February 25, 2024

Property Transfers Published February 3, 2024

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.

230 E 14th St; Davis Rena A to Rhodes Rachael and Jacob, $230,000.

1714 N 20th St; Lee Dallas T & Karen C to M M S Rental Group Llc, $190,000.

1819 N 23rd St; Johnson Viveca L to Beissner Adam, $205,000.

813 N 25th St; Hand Robert to Sorensen Matthew and Mirissa, $354,250.

1112 N 28th St; Rva Sugar Llc to Fleet Taylor and Richards Ceri, $464,000.

3016 2nd Ave; Ireland Wesley Joseph and to Chinworth Ian and Michelle, $330,000.

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1116 N 32nd St; West Cornelius Jr to Belden Courtney Elizabeth And, $200,000.

202 W 34th St; Scotchtown Properties Llc to Tandler Paige Elisabeth And, $410,000.

2103 3rd Ave; Wag Investment Llc to Fortune Darryl Erwin Jr And, $359,500.

3206 5th Ave; Velasquez Holdings Llc to Malady Katherine Heidi, $280,000.

32 Albemarle Ave; Gravatt Sarah Sutton Trust U/A to Sweeney Daniel R and Connor B, $926,000.

603 Arnold Ave; Van Zandt John Iv and to Baker Rachel N And, $299,000.

6508 Barcroft Lane; Hoffmann H George and to Goeke Benjamin J and Lauren J, $822,000.

115 Beaufont Ter; Turner Tracie D to Eldridge Briana J, $290,000.

403 E Broad Rock Road; Carcamo Francisco E to Hunt Bentley Bryce Gore And, $205,000.

4106 Castlewood Road; Ford Gonzalee M and to 4110 Richmond Highway Llc, $3,375,000.

420 Chimborazo Blvd; Jones Michael Patrick to Nelson Judson Padgett Jr And, $600,000.

1311 Columbia St; Grebenetsky Andrey to I V G Properties Llc, $150,000.

2515 Courtland St; Chavez Roberto C to Diaz William S Mejia And, $283,000.

6316 Derwent Road; Martin Gary A to Tylers Commercial Builders &, $246,000.

307 Dundee Ave; Reid Mark A to Lestourgeon Kevin And, $300,000.

3112 Ellwood Ave; Miller Bruce H to Upadhyaya Anu K and Shalini, $375,640.

3007 Fendall Ave; K S B Investment Group Llc to Gottlieb Samuel, $347,500.

2515 Floyd Ave; Engel Jeffrey S Trust Trs and to Vance Douglas W, $750,000.

2810 E Franklin St; Long Charles M & Patricia R & to Megyeri Investments Llc, $615,000.

1202 Georgia Ave; Newcomb Ronald to Seay Charles T Iiii, $175,000.

3025 Glenan Dr; Snow Goose Homes Llc to Atkins Corey Jr and Ciara, $265,000.

3115 W Grace St; Hunt Jared and Johanna to Wilson Christopher Dinneen And, $680,000.

931 Halsey Lane; Bauserman Douglas L to Dolin Kasey Q, $216,139.

6516 Hanover Ave; Vick William D and Kathryn H to Vick Carter G, $250,000.

4201 Hillcrest Road; Tuskey Lawrence M Jr & to Gajarsky Prado Richard, $370,000.

2710 Kenbury Road; Eckis Alison W Trustee to Robertson Devin C And, $560,000.

611 Labrook Dr; Ponce Rentals Llc to C C T M F Llc, $385,000.

415 S Laurel St; Camp Brian K and Finn Nicola to Friar Jennifer Elizabeth, $455,000.

107 Libbie Ave; Mccathern William W Jr to Whitford Corporation Of, $517,000.

4706 Luray Ave; Bancalari Margaret Ann to Gregoria Taylor N, $220,000.

2404 Marion Mashore St; Elderhomes T/A Project Homes to Mangan Emily Margaret, $215,000.

401 Maury St; Shield Exit Ramp Llc to Vision Pettigrew Llc, $4,800,000.

809 S Meadow St; Fitzpatricks Home Improvement to Reams Real Estate Llc, $195,000.

2615 Midlothian Tpke; Awosina Johnson O to Hall Cheri E and Edwin G Jr, $180,000.

4006 Monument Ave; Li Howard Y to Subramaniam Mangala, $728,999.

5113 New Kent Road; Santos Carter D and to Mondino Family Trust Trustees, $795,000.

4904 Old Brook Road; Brook Housing Llc to 7th Old Brook Road 4900 Llc, $1,625,000.

1822 Park Ave; Smith W Richard Iii & Susan S to Winslow Steven Timothy And, $1,295,000.

452 Patrick Ave; Wag Investment Llc to Davis Melissa Inez and Veola, $225,000.

505 Pelham Dr; Aamn Llc to Roschi Stephanie, $181,500.

207 Poe St; Ec1 Lending Llc to Beauford Ronald and Susan, $185,000.

220 Queen Charlotte Road; Seltzer Rosemary G Revocable to White Jesse K and Lee Julia B, $1,237,000.

3203 Richmond Hwy; Daulat Properties Llc to Ahmad Enterprises Llc, $315,000.

4222 Seminary Ave; Gross Kenneth P Ii and to Roth Jacqueline, $699,000.

1710 Southampton Ave; 1710 Southampton Avenue Llc to Walker Robert B And, $215,000.

5302 Stokes Lane; Roane Alfonso Q to Brown Lamar Sr, $240,000.

3313 Stuart Ave; Turner Lillian M to Hatch Richard Todd And, $656,000.

6311 Three Chopt Road; Krey Douglas W and Debra R to 6311 Three Chopt Revocable, $3,600,000.

3119 Veranda Ave; Watchtower Homes and to Ashmore Martyn and Michele, $295,000.

5301 White Oak Dr; 3bs Investments Llc to Rodriguez Mariela Bonilla, $233,000.

1502 Winder St; Chandler Quentin to 8th Hill Homes Llc, $170,000.

3014 Woodrow Ave; Dickson Nana A to Robinson Horace And, $581,500.

4316 2nd St; Ludeke Stuart L to Yeager Molly M and Calvin S, $225,000.

