April 13, 2024

Recent property transfers in Cayuga County

Today’s transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk’s Office from Oct. 16 to Oct. 25:

• David M. Conway and Claudia C. Conway, 32 Throop Ave., Auburn, to Sean M. Conway, 6970 Owasco Road, Auburn, property at 32 Throop Ave., $0. Assessment $133,900.

• Daniel C. Jones, P.O. Box 1414, Auburn, to Brandon Randall Rookey, 23 Mechanic St., Baldwinsville, property at 212 Seymour St., $105,000. Assessment $94,200.

• Jama J. Kessler, 6 Wheeler St., Auburn, to Joel Bieganowski, 393 Grant Ave., Apartment 1, Auburn, property at 6 Wheeler St., $142,000. Assessment $99,800.

• Brett Tracy II, 5 Lawton Ave., Auburn, to S and B Real Estate Partners, Colorado Springs, Colorado, property at 53 Owasco St., $17,500. Assessment $31,700.

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• James M. Ciampi Jr., 39 Cottage St., Auburn, and John A. Ciampi, 24 Morris St., Auburn, to James M. Ciampi Jr. and Gale A. Ciampi, 39 Cottage St., Auburn, property at 2 Church St., $20,000. Assessment $75,600.

• Arundina LLC, Seattle, Washington, to Fausto Castillo Gomez and Miriam Gomez-Ramirez, 2 Cemetery Road, Hannibal, property at 3 Rock Ave., $45,000. Assessment $63,000.

• Kenneth J. Powers, 2930 Turnpike Road, Auburn, and Michele L. Stebbins, 212 Riverine Road, Liverpool, to James T. Wright Jr. and Donna M. Wright, 134 Norris Ave., Auburn, property at 17 Westwood Drive, $235,000. Assessment $192,100.

• Christopher A. Denardo and Patrick Denardo to Jonathan Cramer, 1589 Turnpike Road, Auburn, SPD Real Estate Holdings LLC, 30 Green Links Turn, Auburn, and KNK Real Estate Holdings LLC, 7724 Tamarack Lane, Ontario, property at 128 Swift St., $132,800. Assessment $139,100.

• Kimberly Boscoe, 5 Wilelen Road, Rochester, as administrator of the estate of Nancy T. Maceyak (fka Nancy T. DeAnthony), 38 Swift St., Auburn, to David B. Oliver, 11 Yale Ave., Auburn, property at 38 Swift St., $147,000. Assessment $150,400.

• David H. Driscoll, 6 Meadowbrook Drive, Auburn, to Amanda Cosamano, as trustee for the David H. Driscoll Irrevocable Trust (same address), property at 6 Meadowbrook Drive, $0. Assessment $136,100.

• James A. Hanley and Frances M. Hanley, 29 Fleming St., Auburn, to Tim M. Hanley, 5916 E. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 29 Fleming St., $0. Assessment $143,600.

• Katherine M. Penird, 7774 Centerport Road, Auburn, as administrator of the estate of Mary Ann Penird, 134 Garrow St. Extension, Auburn, to Tabetha Strobel, 408 Boulevard St., Mattydale, property at 134 Garrow St. Extension, $144,900. Assessment $124,100.

• City of Auburn, 24 South St., Auburn, to John Trovato and Kenisha Calloway, 14 Easterly Ave., Auburn, property at 19-21 Easterly Ave., $1. Assessment $12,600.

• Allen P. Lepak, 6321 Limekiln Road, Auburn, and Robert J. Lepak, 64 Algonquin Ave., Saranac Lake, to Daniel L. Feocco, 28 Gaylord St., Auburn, property at 46 Kensington Ave., $130,000. Assessment $101,400.

• Michael D. Weaver and Jessica A. Weaver, 5749 Bluefield Road, Auburn, to John Fritz and Kim Fritz, 74 Pulaski St., Auburn, property at 5749 Bluefield Road, $320,000. Assessment $236,400.

• Mark W. Bergdolt and Margaret B. Bergdolt, Lafayette, Colorado, to Anthony A. Tabone and Denise R. Tabone, 5197 Bluefield Road, Auburn, property at 6205 Lake St., $268,000. Assessment $185,000.

• Vincent J. Carnicelli and Mary Ann Carnicelli, 5828 Bluefield Road, Auburn, to Timothy Coretti and Catherine Coretti, 34 French Ave., Auburn, property at 5828 Bluefield Road, $50,000. Assessment $97,000.

• Glenn R. Wood, Middleburg, Florida, Richard A. Wood, Gwinn, Michigan, David W. Wood and Deborah J. Fleming, 1107 Earls Hill Road, Penn Yan, and Sheryl A. Lovell, 36 Dix Drive, Phoenix, to JW C Serafini and Allison T. Piedmonte, 26 Fitch Ave., Auburn, property at 2669 Washington St., $121,900. Assessment $99,500.

