May 22, 2024

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Property Transfers (12/13 to 12/31)

Dec. 13

Olympic Construction LLC to Tyler Scott Tays, Fair Vista Landing, $265,000

Ronnie D. Reynolds and Janet S. Reynolds to Jarred Michael Abney and Morgan Faith Abney, Tracts Madison Co., $120,000

William C. Eriksen and Sarah Eriksen to IBS (US) LLC, Tract US Highway 25, $508,200

Dec. 14

BOLT Development LLC to 6013 Atwood, LLC, Tract 7 Plat 22/135, $1,490,000

J & F Grant, LLC to Deborah Abernathy, Doves Landing, $254,900

Kyla Pike an Alan Pike to Aneta Kordas and Bogdan Kordas, Lot 1 Plat 30/185, $315,000

Dec. 15

Southern Investment LLC to David Joseph Lovings and Brenda Baldos Lovings, Ashby Addition, $165,000

Ronald A. Crepps and Rena M Creeps to Jeffery K. Ingram and Janice B. Ingram, Tract Madison Co., $10,000

St. Andrews Place Retirement Community, Inc. to Joseph I. Sanchez and Helen Sanchez, St. Andrews Place Condominiums, $251,000

William Dale Adams and Sandy Adams, Holiday Heights Subdivision, $435,000

Daniel L. Black, Darrell T. Bicknell by and through his Attorney Kyle Ray Bicknell, and Nancy Bicknell Bicknell by and through his Attorney Kyle Ray Bicknell to Carol Stutts Trustee of the James and Carol Stutts Revocable Trust, Lot 7A Plat 24/46, $37,000

Albert Lee Turner and Teresa Lynn Turner to Katie Danielle Schill, Country Estates, $225,000

Timothy Vanzant-Bailey and Jacqueline Vanzant to Phillip Dufour and Theresa A. Dufour, Creekside Village, $175,000

John P. Gillespie Revocable Trust to Phillip M. Hampton and Tommie J. Hampton, Tract 1 Plat 8/266, $600,000

Chuck Dewayne Alexander and Michelle Alexander to Teresa A. Webb, Tracts Madison Co., $182,000

Dec. 18

John Devere Builders, Inc. to Rollie W. Borwn, Fair Vista Landing, 4270,000

Joshua Gatton to William David King III and Wendy Marie King, Lower South Point, $260,000

Gregory L. Abney as Executor for the Estate of Kathleen Abney to Craig Scott danner and Christy dawn Danner, Burnells Homestead Estates, $299,000

Timothy W. Little and Mary C. Little to David T. Benton and Micaela A. Benton, Runyon Grove Acres, $395,000

Dec. 19

Louisa J. Whitaker to Ellen C. Kilgore and Andrew Kilgore, Lexington Heights Subdivision, $292,500

Lauren K. Wilburn and Anthony R. Wilburn to BHOMEKY, LLC, Tracts 5A and 5B Plat 26/421, $560,000

Bleed Blue Properties, LLC to Eric Payne, Holiday Heights Subdivision, $450,000

United Property Holdings, LLC to SGB8839, LLC, Arbor Woods Subdivision, $1,350,000

Kelsey Scenters and Adam Scenters to Michael W. Ballard, Parcel 1 Plat 31/137, $5,000

Dec. 20

Terry Hendricks and Kathy Hendricks to Angela Dawn Slone, bay Colony Subdivison, $390,000

A&R Contractors, LLC to Virginia Gay Ceesay and Ismaila Ceesay, Vineyard Estate, $359,000

Richard D. Williamson and Linda P. Williamson, Rhonda Henson, Sarah Rebecca Conn and Kyle Lee Conn, and Teddi Lynn Williamson to Eli C. Lakes and Cari Powell, Tract 13 D Plat 18/362, $35,000

Dec. 21

Doll Properties, LLC to Kenneth McQueen, Golden Leaf Condo, $200,000

Adrian P. Pippin and Miranda Pippin to Leathan Properties, LLC, Lexington Heights Subdivision, 4125,000

Brian E. Charles, Trustee of the Brian E. Charles Living Trust to Enterprise 777, LLC, Tract Madison Co., $30,000

Jordan Kyle Parker to Shirley Jean Jackson, Lot 20 Plat 21/315, $280,000

Property Relief Team, LLC to Right Place Rentals, LLC, Madison Hills Subdivision, $385,000

Dec. 22

Steven Miller Ford, Trustee of the Ameda Sparkman Irrevocable Trust to Richmond Edward Schneider and Kwilah Odette Schneider, Tracts 1 & 2 Plat 9/113, $350,000

Paula Cole to Jordan Parker and Tabatha Burns, Tract Madison Co., $399,000

Ashley N. Stamper to Tracy Scott Carter, Tracts US 25, $22,000

Louise Isaacs to Karen Coleman, Tract Madison Co., $202,000

Eli C. Lakes to Travis Strange and Lori Strange, Tract Madison Co., $35,000

Advanced Roofing & Construction, Inc. to Landon Switzer, Sycamore Park at Golden Leaf, $310,000