7902 Alvarado Rd; Tolley Julia E to Thacker Heidi L and Alfred L, $412,500.

25 Ashinghurst Rd; Herger Nadine to Hott Rachel Nicole, $245,000.

7283 Banstead Rd; Taylor Nichole M to Sharp-Stevenson Rachael E and John R, $351,355.

1726 Betty Ln; Bachman Ryan K to Roper Preston, $275,000.

4338 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ua; Richardson Jonathan and Shannon Stansberry to Mopuram Ram and Usha Devalapalli, $375,000.

2432 Brandon Forest Ct; Beall Miarra Cernias to Desing Phillip A and Terri Lee Trustees, $357,500.

2261 Brewery Ln; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Bowles Sean, $531,250.

1505 Bronwyn Rd, U101; Boutchyard Sanford M and Lynda H to Williams Jon C, $165,000.

1312 Bull Run Dr; Tdz Properties Llc to Trent Latoya, $297,900.

2414 Capehart Rd; Hernandez Gabrielle Nichole to Henry Zayna Marise, $290,000.

1902 Carneal St; Pautin Rodelyn T to Moore Hunter Garrett and Olivia Tower, $207,000.

10801 Cherry Hill Dr; Jacob Bradford C to Liu Mei and Erik Laroach, $1,095,000.

2718 Comet Rd; Jamerson Nancy H Trustee to Sanchez Miranda Jose Et Al, $325,000.

2213 Covemeadow Dr; Fleming Kendall to Nguvu Management Group Llc, $245,000.

5742 Creek Mill Way; Bradt Douglas to Bryant Elizabeth S, $562,500.

2802 Crown Grant Rd; Moss Anastasia Z to Home Transition Specialists Llc, $271,000.

509 Danray Dr; 509 Danray Drive Llc to Crawley Ashon, $450,000.

306 De Sota Dr; Litz Carol L to Jelinek Scott Trustee, $232,000.

10005 Deputy Ct; Foley Shane L and Brooke P Atkinson to Ringhoff Amanda Marie, $344,000.

3404 Dewsberry Ln; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Jiang Jianfeng and Xiuli Wu, $286,940.

10823 Dominion Fairways Dr; Baylor Valli L to Hurd Prince 3rd and Theresa Rock Trustees, $480,500.

5205 Eanes Ln; Seal Robert B and D F to Bell Adrianne G, $225,000.

2831 Fairway Homes Way; Maddox Dorothy T and William H Jr to Adsit Jon T and Naomi Cohen, $450,000.

5101 Farmount Ter; Cohen James P to Mckinney Gary and Shiela, $610,000.

10404 Flat Branch Dr; Fleming John L and Diannah to Nadgir Sagar and Kirti, $469,000.

10743 Forest Hollow Ct; Vick James E and Laura L to Chheda Parag and Deepali, $650,000.

4417 Foxtail Ln; Puryear Alan to Pollard Carla, $225,000.

4713 Fry Landing Dr; Nvr Inc to Shah Chetan and Pritikumari Chetan, $662,180.

7911 Galaxie Rd; Koussa Nicole Inez to Safi Mohammad R, $350,000.

10532 Glencoe Rd; Gilbert Marion Pope to Trek Properties Llc, $250,000.

2413 Gordon Ln; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Mejia De Gonzalez Bessy Loany, $275,000.

3938 Grove Point Dr; Smith Walter L Jr and Theresa Wilkerson to Epps Aisha N, $295,000.

7016 Hapsburg Ct; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Henry Kenneth and Carla, $460,000.

807 Haversack Hunt Way, Ua; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Bannor Nana, $324,140.

805 Haversack Hunt Way, Ub; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Mcilyar Rachel Groome, $354,990.

160 Hawk Nest Ct; Patel Ramila H to Padalia Pinal Yogesh, $449,000.

584 Hazel Dr; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Mandava Sushma, $515,240.

130 Henry Ward Blvd; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Smith Jamia and Marty L Dixon, $484,990.

1936 Hickoryridge Rd; Cinder Matthew R and Meagan to Long Braden Allen and Christina Allison, $625,000.

225 S Holly Ave; Bristow Steven L and Kresha R to Crews Adam M, $258,000.

3234 Hunters Mill Ct; Anderson Yolanda to Heresi Berti, $150,000.

1104 Hyde Ln; Raynes Michelle L to Leshner Deborah G, $475,000.

2908 Irisdale Ave; Stiebel Timothy L and Christopher M Et Al to Brown Zachary Bruce and Kris Franciesca, $315,000.

10600 Joseph Ct; Vaswani Deepa Nari Trustee to Hussaini Hussaindad and P Qasimi Et Al, $450,000.

6145 Kelston Green Dr; Marini Judy K Trustee to Dachert Robert W and Patricia A, $437,500.

9801 Lake Meadow Pl; Schmohl John M G and E A to Smith Jay T and Laurie H, $1,600,000.

10101 Laurel Lakes Dr; Homes Et Cetera Llc to Topping Trent and Erin, $379,900.

1502 Leewal Ct; Stamm Fred W Iii and Rose to Hayland Properties Llc, $330,000.

1721 Logwood Cir; 1721 Logwood Cir Llc to Honeycutt Kathleen and Raymond E, $428,000.

2309 Lourdes Rd; Brodin Taylor and Samantha Obrien to Obrien Dermot, $395,000.

9278 Magellan Pkwy, Ua; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to S Raza Rva Homes Llc, $307,940.

2717 Main Sail Ct; Woodson Jercreta to Kennelly Kathleen, $205,000.

2003 Maple St; Eldridge Shirley A to Cain William H Jr and Joan M, $274,000.

6513 Marleigh Ct; Donatelli Brian Richard and Tia J Egnor to Macpherson Eric K, $355,000.

7106 Medford Ave; Moses Glenn P and Joan T to Helmore Peter and Caitlyn Mcmahan, $230,000.

1149 Micheline Ter; Avalos-Boneta Consulting Llc to Imperio Investing Llc, $175,000.

5601 Millwheel Way; Spitaleri Christopher M to Akinola Olatomi, $279,950.

25 Monterey Ave; Sanford Investments Llc to Heinitz Steven R, $224,500.

12438 Morgan’s Glen Cir; Bishop Edward E Jr to Machacek Mary Anna Smith Trustee, $434,000.

2005 Murdoch Rd; Arline Joseph F Jr and Jayne A M to Ahmadzai Muqadasa, $385,000.

