July 22, 2024

Protecting Idahoans From Property Tax Burdens: Urgent Legislation

Against my better judgment, I’ve decided to take a break from celebrating the New Year and share a few hopes for the new year with you. We throw out the old every year, whether we’re watching the significant ball drop in New York or the big potato in Boise. Yet, we continue to face the same challenges in our beloved state of Idaho.

In the spirit of the New Year, here are a few of my hopes for the upcoming year.

Our legislature will finally develop a real solution to our property tax dilemma. If you own property in Idaho, you noticed for the first time in several years, if not a decade, that your property taxes went down. Idahoans, young and especially old, should not have to worry about being taxed out of their homes.

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It’s time for our lawmakers to really pass hard, meaningful legislation that will allow folks who’ve paid off their homes or are paying on their homes not to be forced out because of property taxes. This issue should be addressed on day one of the upcoming session.

My second suggestion is for Idaho Republicans to get along. Passing the impossible property tax relief would be easier. You don’t have to read the current hit piece from the LA Times on Idaho to know that we have a huge continuity issue within the state’s dominant political party.

Several folks have told me they’re leaving politics because of the personal attacks. In Idaho, it appears you’re either a RINO or a Liberty-minded Republican. The state’s party has placed a big bet on the upcoming caucus. Let’s hope that any presidential primary visit will serve as a uniter, not a divider.

We will see a lot of money being spent on ads stating one thing or another. Don’t let the ad wizards fool you; do your research to find out who represents your Idaho values.

A non-partisan wish is that the governor and legislature tackle three significant issues: roads, prisons, and schools. The state is well-managed and continues to be a magnet for growth. However, if these three troubling issues are not addressed, public safety will be in jeopardy.

I could go on and on, but I’d much rather wish you a healthy, happy, and safe New Year. Congratulations, we made it through another one; we’re stronger together than apart. God Bless and Keep the Faith.

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