June 21, 2024

Several jobs coming to Wichita Falls in next year with local bizzes

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As Wichita Falls Mayor Tim Short enters his first full year as mayor, he and the rest of the City Council are starting out strong after giving two forgivable loans to two local companies.

During the council meeting on Tuesday morning, January 16, councilors approved two major projects that have been in the works.

Both Covercraft Industries and Seasons Eatings Snack Company officials said they’re eager to provide upcoming growth opportunities, for them and the community, amid 26 new jobs expected to be created from these loans.

“I’m looking to create jobs that people want to get and want to stay at,” Todd Artigue, owner of Seasons Eating said. “We’re hoping to not only build a business but also build a place that people want to come work for.”

“We’re continuing to grow and we plan to grow even beyond these 20 jobs that we were talking about,” Stan Spruiell, Director of Operations for Covercraft Industries, said. “This incentive package, cash for jobs and forgiving the loan from the credit accord, it’s taking place.”

Covercraft will receive a loan of up to $285,000 with a predicted influx of production; they look to add a third laser cutter while taking on 20 new employees, leading to 135 full-time positions.

“The Wichita Falls plant is a significant and very important part of Covercraft’s business, profitability and growth,” Spruielli continued.

Similarly, Artigue is predicting big growth for his small business.

Up to $36,500 was given to the small business to purchase remaining equipment and hire six employees to help with production and packaging, something Artigue and his wife and partner said they’ve outgrown.

“I think building a company here in Wichita Falls is not only going to benefit Wichita Falls but everybody in general,” Artigue said. “Adding good jobs, good paying jobs, is what we want to do.”

Both Wichita Falls companies seek to increase production while positively impacting the local job market.

Not only that, but Artigue said he hopes to open a facility within the next two to three years and expand the products outside Wichita Falls. According to officials with the Wichita Falls Economic Development, councilors are excited to welcome added economic growth.

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