May 22, 2024

West Jefferson property transfers for Dec. 8-14, 2023 | Home/Garden

Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson from Dec. 8-14, 2023. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers for Dec. 8-14


Glen Della Drive 358: Mad III LLC to Laquanta Brual, $168,000.

Ruth Drive 524: Reynaud Rentals LLC to Keyana N. Strickland, $145,000.


2nd St. 740: Infinity Property Inc. to Gretna City of, $385,000.

Calder St. 1709: Delores Babin to Carmen M. Amacker, $245,400.

Glenmeade Court 40: Faye L. Anderson to Omp LLC, $185,500.

Hero Drive 2937: Flag Boy Properties LLC to Leslie G. Isaias, $30,000.

Huey P Long Ave. 2217: Flag Boy Properties LLC to Darlene Taylor, $25,000.

Mae Drive 235: Geraldine W. Desalvo to Bobbie Temple, $85,000.

Newton St. 2215: Twenty Two Fifteen Newton Street LLC to Johnie Brown Jr., $170,000.

Taylorbrook Drive 621: Deborah L. H. Johnson to Rasem W. Hamed, $137,000.

Thomas St. 1604: Kimberly A. B. Bodin to Brittany May, $175,000.

Tulip Drive 35: Flag Boy Properties LLC to Xk8 LLC, $35,505.

Weyer St. 2115: Ivy L. H. Tross to Elliott Hadley, donation, no value stated.


Bellanger Ave. 515: Phyllis P. Barthe to Hallette G. Babin, $75,000.

Bellanger St. 522: Amanda C. Skebeck to Ryan P. Olavarrieta, $185,000.

Brown Ave. 524: Joanne M. Kaldy to Judy Jenkins, $173,000.

Chimney Lane 3239: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Federal National Mortgage Association, $142,316.

E. Parc Green St. 3444: Gaynell B. Louque to Maysah I Haifa, $235,000.

Florence St. 2405: Archie III Ellis to Vu P. Nguyen, $30,000.

Gardere Ave. 541: Seesaw Homes LLC to Neshma S. Declouet, $230,000.

Hardwick Place 3401: Louis C. Mancuso to Samantha Cuellar-Dimarco, $425,000.

N. Windmere St. 4013: Linda C. Delagardelle to Dcad LLC, $150,000.

Second Ave. 637: Judy A. Jenkins to Nathaniel R. Adams Sr., $175,000.

Yetta Ave. 608: Gary J. Barrios Jr. to Alexandra C. Kloor, $171,000.


Touchard Lane 5151: Gerard J. Berthelot Sr. to Drew Lugo, $135,000.


Ames Blvd. 1951: Simaron Fresh Water Fish Inc. to Avila Properties LLC, $1,800,000.

Augustine Lane 3828: Steven P. Williamson to Tyler S. Fritz, $295,000.

Bourgeois Lane 4940: Three Hundred Thirty Barton LLC to Keyouna M. Coleman, $162,000.

Colorado Drive 3521: Hagerman Services LLC to Lindsay Newman, $219,000.

Cypress St. 4032: Stephen R. Legendre Jr. to Harvey L. Brisco, $162,000.

Dueling Oaks Ave. 5164: Neil J. Vedros to Cheryl D. Finlay, $195,000.

Ehret Road 5220: Juli A. Braatz to Hai H. Yen, $415,000.

Garden Road 1535: Dsld LLC to Brittney Baham, $249,875.

Javez St. 1629: Dsld LLC to Kiante T. M. Lewis, $251,255.

Lizabeth Drive 4325: Denny Smail to Trishan Carter, $305,000.

Melba Place 1924: Landa Boyd to Friendly Renovations LLC, $167,000.

Santa Maria Drive 1101: Kerry C. Vernon to Able Life Care Services Inc., $100,000.

Silver Lilly Lane 628: Nationwide Investment Properties LLC to Synergy Capital Group LLC II, $75,000.

Waters Drive 2076: Sek LLC to Max R. Williams Jr., donation, no value stated.

Willowtree Road 5037: Victoria M. Punch to Micaza Properties Inc., $135,900.


Fairlawn Drive 753: Robin A. B. Encalade to Fortified Inspection Services LLC, $170,000.


Dandelion 816: Coast Builders LLC to Binh V To, $299,900.


Ave. C 732: George D. Sartor to Darlene Singleton, $130,000.

Chipley St. 701: Grupo Icaza Masis LLC to Shane E. Boudreaux Jr., $145,000.

U.S. 90 W 2139: Slidell Rentals I LLC to Gca LLC, $1,410,000.

Jay Place 9: Heather Ranatza to Ingrid Tumblin, $143,000.

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