101 New Market Village Pkwy; Peet Jarnell D and April T Deberry to Lacer Evan C, $295,000.

8422 O’bannon Ct, U09; Tun Brian H and Indra A to Svejda Megan, $200,000.

1702 Old Brick Rd, Ub; West Broad Village Iv Llc to Glick David J and Christine, $575,000.

4878 Old Williamsburg Rd; Roth Bryan T to Bandino Ian J and Audra B Herendeen, $325,000.

2155 Park Ln; In My Home Inc to Welker Andrew and Hannah Meyls, $200,000.

3206 Pemberton Ave; Cold Harbor Llc to Klotzbuecher David L, $175,000.

916 Pepper Ave; Pinsky Marc and Ellen to Gelman Alexander, $472,500.

801 Pleasant St; Wa Legacy Homes Llc to Ornberg Helena, $199,950.

7108 Prospect Ave; Coleman Barbara H to Savage Jessica N, $350,000.

2929 Putney Rd; Hilton M Rubin Inc to Teddy Properties Llc, $235,000.

8250 Recreation Rd; Gillen David and Rebecca to Flores Renovations and Services Llc, $230,000.

4806 Regina Rd; Crawley Edwards Realty Group Llc to Gardner Joseph I, $295,000.

3105 Reynolds Rd; Green Stacey L and Dawn R to Gregory Austin C, $275,000.

4209 Riding Place Rd; Robinson Gloria E to Portee Lorena F, $260,000.

7066 Rivermere Ln; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Kotikalapudi Siddhartha and M Manthena, $499,500.

1 Rock Garden Ln; Bance Susan Adams to Omari Mohammad Amin, $151,000.

8 N Rose Ave; Brown Deja M to Youssef Samir and Joseph Farag, $160,000.

8286 Scott Commons Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Best Anthonie, $349,990.

11508 Sethwarner Dr; Williams Derek R and Alexandra E to Dunwoody Tamyl L and John J Reilly, $1,005,000.

404 Siena Ln; Simmons Angela E and Kathleen D to Gopalrao Sathish T and Rashmi Sathish, $483,150.

9705 Snowberry Ct; Sawyer Mark P to Nastanski Michael and Nora, $430,500.

9643 Springfield Woods Ct; Payne Steven C to Mcconnell Nancy L, $252,000.

2915 Stone Meadow Ct; Butler Alexandra Rae and James Craig Green to Harris Brandon and Laura Perrot, $291,500.

1615 Stoneycreek Dr; Fischer Judith L to Miller Ronnie and Rachel Lander, $505,000.

10920 Taker Ct; Flowe Boyce and Nancy to Adel Sayed, $523,000.

8906 Tolman Rd; Carr Thomas A to Santos Carter D and Allison L, $1,100,000.

9018 Tweed Rd; Lane Jessie Laverne and Teresa Denise to Reed Ashley O and Marylynne C Schaefer, $400,000.

600 W Vine St; Proctor Robert K and Amy S to Sanchez Mayte, $235,000.

2564 Wanstead Ct; Chi Concetta Trustee to Perelman Tatyana and Irena Korshin, $355,000.

601 Weaver Brook Walk, Ua; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Lang Shan Y, $400,590.

2323 Wedgewood Ave; Robinson Marian D to Mangum Richard and Ellen and M Sandridge, $381,000.

6706 Wilber Cir; Mcilyar Rachel G to Allison Donald Eugene and Pamela K Waaland, $322,500.

4414 E Williamsburg Rd; Benton Donald L to Perez Ariel Bartolon, $290,000.

6216 Winsted Ct; Currier Keith D and Suzanne P Allen to Adams Emily and Taey Duong, $600,000.

5204 Woodchuck Ct; Stoner Zachary J to Tol Sis Juan C, $380,000.

929 Wynfield Ter; Housing and Urban Development to Seldon Ana, $240,000.

8400 Abercrombie Dr, Chesterfield; Lakewood Investments Llc to Rowe Donald W and Elizabeth A, $225,000.

5108 Alberta Rd, Chesterfield; Parnell Cory M and Jessica R to Rogo One Llc, $197,000.

11300 Amara Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Hamilton Courtney and Paris L, $692,805.

5219 Andradell Ln, Chesterfield; Nunnally Carla Rae and Compton Dwayne Anthony and Nunnally Christopher to Lejeune Mason L and Hayley P, $236,000.

909 Arch Hill Pl, North Chesterfield; Vaughn Johnathan C and Duck J A to Ricart Elizabeth Noemi Mejia, $278,000.

1006 Ashbrook Landing Rd, Midlothian; King Kevin Eric and Mariah D to Ourand Lee, $449,000.

10901 August Ct, Chesterfield; Trek Properties Llc to Martin Corey Cooper and Martin Bobby Lee, $266,000.

4801 Ball Cypress Rd, Chesterfield; Morrison Matthew J and Cassy A to Boone Holly M and Christopher P, $363,000.

7006 Batten Ct, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Gordon Yoenid Rodriguez and Michael Tirrell, $508,105.

6600 Bel Lac Dr, Chester; Martin William Henry Jr Tr to Flournoy Priscilla and Darrell J, $375,000.

7700 Belmont Stakes Dr, Midlothian; Allen S Page Trustee to Dixon Mark A and Felicia, $353,000.

11256 Benton Pointe Way, Chester; Windswept Development Llc to Fitzwater Gariann Nicole, $331,740.

4706 Bexwood Dr, Chesterfield; Finfrock Dennis A and Susan to Laurent Jillian, $327,000.

5542 Bison Ford Dr, North Chesterfield; Porras Rojas Ruben Et Al to Williams Janee, $370,000.

6552 Bolles Landing Ct, Chester; Windswept Development Llc to Rabindranath Deepak and Rabindranath Henry, $345,370.

13436 Bradley Bridge Rd, Chester; Dillard Deborah M to Smith James R, $238,000.

11953 W Briar Patch Dr, Midlothian; Georgel Suzanne B to Morgan Albert W Ii and O’neill Koah, $150,000.

624 Bristol Village Dr, Apt 301, Midlothian; Overman M and D and Overman B T to Prince Clifford J, $225,000.

15218 Broadwater Ct, Chester; Jones Jenny Blaha to Terry Tiana, $203,000.

16101 Cambian Ln, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Mcneill John Jr and Siler-Mcneil Temesha, $674,000.

