February 22, 2024

Phoebus upgrades SaaS mortgage servicing technology

UK-based fintech Phoebus has launched a cloud-native SaaS mortgage servicing platform, following investments in new technology.


The investment brings new capabilities to Phoebus’ technology, taking mortgage servicing to the next level. The company has transformed how the system can service all types of lending as well as savings and deposit-taking.

Phoebus has launched a cloud-native SaaS mortgage servicing platform, following investments in new technology.

Enhanced security, integration, and competitive edge

The new technology builds on the accurate, scalable, and robust calculation engine for which Phoebus is known. It adds a level of authentication and security, and even more open microservice application programme interfaces (APIs).

The APIs will help Phoebus’ clients benefit from the services of other progressive technology firms by integrating with other suppliers within a broader ecosystem via its extensive partnership programme.

As a result, the clients can experience significant competitive advantages, as well as increased business efficiency through agility and scalability. Other benefits include reduced infrastructure and operational expenditure, greater system availability and resilience against downtime.

Efficiency and user-friendliness

Lenders and deposit-takers will be particularly interested in the new Phoebus user interface. Its contemporary design will better support its business processes. It is specifically designed for ease of use and to increase business productivity. The design also reduces training requirements, helping to accelerate the onboarding process for new employees or application users.

Company officials stated that they have invested heavily in both technology and human resources – their team has been working hard on developing this next-generation servicing platform. They have started moving their clients over to the new system, and this will continue in the near future.

Previous news from Phoebus

In 2016, Phoebus and Atom Bank have entered a five-year partnership to collaborate on servicing Atom’s secured business lending operations.Working closely, the two companies achieved the development of Atom’s business lending platform within six months of outlining the requirements.

Utilising Phoebus software, Atom’s internal team gained a robust platform for originating loans through intermediary lending. The implementation included various interfaces and integrations to bolster Atom’s advanced digital services.

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