magovero to Jefferson Miles Bailey, $380,000.

213 Edwin Circle, Aylett; Balducci Builders Inc. to Billy J. Brooks, $475,762.

20132 King William Road, King William; Liberty Homes Virginia Inc. to Regina E. Ross, $340,000.

Parcel; W. Bryan Spangler to Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe, $414,400.

750 Thompson Ave., West Point; Larry L. Inge to Danny Ray McKenney, $297,000.

17.87 acres; Tassie Bourlotos to Cole Thomas, $165,000.

8509 Black Creek Road, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Jonathan D. Richardson, $484,986.

7584 E Danube Loop, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Sandra Androski Sly, $368,655.

721 Dispatch Road, Quinton; Steven R. Foster, trustee to Joel Foster, $383,000.

7370 Fougere Place, New Kent; Sergio Olivar to Giovanna A. Bronson, $434,900.

6601 Lakeside Drive, Quinton; William P. Miller to Lawrence Heath, $310,000.

Lots, Landbay 5, Section 2, Lifestyle at Four Seasons; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to NVR Inc., $244,000.

6470 Mihalcoe Lane, Providence Forge; Kenneth Lee Beck, trustee to Kenneth B. Zammito, $440,000.

Parcels; Roxbury Rest LLC to W.V. McClure Inc., $540,000.

15600 Pocahontas Trail, Lanexa; PW Development Inc. to Stephen J. Weed, $320,000.

3570 Shirley Commons Court, Providence Forge; W.V. McClure Inc. to Bruce Benkart Jr., $549,110.

7519 Southamptonshire Way, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Thomas Lynn Reuschling, $362,855.

1536 Unami Road, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Stephen C. Jacob, $410,292.

1003 Augusta Ave.; Linda Roland, trustee to Karen Gay Brown, $177,000.

1661 Blair Road; Vinnywood Inc. to Kimberly Boyd, $345,000.

2047 Colston St.; Cornerstone Investing LLC to Michael Dyer, $250,000.

2219 Ferndale Ave.; America’s Dream Holdings LLC PS2 to Shelia Brown, $201,000.

849 W High St.; Shirley I. McQueen to Beulah Grace Williams, $188,000.

1216 McKenzie St.; Manuel De Jesus Ponce to Anita Sondra Moore, $179,900.

Parcel; Equity Trustees LLC to Citibank, trustee, $353,724.

1830 Powhatan Ave.; Mathias McGuffie to Xavier Jalil Jones, $220,000.

225 Southwood Drive; James R. Roe Jr. to William A. Coada, $225,000.

1761 Varina Ave.; 1761 Varina Avenue Series to Britta L. Hansen, $156,240.

1749 Westover Ave.; Cornelia P. Ramsey to Ricardo Kevet Williams, $245,000.

14.56 acres; Jennifer Pennington Hastings, devisee to James A. Spicer, $334,000.

2.649 acres; Karen Ireatha Harris to 5204 LLC, $216,000.

4.81 acres; Stewart X. Varela to Leonardo Loredo-Cabrera, $200,000.

3426 Brimington Place, Powhatan; Windswept Development LLC to Andrea Klesyk, $842,104.

Lot; Coonwill LLC to Beverly C. Flournoy, $222,500.

Lot 4, Block C, Section 1, Tillman’s Farm; Charlie B. Allen Trust to Derek Rowe, $158,500.

3060 S Mary’s Way, Powhatan; Creative Home Concepts LLC to Julia L. Galloway, $975,000.

11410 Moravia Road, Midlothian; Winterfield Road LLC to Rafael Valladares, $300,000.

1555 Ole Bert Drive, Powhatan; Ray A. Williams Construction Co. to Michael E. Louth, $655,517.

3390 Rolling Trail Drive, Powhatan; Sondra Watts to Ethan Gregory Davidhizar, $449,500.

2140 Urbine Road, Powhatan; Ellgra Properties LLC to Lewis R. Wright, $255,000.

0.916 acres; Wilson Properties of Carson VA LLC to Carson Star LLC, $600,000.

97.03 acres; Christopher R. Cumber to Roy Orsborne, $285,000.

5212 Farmcrest Circle, Prince George; Ira W. Ausby to Oscar Alberto Alvarado Jr., $340,800.

6881 Hearthside Drive, Prince George; Mohammad Mujeebuddin to Keith Thomas Mansfield, $285,000.

Lots 5-18, Block E, Jefferson Park Addition; Jeannette Hinkle to Jessica Marie Schott, $185,000.

2866 Meadowview Blvd., North Prince George; LGI Homes Virginia LLC to David Thompson, $404,900.

Parcel; Marion Sanford to Philip Scott Feldt, trustee, $205,000.

1632 Tinsley Blvd, Prince George; Susan F. Partin to Dolly B. Crowder, $249,900.

16.74 acres; George Washington LLC to United Development of Virginia LLC, $200,000.

5.182 acres; Ronald Dane Surratt to Violet Marie Galante, $250,000.

12462 Owen Ave., Stony Creek; Clearview Homes Virginia LLC to Kiara A. Vanderveer, $214,000.

115 Deer Spring Road; Martina Harger, executor to Jennifer Lloyd Taylor, $276,500.

4155 Northridge St., Unit 9A; HHHunt Quarterpath LLC to Julius Gillyard, $375,780.

154 Ridings Cove; Dawn M. Chutkow, successor trustee to Lewis C. Casey, $975,000.

Unit 33, Wyndham Plantation Condominium; Natalya A. Merkuryeva Dennett to Christopher A. Brown, $344,000.

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