5620 Catterick Rd, North Chesterfield; Opendoor Property Trust I to Ventura Elisa Arias and Cid Rufino Del, $309,000.

5611 Chatmoss Rd, Midlothian; America’s Dream Holdings Llc to O’hara Sara and Brandon, $310,000.

15913 Chesdin Bluff Dr, Chesterfield; Isle Of Pines Llc to Gregoire Development Corporation, $550,000.

2917 Cicero Pkwy, Chester; Fund Iv Homes 3 Llc to Property Key Solutions Llc, $227,000.

6645 Citory Way, Ste 303, Moseley; NVR Inc to Jacob Elizabeth A and Michael Gerard, $314,555.

818 Clayborne Ln, Midlothian; Wilmer T E and Wilmer M H Trs to Woolridge Roger Lee and Margaret Cosby, $485,000.

7006 Cogburn Ter, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Nsabiyakare Epipode and Bukuru Vivine, $495,000.

3106 Cottage Oaks Ct, Midlothian; Johnson Gerald T and Johnson J to Cozzo Reinaldo and Martha Alessandra Beltrame Oliveira Lima, $332,000.

2600 S Cropper Ct, North Chesterfield; Goodwin C and D and Pickering T to Pickering Tyler M, $260,000.

11002 Decoy Ln, Chesterfield; Wallace Mark J to Fore Judith, $341,100.

525 Demaret Dr, Chester; Pierchal Todd M and Jennifer J to Mughal Amjad, $515,000.

7517 Drexelbrook Rd, Chesterfield; Akinloye Akintunde J and Adetutu Serah to A and J Investments Llc, $240,000.

311 Dunlin Ct, Midlothian; Holman Denise H to Tucker Thomas K and Wanda C, $445,000.

7021 Dunton Rd, Chesterfield; Cosby Village Llc to Jones Aaron, $372,920.

7052 Dunton Rd, Chesterfield; Cosby Village Llc to Kneessi Janice L, $553,288.

3413 Ellenbrook Dr, Chester; Durrani Waqar A and Lisette N to Lin Eric, $350,000.

7507 Elmleaf Ct, North Chesterfield; Mission Va Llc to Lopez Perez Iris M, $269,000.

11607 Explorer Dr, Midlothian; Baker Iantha D and Hatcher M A to Steve Thomas Management Inc, $414,950.

3327 Farcet Ct, Midlothian; D’souza Kenneth and Kristi T to Thacker Andrew and Lauren, $699,000.

1732 Featherstone Dr, Midlothian; Bishop Joseph Michael and Bishop James Andrew and Bishop Michael Gregory to Hussein Aiman and Shelton Rachel, $330,000.

8712 Fishers Green Pl, Chesterfield; Pennington William M and Karri L to Winters Christopher L, $460,000.

15100 Fox Branch Ln, Midlothian; Black Terry V and Donna M to Behar Avraham and Efrat, $455,000.

19401 Foxbrook Dr, South Chesterfield; Martin Gregory W and Kathy Y to Molina-Molina Floridalma, $235,000.

10207 Francill Ct, North Chesterfield; D and W Holdings Llc to Loving Caleb Thomas and Jackson Brett Tyler, $260,000.

8001 Gates Bluff Pl, Chesterfield; Walke Mark Vaden and Pennington Michelle Leigh to Walls Lloyd Andrew and Paula Elaine, $497,000.

10852 Genito Square Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Custer Raymond Dale and Doris Delauder, $325,060.

8504 Glen Royal Dr, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to O’toole David C and Toni M, $761,906.

15407 Greenley Pl, Chesterfield; Griffin Eric W and Amanda D to Kent Thomas R and Katie E, $607,500.

15113 Ground Fern Dr, Chesterfield; Baker Roger L and Ann C to Core 3 Llc, $340,500.

13800 Hailsham Cir, Midlothian; Hudson Lynda W to Vigliano Peter and Morgan, $725,000.

10616 Halflight Dr, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Brazda Barbara Frizzell and Daniel, $392,000.

14524 Hancock Ridge Ct, Chesterfield; Adams-Amos Alisa T and Adams-John Brenda D and Adams-Watson Martina R to Mahoney Sarah and Mahoney Diane, $405,000.

16042 Happy Hill Rd, South Chesterfield; Mayfield Donni M and Jones Rodney L and Swann Kenneth J Sr to O’reilly Jason Thomas, $205,000.

11825 Haversham Dr, Midlothian; Lu Zhenjie to Dechiara Colby, $327,000.

5884 Heathers Crossing Dr, Chesterfield; Campbell Caitlin P to Heathers Crossing 5884 Llc, $375,000.

4273 Heron Pointe Ct, Moseley; Elliott Carolyn B to Lekavich Kenneth and Mary Lee, $665,000.

7113 Highcrest Ridge Dr, Chesterfield; Ross Todd M to Clark Margaret A, $435,000.

3208 Holridge St, Chesterfield; Vazquez Janette to Thriving Llc, $325,000.

5506 Ironhorse Rd, North Chesterfield; Parker Timothy to Walker Larry K and Yvette O, $360,000.

14343 Jeffries Pl, Midlothian; Taylor Carinne E to Budnik Gregory J and Janice L, $520,000.

13106 Kanbaugh Ct, Midlothian; Shibley Samuel V and Joann E to Shibley Samuel and Danielle, $415,000.

8218 Killbevan Dr, Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Knight Aaron L, $849,000.

5901 Kingsland Rd, North Chesterfield; Huff B R and Wayland D L Trs to Diaz Abella Miriam P, $291,000.

9725 Ladue Rd, North Chesterfield; Manchester Residential Llc to Jacinto Ramon Luna and Luna Eddy Ramon, $304,000.

4707 Lake Summer Loop, Moseley; Harring Construction Co to Lobb Keefe H Co-Trustee and Lobb Michelle K Co-Trustee, $932,744.

5508 Lakemere Dr, North Chesterfield; Eagles R P Jr Et Als Trustees to Miller Joan A, $387,500.

14413 Lander Rd, Midlothian; Jolley John Douglas and Sandra J to Jones Donald P, $855,000.

7606 Lawnbrook Dr, North Chesterfield; Thomas Overton D Jr and Tersheka to Security Solutions Group and Investigative Services Inc, $340,000.