Lawrence Daniel Smith and Jennifer Christene Smith, Lakewood Estates, $294,000

Denise N. Carter, Administratrix for and on behalf of the estate of Christine A. Carter, to GC Interiors, LLC, Tracts Madison Co., $250,000

AW Enterprise, LLC to Vincent Ross Reynolds, J H Powell Addition, $25,000

Hameed I. Koury and Larilynn L. Koury to Jerry Foster and Vicki Foster, Grey Oaks Subdivision, $100,000

Jade Rental, LLC to Ballinger’s Apartments, LLC, Tracts Madison Co., $1,430,000

Jade Rental, LLC to Gemstone Apartments, LLC, Tracts Madison Co., $1,465,000

Stephanie J. Whitaker and Jason L. Whitaker to Alice Rice, Creekside Subdivision, $324,000

Thomas Ryan Floyd and Thomas Ryan Floyd in his capacity as Successor Trustee for and on behalf of the Norris Family Trust to Cody Marshall, Tract Madison Co., $270,000

Dec. 27

Andrew Lieffring and Jenna Liefring to Jennifer D. Mink, Boone Village, $249,500

William Dale Adams and Sandy Adams to Bleed Blue Properties, LLC, Tract Madison Co., $226,000

Realty World-Adams & Associates, Inc. to Bleed Blue Properties, LLC, Adams Subdivision, $113,000

William Dale Adams and Sandy Adams to Bleed Blue Properties, LLC, Tract Madison Co., $115,000

Bleed Blue Properties, LLC to Right Place Rentrals, LLC, Tract Madison Co., $110,000

Bleed Blue Properties, LLC to Eric Payne, Tracts Madison Co., $360,000

Doris Gay Sanders to Gilbert Mullins, Edgewater Subdivision, $115,000

Farrell Hall and Norma Sue Hall to Michael Eugene Martin and Donna Marie Martin, Tracts Madison Co., $28,000

Houghton Homes, LLC to Stoney Creek Property Investments, LLC, Stoney Creek Subdivision, $1,035,000

Dec. 28

Ada L. Pyatt to Kiracofe, LLC, Heritage Place Subdivision, $282,000

Whitney Abriana Daugherty to Holey Alexander Spurlin, Bush Bottom Estates, $234,900

Shona C. Clemmons and Jose Miguel Torres to Danny Taylor, Lower South Pointe Subdivision, $250,000

Christopher Michael Ramsey, Trustee of the Katherine Ramsey Irrevocable Trust to Kelli Patrick, Monticello Acres, $297,000

Premier real Estate, LLC to DLC Rentals, LLC, Richmond Business Center, $40,000

Zachary Lee and Ciara Lee to Cynthia Boynton and Tyler Boynton-Richardson, Bush Bottom Estates, $235,000

Kimberly Ann Tate and Thomas Tate to Cherith E. Duggan and John J. Duggan, Tract 1 Plat 30/392, $192,500

Houghton Homes, LLC to Alma D. Chavez, Christain Eloy Torres, and Heidi Calderon, Bentwood Trace Subdivision, $353,900

Kyla Pike and Alan Sherman Pike to Agata Anita Komosa, Lot 2 Plat 30/185, $328,000

Jordan Lane Hays and McKenzie Hays to Hillary Shepherd and Cody Shepherd, Tract Madison Co., $80,000

Nelson Anglin and Abby Anglin to Hershel Anglin and Etta Anglin, Tract Madison Co., $5,000

Frances Grant King, Jessie L. King and Peggy King to Anthony Wayne Estep and Bethany Carol Estep, Tracts Madison Co., $150,000

Estate of Carl carpenter by and through Charles E. Carpenter to Keith Carpenter and Rhonda Carpenter, Tracts Madison Co., $250,000

Jason S. Wilson, Executor of the Estate of Dovie Estes Ballard to Central KY Land Mulching, LLC, Natures Nest Subdivision, $198,500

Linda Kelly Taylor and Gary Lee Taylor to Karon Anne McKinney and Jason Schachter McKinney, Meadowlark Subdivision, $150,000

Dec. 29

Anita L. Kelley to Logan I. Davis, Tracts Plat 1/125, $100,000

Chuck Dewayne Alexander and Michelle Alexander to Albert Landon Barrett and Kimberly Layne Barrett, Tract Madison Co., $140,000

Blue Willow Property Group, LLC to Steven Edward Smith, Boones Trace, $43,000

Candace M. Coyle to Hana Haggard and Christopher Ryan Haggard, Indigo run Subdivision, $537,000

Barbara Dennis to Diversified Investments, LLC, Lots Moberly Road, $115,000

Diversified Investments, LLC to Saborit Real Estate Group, LLC, Lots Moberly Road, $165,000

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