February 29, 2024

Super Junior’s Siwon denies involvement in cryptocurrency scam

Super Junior‘s Siwon has denied any involvement in a cryptocurrency scam.

Siwon is facing allegations of his involvement in a fraudulent cryptocurrency from a company that reportedly enticed buyers by leaking information that their company was going public. According to reports, members of The Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay were involved in the scam, and as the Super Junior member is associated with the committee, it raised suspicion that he was somehow involved as well.

On February 12, Siwon took to his personal YouTube channel notification board to deny the rumors. He stated as follows:

“Hi, this is Siwon Choi.

I wish to express explicitly that I have no involvement with regard to the controversy surrounding the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay. Furthermore, I have never been appointed as an ambassador for the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay. While I have received an award at a ceremony organized by the Korea Youth Committee, this was in recognition of setting a good example for the youth, as intended by the committee, and is unrelated to the current controversy.

I want to make it clear that I have had no involvement in the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay or any individual’s political activities.”

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