12311 Lewis Rd, Chester; Surbrook Steven P and Lisa M to Herrera Alexander, $440,000.

3952 Lyndale Ter, North Chesterfield; Tiller Wellford C Jr and Nell G to Tiller Martin Carlyle, $175,000.

18336 Magnolia Run Ln, Moseley; NVR Inc to Taylor Marvin B and Kelley D, $707,330.

15119 Majestic Creek Dr, South Chesterfield; Manning Teresa Saunders and Glass Billie Saunders to Fitzgerald Joycelin Nicole, $385,000.

6843 Mason Run Dr, North Chesterfield; Bindley Patsy to Main Key Llc, $175,000.

11731 Meadowville Ln, Chester; N/A to Civica Foundation, $795,400.

9113 Moldova Rd, Chesterfield; U S Home Llc to Fleming Carroll Jerome and Shanee Audrelle, $675,920.

15112 Monks Pl, Chesterfield; Price Bradley Scott and Pamela A to White Timothy Lee and Linda Fleming, $465,000.

1706 Mountain Pine Ter, North Chesterfield; Strickland A B and Strickland J to Deny and Matteo Investment Llc, $179,000.

9803 Nott Ln, Chesterfield; Tolbert Thomas M Jr and Odelia R to Luna Edgar, $200,000.

5213 Oakforest Dr, Chesterfield; Sanford Ryan C and Amanda O to Browne Pamela G and Ehrig Raymond K, $270,000.

14019 Old Hampstead Ct, Chester; Turner Robert L Jr and Drema B to Bland Brian Christopher and Jacqueline, $420,000.

2512 Pagehurst Dr, Midlothian; Biringer Builders Inc to Edwards Carrie Ann, $770,544.

6625 Pebblespring Dr, North Chesterfield; Ramirez Jaime C Landaverde to Gutierrez Samuel Vargas, $270,000.

12329 Petrel Xing, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Brazil Quintyn Wc and Amber Jahnae, $435,900.

10837 Poachers Run, Chesterfield; Campbell David A to Krcek James Ethan, $320,000.

2224 Providence Creek Rd, North Chesterfield; Coleman Jordain D and Ashton J to Almodovar Jason Justin and Jennifer Maargarita, $300,000.

7917 Provincetown Dr, North Chesterfield; Smith Erica N to Qutubuddin Abu and Mustafa Shaheen, $206,000.

4212 Ralph Rd, South Chesterfield; U S Bank Trust N A Trustee to Perez Citlali Janine Sotelo and Edwards Michael E, $210,000.

9261 Redbridge Rd, North Chesterfield; Stanko Barbara A to Stansfield Barbara and Stansfield Patricia Ann, $345,000.

11348 Ridge Mill Ct, Chester; Rolling Ridge Llc to Yitamkey Bridget and Kwawu Desmond, $385,475.

11701 Riverboat Dr, Chester; Wv Mcclure Inc to Matthews Tucker and Kelley, $649,950.

1430 Robindale Rd, North Chesterfield; Harte Rodney Lee and Jill to Bauer Jeffrey Scott, $339,600.

5914 Rosebay Forest Rd, Midlothian; Waldrup George Ben and Alice T to Bloom Ryan and Carrion Veronica, $530,000.

1300 Ruffin Mill Rd, South Chesterfield; Barber Jerry A and Rebecca L C to Rojas Italivi Clemente, $435,000.

9300 Salem Church Rd, North Chesterfield; Kentridge Properties Llc to Estrada Carlos A San Jose and Canahui Suly P Lopez, $357,500.

13308 Sandy Shore Mews, Chesterfield; Gaffney Jeffrey M and Victoria P to Toler Alicia, $590,000.

8306 Scottingham Dr, North Chesterfield; Corchado Amanda T to Demarco John Paul and Marilyn V, $300,000.

6842 Shasta Daisy Trl, Moseley; Leonhirth John and Lori to Miller Ryan and Bethany, $560,000.

9710 Shiloh Dr, North Chesterfield; Aiken H L and Aiken S F Trustees to Melendez Glenda L Figueroa De, $217,000.

4440 Shoremeade Rd, North Chesterfield; Heng Pun M and Gammon Robin Lynn and Gammon James Dabney to Smith Kimberly J and David W, $365,000.

9700 Snowhill Rd, North Chesterfield; Groat Timothy to Gueck Ethan Isaac and Hannah Rose, $370,000.

2837 South St, South Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Bonner Danyelle Sayles and Bonner Kiara C, $351,900.

5031 Southmoor Rd, North Chesterfield; Watson William N Jr to Richardson Shirley Perry and Tunstall Daniel Antonio, $450,000.

11812 St Audries Dr, Chesterfield; Branham Cameron to Jankowitsch Joseph and Bobrova Alexandra, $396,500.

6542 S Stevens Hollow Dr, Chesterfield; Sawyer Harvey Louis to Wolford Tim R, $228,000.

6606 Stonewolf Ct, Moseley; Groundly Home Owner Llc to Gauldin Ernest Wade and April, $885,000.

6248 Strongbow Dr, Moseley; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Shaffer Kelsey A and Henrickson Zachary John, $696,000.

8509 Summit Acres Dr, North Chesterfield; Mauri Antonio and Adler Molly C to Timperio Carl Iii and Segni Amanda, $445,000.

8549 Sutherland Rd, North Chesterfield; Johnson Anna Pearl Estate to Malik Naveed, $222,000.

5419 Swift Fox Ct, Moseley; Main Street Homes to Agiro Bezawit T and Sarke Petros, $635,468.

3701 Tanbark Rd, North Chesterfield; Jo-Finn Properties Llc to Heffner Daniel and Emily, $402,900.

12450 Tennessee Plz, Midlothian; Gp Portfolio Landlord #4 Llc to Agree Stores Llc, $1,756,310.

3016 Three Bridges Rd, Midlothian; Kushnir Ludmila to Meddis Ofelia Jorge and Michael A, $330,000.

10803 Tracker Ct, Chesterfield; Gradnigo Kevin D to Shaffer Jacob C and Binns Kathryn L, $305,000.

2030 Tuckers Landing Rd, North Chesterfield; Deaton Nancy Suzanne to Gradnigo Kevin Douglas, $350,000.

18142 Veronica Ct, Moseley; Craftmaster Homes to Hood Douglas J and Fayth Neil, $504,810.

4818 Village Lake Dr, North Chesterfield; Spruill Clarence K Jr to Gulledge Robert F and Gulledge Donald E, $440,000.

6321 Walnut Bend Ter, Midlothian; Durfee Scott J to Anglin Douglas Martin and Ashley Nicole, $565,000.

5724 Walnut Walk Dr, North Chesterfield; Finer Homes Inc to Henderson Keith Tyrone and Plummer-Henderson Lynette Rogene, $488,275.

