June 21, 2024

European residents are confident in the future of crypto, survey shows

On January 24, Binance, a blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency service provider, conducted surveys in France, Spain, Italy, and Sweden to explore the habits of European crypto users.

The initiative provides an in-depth examination of the preferences and behaviors of the European crypto community. According to the survey findings, a noteworthy trend emerges, indicating that 73% of respondents express optimism regarding the future of cryptocurrencies, as per information shared with Finbold.

Additionally, 55% of participants exclusively engage with digital assets, showcasing a significant reliance on these financial instruments within the surveyed demographic.

Rachel Conlan, CMO of Binance, said:

“We are delighted to see the high level of optimism amongst European crypto users, reflecting the growing interest in crypto and blockchain technologies. The growing use of crypto in everyday purchases and its diverse applications highlights the integration of digital assets into our lives.”

She added:

“With Europe at the forefront of implementing a secure and harmonized regulatory framework for the industry through MiCA, it’s evident that the region is actively paving the way for the mainstream adoption of digital assets.”

This survey revealed essential information and opinions from polled individuals, which is vital due to digital assets’ overall sentiment and utilization.

The survey reveals a positive outlook among respondents, with 73% expressing optimism about the future of cryptocurrency, emphasizing anticipated growth and acknowledging the benefits of blockchain technology. Notably, 55% exclusively engage with cryptocurrencies, and 24% conduct over half of their total trading in this sector, reflecting a robust commitment to the market. 

Digital assets are increasingly integrated into everyday purchases for 55% of participants, highlighting a practical shift in utility, with 10% making weekly crypto purchases.

Regarding usage, 34% of respondents employ crypto for long-term trading, while 26% use it for saving, indicating growing trust in this emerging asset class. Day trading accounts for 13%, and 9% use crypto for routine purchases, showcasing its acceptance in daily life.

Drivers for crypto adoption

Key drivers for crypto adoption in Europe include the potential for high returns, cited by 20% of respondents. Additionally, 18% are attracted by the ideals of decentralization and financial autonomy, while 17% are motivated by innovation and technology, revealing a desire for financial freedom through cutting-edge solutions.

82% of all respondents have been involved in crypto for at least one year, with 73% participating for 1 to 5 years. Ongoing adoption is evident, as 5% have joined the crypto sphere in the last six months. The study also underscores a proactive trading community, with over half of European Binance users (53%) active traders. These traders engage in various frequencies, with 23% trading monthly, 17% trading weekly, and 12% trading daily.

Lastly, respondents exhibit storage preferences, with 65% favoring centralized exchange wallets, followed by hardware wallets at 18%.

Finally, the survey reveals information that spells out an essential development in utilizing digital assets and their increasing importance in the financial sector of institutions and ordinary traders.

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