June 19, 2024

Netflix Job Posting Seeks Financial Analyst For Residuals – Deadline

Streaming giant Netflix is looking for an expert to analyze residuals, according to a job posting and following studios’ new collective bargaining agreements with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA that include some concessions on payouts.

“In this role, your key responsibilities will be interpreting and analyzing residual impact in accordance with various guilds, unions and production service agreements and execute accordingly. This includes calculating, preparing and processing residual payments, preparing and managing financial forecasting of residual obligations, and working closely with cross-functional teams like Labor, Production Finance, and Business Affairs to determine the residuals impact across various titles,” the posting said.

The analyst will be “a key member in our Contingent Compensation & Reporting Department. Residuals are additional compensation paid to talent for the reuse of content beyond the use covered by their initial compensation based on collective bargaining agreements with various guilds/unions, i.e. SAG-AFTRA, DGA and WGA.”

Residuals were one of a handful of key issues that sent writers, then actors, out onto the picket lines. Yhe WGA’s contract, which was secured first, in September, included a bonus structure that would trigger an additional payment if a title met a specific viewership threshold. SAG-AFTRA’s contract includes a similar bonus structure.

As Deadline reported, for the WGA, the credited writer for each episode will receive an additional 50% of their fixed domestic and foreign residual if the show meets the above criteria. 

For SAG-AFTRA, any title that surpasses the viewership threshold will trigger a payment to each principal performer equivalent to 100% of the fixed residual. However, the performer will only receive 75% of that payment. The other 25% will be funneled into a fund controlled by both SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP trustees to be distributed among the rest of the union’s members.

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