11903 Warminster Ct, Midlothian; Recher Scott G and Joan M to Colwell Nelson E and Jessica, $382,500.

10942 Waterfowl Flyway Ct, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Mason Larvell and Tiffany, $608,629.

6820 Welara Run, Moseley; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condominium At Foxcreek Llc to Mineo Gregory R and Mineo Drusilla, $446,083.

6301 Whisperwood Dr, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Finrock Audrey Susan and Dennis Arthur, $437,990.

10511 White Rabbit Rd, North Chesterfield; Huffman Carl Wayne to Vasquez Homes Llc, $200,000.

11800 Winbury Ct, Midlothian; Hanlon Patrick and Kelly E to Derby Danielle and Duddy Connor, $410,000.

8100 Wolfboro Pl, Chesterfield; Page Gary L Trustee and Page Kathleen Vk Trustee to Reece Melissa and Kevin, $510,000.

6210 Woolridge Rd, Moseley; Garrison Phyllis P to Harrison Jessica and Stuart, $225,000.

0.4221 acres; Harjas LLC to SNP Ventures Inc., $500,000.

2.3744 acres; Martha Frances Davis Polubinski, executor to Stephen Mathew Flint, $220,000.

50.784 acres; Stephanie G. Ballard to Alyssa B. Coleman, $489,000.

10303 Althea Bend Court, Mechanicsville; Crystal C. Parsley to Joseph Leroy Forkins, $600,000.

14515 Augusta Lane, Ashland; Steve G. Clarke to Michael Todd Lassiter, $617,000.

7415 Barnette Ave., Mechanicsville; Gregory S. Nevi to Javier Perez Lopez, $330,000.

10324 Berkeley Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; Ryan C. Middleton to John Daniel Dejarnette, $456,500.

7086 Brooking Way, Mechanicsville; Adam W. Herston to James S. Wehling, $345,000.

10485 Chickahominy Falls Lane, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Brian L. Hillmar, $845,000.

8088 Creekside Village Drive, Mechanicsville; Daryl M. King to Robert A. Filmer, $299,900.

11436 Edgelake Court, Glen Allen; Kelly W. Phillips to Marbury A. Fagan II, $955,000.

9290 Greywood Drive, Mechanicsville; Christopher M. Lapallo to Benjamin W. Vaughan, $645,000.

6030 Jeff Drive, Mechanicsville; Ronald L. Robbins III to Ryan Shinault, $549,900.

6449 Lark Way, Mechanicsville; Acie Williams to Chelsea Vrabel, $278,000.

9065 Little Garden Way, Mechanicsville; Benjamin D. Carver to Swara Fadnis, $527,000.

Lot 11, Block A, Section 2, Cypresstree; Willie J. Buie Jr. to JNJ Group LLC, $310,000.

Lot 2, Section 1, Prospect Trace; Shannon Pritchard to Nordrow Investments LLC, $155,000.

Lot 29, Block G, Section C, Locust Hill; Daniel L. Turner to Camp Virginia Inc., $305,000.

Lot 5, Block A, Strawhorn; Cava Capital LLC to Ivette Royster, $295,000.

Lot 7, Block 1, Section 1, Battlefield Farms; Frederick I. McGhee to Blake Austin Minter, $150,000.

8222 Marley Drive, Mechanicsville; Randy Charles Anderson to Laurel Tipton, $404,000.

7093 Mill Valley Court, Mechanicsville; Brittany A. Okuda to Joshua Thomas Minton, $330,000.

Parcel; David R. Dagenhart Jr. to 6667 Rural Point Road LLC, $1,300,000.

11422 W Patrick Henry Road, Ashland; Georgia H. Luck, trustee to Lory Markham, $425,000.

11385 Poplar Gate Drive, Mechanicsville; Bradley Welborne Jones III to Miller Thomas Kegley, $635,000.

9000 Ringview Drive, Mechanicsville; Deborah Ramsey to Elizabeth Danielle Clutton, $350,000.

8310 Roden Drive, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Robert Martin Wahl, $720,240.

8000 Rutland Village Drive, Mechanicsville; Michael G. Morita to Jessica L. Kirby, $390,000.

9472 Seayfield Lane, Mechanicsville; Lindsay Jo Creech to Rajesh Ummalaneni, $490,000.

9591 Seven Sisters Drive, Ashland; Dallas Fried to Erik Matthew Colley, $899,000.

9206 Stephens Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; Anthony Naughton to Elaine Gansz Bobo, $540,500.

9070 Sutler Lane, Mechanicsville; Jack R. Podlesh to Mary Ellen Bishop, $465,000.

7232 Trimlew Estate Lane, Mechanicsville; Harry L. Dandridge Jr. to Lamonte A. Mayfield, $314,000.

12430 Walnut Hill Drive, Rockville; William Wangerin Grosh Jr. to Raymond Paul Marotta, $1,635,000.

1 acre; Roy David Gough to Spencer Chase Gough, $165,000.

28 acres; L. Douglas Vaughan to Matthew V. McClure, $740,000.

21749 Farmers Lane, Jetersville; Robert Dale Johnson to Catherine Pearson, $325,000.

1 acre; Lisa B. Cooke to Boatman Properties LLC, $166,000.

19200 The Glebe Lane, Charles City; Benjamin E. Newton to Richard A. Lapastora, $200,000.

1313 Appomattox Dr; Masonic Home Of Virginia , To Mehany, Howaida, $327,000.

502 Huntington Rd; Barfield , Allen K To Davis, Bryan James, $250,000.

110 Salisbury Rd; Moon Ii, David W. To Terrell, Deshawn Y., $276,000.

2312 Wakefield Av; Michael, Joseph F To Lefcheck, Charles, $229,500.

0.776 acres; Holman House LLC to Christopher B. Williams, $212,500.

3.02 acres; William R. Cooke to George Huss, $170,280.

326 Dana Drive, Farmville; Major R. Thompson to Richard Albert Ewing, $250,000.

159.6 acres; Annsville Timber Co. LLC to Sidney C. Sheldon, trustee, $400,000.