• Larry Wolfanger and Violet Wolfanger, 3189 Cottle Road, Weedsport, to Bradford Spoor, 1275 Route 5, Lot 296, Elbridge, property at 8810 Pump Road, $35,000. Assessment $23,500.

• Trudy M. Walker, 10275 Slab City Road, Jordan, to Dakota R. Hunter and Celeste Ramsey, 12099 Watkins Road, Cato, property at 10275 Slab City Road, $118,000. Assessment $77,000.

• Carmen O’Connor, 9534 Route 34, Cato, to Michaela Ambrose, 28 Cayuga St., Auburn, property at 9534 Route 34, $0. Assessment $129,100.

• Trevor Edward Johnson, 11068 Blass Road, Red Creek, to George Goble and Amie Linh Nguyen, 6335 E. Port Bay Road, Wolcott, property at 11068 Blass Road, $290,000. Assessment $157,000.

• Jeanne M. Horsford, 6164 W. Lake Road, Auburn, to Andrew J. Tabone, as trustee of the Andrew J. Tabone Trust Agreement, Miami Beach, Florida, property at 6164 W. Lake Road, $165,000. Assessment $85,500.

• Mary T. Jones (fka Mary T. Terrell) and Evelyn Van Buren, 2723 Forest Hill Drive, Auburn, to Jessica Christ, 13 Chapel St., Seneca Falls, property at 2723 Forest Hill Drive, $205,000. Assessment $145,700.

• Mark L. Schmidt, as trustee of the Emojean Schmidt Irrevocable Trust, 12395 Schmidt Lane, Cato, to Lenny Schmidt and Corinne Schmidt, P.O. Box 208, Cato, property at 12421 Schmidt Lane, $0. Assessment $96,700.

• Donna LaLone, 3441 Humphrey Road, Cato, to Shannon L. Saik, 2762 Route 318, Seneca Falls, and Cari Giacolone, 3375 Humphrey Road, Cato, and Misti M. White, 11421 Calkins Road, Cato, and Amy E. White, 11661 Route 176, Cato, as trustees for the Donna LaLone Irrevocable Trust, property at 3437 and 3441 Humphrey Road, $0. Assessment $23,400 and $212,700.

• Mahin Ahmed, Niagara Falls, Ontario, to David Dematteo and Delsy Dematteo, 177 Cayuga St., Groton, property at 4689 W. Cayuga St., $20,000. Assessment $95,800.

• Daniel L. Savarese and Karen A. Savarese, 8420 State St. Road, Port Byron, to Anthony L. Savarese, 52 Mattie St., Floor 2, Auburn, property at Route 38, $1. Assessment $9,600.

• Kerry S. Norris, 10 Keeler Ave., Moravia, to Bhanushri Sisodia and Hershvijay Sisodia, 100 Wildflower Drive, Ithaca, property at 10 Keeler Ave., $260,999. Assessment $214,100.

• Fred Freer, as executor of the estate of Pia Monica Freer, 2915 Oak Hill Road, Moravia, to Jenna M. Moore and Benjamin Ward, 4820 Valentine Road, Auburn, property at 2915 Oak Hill Road, $131,500. Assessment $91,700.

• Jessica Hess, 13 Keeler Ave., Moravia, to Wade Guy LLC, 3282 Corrigan Road, Moravia, property at 139 Main St., $80,000. Assessment $29,700.

• F. Wayne Blann and Susan R. Blann, 3786 Rockefeller Road, Moravia, to James L. Proper and Lisa A. Proper, 182 Old Stage Road, Groton, property at Rockefeller Road, $100,000. Assessment $74,600.

• Sharon Ross, 399 Glenbrook Drive, Auburn, to Heather B. Vasile, 2679 Benson Road, Skaneateles, and Stacie A. Ross, Winthrop, Massachusetts, as trustees of the Sharon A. Ross Living Trust, property at 399 Glenbrook Drive, $0. Assessment $346,300.

• James E. Wendel II (aka James E. Wendel Jr.), 2 Dewey Drive, Newburgh, and Peter E. Wendel (aka Petter E. Wendel), 388 Bridge St., Apartment 41A, Brooklyn, to Jordan Cannizzo and Christine E. Gorman, 363 Waters Edge, Auburn, property at Route 38A, $75,000. Assessment $43,000.

• Eric M. Steenburgh and Meghan Stapleton Steenburgh, Great Falls, Virginia, to Bradford K. Olin and Jennifer L. Olin, 5552 Rolling Meadows Way, Camillus, property at East Lake Road, $135,000. Assessment $69,000.