52.75 acres; Ted Upton Jr. to Harry Justin Smith, $165,000.

9900 Boisseau Road, Sutherland; Herman W. Harrison Sr. to William Decarlo Parham, $229,900.

25115 Cox Road, North Dinwiddie; Joseph Myrick Hope to Maria Deysi Lima, $272,000.

22426 Hilltop Drive, McKenney; Michael Christopher to Anthony Rogers Jr., $255,000.

Lot 23, Block 3, Section 3, Brickwood; Kenneth Eade Clements, executor to Tyler Tapp, $250,000.

4405 Olgers Road, Sutherland; Paul F. Henshaw Inc. to Fred Meisle Benzenhafer II, $425,000.

2612 Westbriar Lane, North Dinwiddie; Adrian Manuel Gonzalez to Douglas R. Jackson III, $350,000.

0.5 acres; Henry W. Mills to Winston Dabney Holdings LLC, $150,000.

2 parcels; Motta Home Renovations LLC to Thriving LLC, $390,000.

3 acres; James A. Riggs to Starke Co. LLC, $275,000.

7014 Bisque Terrace, Richmond; Boone Homes Inc. to Daniel B. Scherder, $831,823.

3671 County Line, Kents Store; Denver E. Jackson to Zachary D. Fox, $280,000.

1722 Fishers Pond Drive, Maidens; Steve Thompson Builder LLC to Benjamin Graham Jenkins, $977,144.

Lot 1, Block A, Section C, Kinloch; ABE Investments II LLC to Virginia Resource Realty LLC, $300,000.

Lot 30, Section 5, Breeze Hill; Breeze Hill Inc. to Aaron Mudryk, $170,000.

76 Manakin Park Drive, Manakin Sabot; Mark D. Ackerman to William Douglas Mawyer, $649,950.

12400 North Crossing Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Altaf Ladhani, $701,000.

10011 Potters Wheel Way, Richmond; Stylecraft Homes Inc. of Virginia to David Lee McBride, $597,188.

1714 Reed Marsh Lane, Goochland; Yellowstone Communities LLC to Barbra Bruno-McLaughlin, $283,575.

7205 Shenfield Ave., Glen Allen; Wayne A. Wyrobek to John D. Beiler, $561,000.

2116 Tuckahoe Bridge Drive, Manakin Sabot; Windswept Development LLC to Stefano Gessati, $882,112.

2 parcels; Lester L. Cauhill Jr. to Robert Noll, $225,000.

205 N 5th Ave.; Tompouce LLC to Georgette Jean-Baptiste, $187,000.

3505 Clay St.; Will33311 Inc. to Ariel Rivera Martinez, $235,000.

2407 Grant St.; Sherry Sterling to Terri L. Cash, $160,000.

2500 Lee St.; Devin R. Fowler to Ashley Hope O’Day, $235,000.

501 Park Ave.; Joanna L. Suyes, trustee to Pamelia Diana Glass, $225,000.

107 S Radford Drive; Raymond A. Powell to Sierra Orden, $233,000.

1300 Stewart Ave.; Vertex Realty & Investments LLC to Jonathan Louis Jakob Leproux, $199,950.

3301 Trenton St.; S&E Restorations LLC to Steven M. Polascik, $255,000.

0.2285 acres; Mark L. Miller to Geoffrey Grossman, $220,000.

5304 Beacon Ridge, Williamsburg; D.R. Horton INc. to Douglas Stephen Brown, $949,990.

4772 Bristol Circle, Williamsburg; Gerald A. Packer to Mesut Alkan, $395,000.

129 Bush Springs Road, Toano; Shu Khan Yao to Benjamin Ray Pierce, $830,000.

3023 Clinton Court, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to Tony C. Espinoz, $460,396.

307 Elmwood Lane, Williamsburg; C.T. Russell Dabney to Elizabeth Dabney, $250,000.

126 Four Mile Tree, Williamsburg; William F. Jaissle to Christopher Keilitz, $950,000.

9511 Goddin Court, Toano; David Christopher Ferguson to Douglas Christopher Helkowski II, $480,000.

4220 Haymarket Lane, Williamsburg; Lucius C. Frye Jr. to Jo Ann T. Andrews, trustee, $740,550.

1026 Holmes Court West, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Barry N. Grimm, $422,000.

122 James Bray Drive, Williamsburg; Arthur Daniel Chambers II to Thomas F. Cullen, $519,000.

3005 John Vaughan Road, Williamsburg; Mary Brooks Beatty to Matthew Russell Newsom, $772,500.

112 Kersten, Williamsburg; Lynne H. Helis, trustee to Patrick T. Carder, $1,100,000.

150 Lakewood Drive, Williamsburg; Vivian M. Bohm to Cleta F. Puckett, trustee, $595,000.

1 Logan Place, Williamsburg; Carol S. Callahan to Mason Shell, $260,000.

Lot 14, Deerwood Hills; Carmen R. Cohee to Calvin R. Pletcher, $254,500.

Lot 33, Rivers Bend at Uncles Neck; East Coast Development Group Inc. to Loralie S. Ephraim Skinner, $1,571,300.

Lots M11-M29, Stonehouse Landbay 5; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 1 LLC to U.S. Home LLC, $1,520,000.

117 Meadowbrook, Williamsburg; Kelso W. Horst to Theodore D. Jones, $730,000.

105 Montrose, Williamsburg; Karen S. Arient, co-trustee to Kelly Young, $553,000.

3015 North Court, Williamsburg; Mashour Yousef, trustee to Rochelle Diane Seitz, $1,055,000.

Parcel; VJ Real Estate Services LLC to MAI Homes 2 LLC, $832,000.

3948 Penzance Place, Williamsburg; Leslie Owen Kagay III to Joseph Dehaven, $530,000.

409 Queens Crescent, Williamsburg; Allyson Lynn Short to Rene Roark Bowditch, trustee, $222,000.

6141 Richmond Road, Williamsburg; Covie Megan Epperson Lewis to Thomas Lafayette Boyce, $435,000.

5411 Sasha Court, Williamsburg; Frank Vince to Miriam Mwanga, $228,000.

205 Sheffield Road, Williamsburg; Sutherland Properties Virginia LLC to Andrew J. Chess, $524,000.

7603 Tealight Way, Williamsburg; Brittney J. Fitzgerald to Carl Michael Clarito, $277,750.

3569 Trillium Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Cory Don Mitchell, $643,075.

226 Wareham’s Point, Williamsburg; James C. Yu, trustee to Laura J. Spatz, $766,000.

7444 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; Kenneth P. Guest to Steven Rohmiller, $480,000.