• June V. Janssen, as trustee for the Richard C. Janssen Revocable Trust, 2523 Mosher Road, Scipio Center, to Shirley Polhamus Potter, 2552 Mosher Road, Scipio Center, part of 2530 Mosher Road, $6,500. Assessment $592,600.

• Donna May Besner and Bruce A. Besner, 4185 Route 34B, Union Springs, to Tate Tomandl, 3113 Turnpike Road, Auburn, property at 4167 Route 34B, $104,900. Assessment $58,700.

• Karl E. Gustafson and Victoria Y. Gustafson, Conway, South Carolina, to Robert Allen Bach and Laura Cecile Lulubelle Saba, Kent, Connecticut, property at 3846 Sherwood Road, $142,000. Assessment $50,000.

• Bradley E. Littlefield, 7088 N. Glen Haven Road, Homer, to Julie K. Littlefield (same address), property at 7088 N. Glen Haven Road, $0. Assessment $197,500.

• Grant L. Perry, 3547 Depot Road, Auburn, to Randy Crim and Lauren Crim, Richwood, Texas, property at Lot 4 Baker Road, $25,000. Assessment $18,200.

• Adam M. Wiedor and Heather L. Wiedor (fka Heather L. Clark), 3817 Mandy Rue, Auburn, to Gideon C. Driscoll, 2627 Hamilton St., Weedsport, property at 3817 Mandy Rue, $373,068. Assessment $187,000.

• John F. North and Bonnie K. North, as trustees of the North Family Trust, Peoria, Arizona, to Christopher John Viggiano and Carrie Ann Viggiano, 3892 Mandy Rue, Auburn, property at County Line Road, $95,000. Assessment $42,800.

• Judith Peltz, 6804 Swamp Road, Auburn, to Judith A. Peltz (same address), as trustee of the Judith A. Peltz Revocable Trust, property at 6804 Swamp Road, $0. Assessment $274,900.

• Barry H.W. Schwarting, as trustee of the Schwarting Living Trust, 4493 Trusedale Road, Union Springs, to Michael C. Foster and Daniel J. Foster, as trustees of the Craig R. Foster and Debra A. Foster Irrevocable Trust, 5759 Benham Road, Cayuga, property at 1016 Aurelius Springport, $26,000. Assessment $32,900.

• Keith Goan, Tampa, Florida, to Ingersoll Group LLC, 14656 Ingersoll Road, Sterling, property at 14826 S. Hadcock Drive, $145,000. Assessment $37,800.

• Richard E. Dougherty and Anne M. Dougherty, 14644 Fancher Ave., Sterling, to James Dougherty and Sharyl A. Dougherty, 78 Mapleview Drive, Pennellville, property at 14644 Fancher Ave., $40,500. Assessment $56,700.

• Barbara Malinowski and Gregory M. Green, 989 Simmons Road, Sterling, to Patrick Burd and Heidi L. Burd, 202 N. Terry Road, Syracuse, property at 989 Simmons Road, $221,000. Assessment $83,200.

• Eileen M. Stanley, 7424 State St. Road, Auburn, to Eileen M. Stanley, as trustee under the Eileen M. Stanley Living Trust (same address), property at 7424 State St. Road, $0. Assessment $116,600.

• Sherri J. Calandro, 8608 Weedsport Sennett Road, Weedsport, and Linda M. Kramer, 7913 Weedsport Sennett Road, Weedsport, as co-executors of the last will and testament of Lester C. Bobbett, to Vasile Ilcu and Maria Ilcu, 7275 Sherman Road, Auburn, property at 7279 Sherman Road, $53,000. Assessment $119,300.

• Christopher C. Burton and Allison K. Burton, 173 Fairlawn Drive, Amherst, to PXM 2829 LLC at 133 Wood St., Mahopac, property at 2829 Fairlane 1, $250,000. Assessment $185,000.

• Theresa Swearingen, 114 Willow Brook Manor, Dryden, to First National Bank of Groton, 161 Main St., Groton, property at 3606 Long Hill Road, $0. Assessment $154,100.

• Georgina C. Denman, 2674 Booth Road, Venice Center, as administratrix of the estate of Bruce C. Denman, to Gary Denman, 2739 Booth Road, Venice Center, property at Gieger Road, $52,000. Assessment $52,000. Assessment $205,900.

• Spencer William Restey, 2509 Route 34, Venice Center, to Spencer William Restey and Denise Michelle Restey (same address), property at 2509 Route 34, $0. Assessment $0. Assessment $111,100.

• Cynthia Bolton, 75 Somers Drive, Fulton, to Kearstin Elizabeth Bolton and John E. Bolton III, 1370 White Road, Cato, property at 1370 White Road, $87,500. Assessment $84,500.

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