0.71 acres; Matthew J. Morgan to John Sinclair Selden, $255,000.

584 Oak Lane, Shackelfords; Shannon Brandenberger to Alberto Rivera, $350,000.

2 lots; Home Solutions of Virginia LLC to Joshua R. Campbell, $490,000.

69 Chelsea Circle, Aylett; HHHunt Homes LC to Dion M. Solari, $376,055.

3950 Dogwood Drive, West Point; Nancy S. Edmonds to Ashley Vanhatten Morgan, $380,000.

2151 Kennington Parkway, Aylett; Stylecraft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Angela King, $409,751.

Parcel; Melissa M. Linville to Kaitlynn E. Burak, $430,000.

538 Sara Court, Aylett; Anne E. Grindstaff, trustee to Dianne G. Tobin, $331,500.

106.228 acres; C.H. Evelyn Piling Co. Inc. to Charles Q.W. Metheny, $699,000.

7632 Airport Road, Quinton; Barbara C. Allen to Bryant Allen, $151,200.

4951 College Green Lane, Providence Forge; W.V. McClure Inc. to Jori H. Ferguson, $637,797.

14181 Dare Way, Lanexa; BMR Investments I LLC to Eric B. Baker, $374,900.

7567 Flowering Magnolia Lane, Quinton; Steven M. Huff to Andrew J. Medrano, $477,000.

4766 Kingshire Drive, Providence Forge; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Raymond Hamilton Adams, $542,490.

Lots 563, 564 and part of Lot 565, Woodhaven Shores; Edward L. Casker to Casie Ireland, $325,000.

7751 Lovegrass Terrace, Quinton; Andrew G. King to Duane Tod Faircloth, $399,950.

Parcels; Alexander Phillips to Douglas H. Carr, $400,000.

7430 Pinehurst Drive, Quinton; Douglas P. Begal Jr. to Nicholas Anthony, $349,250.

9270 Sherwood Drive, Quinton; HBL Alternative Holdings LLC to Sherwood LLC, $210,000.

7516 Southamptonshire Way, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Stephen L. Heller, $369,760.

8840 Tunstall Road, New Kent; Andrew Grozdanov to Daryl Bryant, $350,000.

4360 Wigoen Court, New Kent; Michael A. Metzger to Anthony Santucci-Curci, $484,900.

134 S Adams St.; John Steven Fisher to Janice M. Morales, $430,000.

306 Blackwater Drive; Daryon L. Jenkins to Laura Harris, $165,000.

1912 Chuckatuck Ave.; James M. Tash Sr. to Shahrose Saleem, $225,000.

74 Culpepper Ave.; Heiderose S. Minter, devisee to Alfredo Treto, $170,500.

322 Grigg St.; Seward Properties LLC to Antonio J. Cousins, $155,000.

511 S Jefferson St.; Dominion Realty Services LLC to Monae Bell, $200,000.

2708 Oak Hill Road; Wilma A. Adams to Ramiro Guel Campos, $200,000.

2844 W Park Drive; Yolanda Tucker to Donald E. McWilliams Jr., $220,000.

1993 Ridgewood Drive; JR Property Investors LLC to Jose E. Valencia, $270,000.

1641 Varina Ave.; Ronald A. Walker to Doubleteam LLC, $170,000.

18 N West St.; Crystal L. Moore to Althea Palmer, $207,500.

131.3 acres; Shannon Hill Road LLC to Gilbert Lopez, $886,275.

2.08 acres; Harold S. Nash, heir to Kaitlyn Burton, $190,000.

31.5 acres; Russell Edward Holland to S&B Development Co. of Virginia Inc., $500,000.

2708 Ballsville Road, Powhatan; Rachel Sheppard to Albert L. Esch, $239,950.

3575 Huguenot Trail, Powhatan; Faye G. Barton to Michael Brian Gregory, $450,000.

Lot 31, Section B, Graceland; Mary E. Thomas to Raymond N. Gangluff Jr. Revocable Trust, $429,000.

2988 Maple Lake Terrace, Powhatan; Ridout Construction LLC to Jeffrey Lawrence Horton, $699,500.

2536 Mill Road, Powhatan; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Megan A. Enders, $931,000.

4435 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Jesse M. Jennette to Steven G. Mallory McEnheimer, $305,000.

2375 Red Lane Road, Powhatan; Tylor James Maxim to Kimberly Renee Vandegrift, $190,000.

5842 Trenholm Woods Drive, Powhatan; Scott W. Harrell to Adam Larkin Tapp, $339,000.

0.59 acres; Roy P. Gartman to Karen V. Lacy, $180,000.

20.342 acres; James E. Morris to Hunter M. Love, $640,000.

2811 Deer Run Drive, South Prince George; Virginia M. Willis to Richard A. McClenny, $355,000.

5717 Haley Lane, Prince George; Donna Battle Matthews to Leslie Madera Ward, $335,000.

Lots 38-42, Block 5, Jefferson Park; William Amos Watson to LHS Holdings LLC, $165,000.

2854 Meadowview Blvd., North Prince George; LGI Homes Virginia LLC to Ramonda Bailey, $355,900.

Parcel; Chappell Creek LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $1,407,000.

1350 Scotts Court, Prince George; Christopher Parker to Joe Fred Parham, $392,000.

1.03 acres; Katheryn L. Cook to Brandi M. Moore, $215,000.

386 acres; Elliott Sadler Investments LLC to KDABR-Farms LLC, $255,000.

15230 Cabin Point Road, Carson; Gilbert F. Falk III to Nicholas Colbert Catlin, $600,000.

6.841 acres; Wells Fargo Bank, trustee to Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, $1,100,000.

Lot 5, Holly Hills Townhomes; Sky Blue Homes LLC to Philippe Staib, $487,900.

4127 Prospect St., Unit 4B; HHHunt Quarterpath LLC to Joseph P. Addeo, $363,000.

Unit 281C, Patriot Lane Condominium; Max D. Zabriskie to Andrea Dorcy, $165,000.

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