April 22, 2024

Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed Dec. 15-22 – Shaw Local

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Donald K. Jevne to David L. and Lori A. Snow, 126 E. Main St., Morrison, $30,000.

Scott M. Snyder to Curtis J. Snyder, two parcels on Rock Road, Fenton, $365,625.

Kenneth A. and Carol S. Stralow to Ken’s Place LLC, 649 W. Lincolnway, Morrison, $0.

Lloyd E. Card Estate, Stephen L. Card, Kay M. Armoska and Karen L. Shulte to Donald Hoefke II, 216 Ave. E, Rock Falls, $62,500.

Eric Karl, Mark L., Gregory, and Mervin J. Zeigler, Sandra J. Zeigler Estate, Kathleen Jo Mitchem, Carol R. Lindstrom, Patricia A. Zalewski and Michael J. Haberer to Mark L. and Alissa S. Zeigler, 20471 Hoover Road, Sterling, $348,400.

Fieldstone LTD and Ronald G. Gerken Trust to Gary L. and Kathryn J. Sandrock, six parcels in Montmorency Township, $1,684,800.

Fieldstone LTD to Ronald G. Gerken Trust, nine parcels on Riverview Drive, Rock Falls, $954,546.

Patch Properties LLC to Gage Burrow, 809 E. Second St., Sterling, $77,000.

Charles A. Davis Jr. to Nicole Pachniak, 24075 Kane Drive, Sterling, $161,900.

Peggy S. and John L. Witherow to Zachary and Chelsey Muntean, 1008 Parkview Drive, Rock Falls, $182,000.

Zachary and Chelsey Muntean to Debra L. Patterson, 2203 22nd Ave., Sterling, $115,000.

Francisco Javier Pedroza Flores, Maria Delapaz Alcaraz and Pablo Flores Esparza to Gandolfa Montes, 606 W. Ninth St., Sterling, $132,000.

612 W. St. Mary’s Street LLC to Allure of Sterling Property LLC, 612 23rd St. and 612 W. St. Mary’s St., Sterling (Allure of Sterling), $7.8 million.

Eucharice Chris Lehman to Joy A., Randal D. and Holly Nelson, 1403 Prophet Road, Rock Falls, $0.

Kevin L. and Patti A. Stier, Phillip T. Peugh and Amber L. Milby, now Peugh, to Joshua Gipson and Stacie Cantrell, 304 Thomas St., Rock Falls, $178,000.

Rian and Amanda Nailor to Tyler C. Thompson, 28053 Buena Vista Drive, Rock Falls, $236,900.

Roy D. Clay to Jennifer Carskaden, 1905 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $77,500.

Evelyn Stingley to Connie S. Decker, 11716 Harvey Road, Morrison, $135,000.

Arla B. Morrow to Jean and Russell Black, 702 Valley View Drive, Fulton, $247,500.

Antony L. and June L. Parks to Bryan Ponce Cuiriz, 710 11th Ave., Rock Falls, $119,000.

Richard G. Barajas and Jeannette C. Galindo, formerly Barajas, to Daniel and Chelsea Thomas, 1818 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $222,000.

Terry L. Hansen to Joshua L. and Amanda L. Burger, 405 W. Sixth St., Prophetstown, $21,500.

Debra A. Brockman Estate to Cody Woodyatt, 25131 Front St., Sterling, $150,000.

Trustees deeds

Beverly J. Beattie Trust and Living Trust and Samuel W. Beattie Family Trust and Living Trust, Debra A. Paul and Peggy L. Peugh, trustees, to Phillip T. and Amber L. Peugh, 505 Humber Lane, Rock Falls, $315,000.

Keith W. Benson Jr. Trust, John R. and Keith W. Benson III, trustees, to Juan Manuel Ibarra Jr., 309 W. 16th St., Sterling, $290,000.

Margaret M. Hicks Living Trust, Marilyn M. Roselieb, trustee, to Rita Vanraalte, 2070 Banks Road, Erie, $79,000.


Whiteside County sheriff, Kristen Marie Bauser, formerly Grubbs, William A. Bauser, Illinois Housing Development, Capital One Bank, and Calvary SPVI LLC to Kevin J. Carroll, 1509 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $27,000.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Timothy J. Goral to Luke T. Millard, 1209 Fargo Ave., Dixon, $120,000.

Thaddeus J. and Michelle J. Kash to Magdalena Rodriguez Najera and Russell George and Ines Radejefski, block 19, lot 1, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $16,000.

Cody Hubrich and Lauren McLernon to Ruth Margaret Mather, block 2, lot 265, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $15,000.

Alexander C., Theresa L., Lamonte M. and Zoe Allison Fowler to Alejandra Barrios, block 5, lot 80, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,500.

Leesman Family Properties LLC to Kim and Lisa Buckingham, two parcels of farmland in Harmon Township, $10,000.

Carlos and Fabiola Rodriguez to Jaden C. Dahlstrom, 736 E. Third St., Dixon, $180,000.

Richard W. and Shirley K. Pratt to Steve Krick, 836 N. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $0.

Timothy and Heidi Grosnick to Caroline Elaine and Tyler Paul Lathrop, 646 Second Ave., Dixon, $150,000.

Scott Schafer, Corinne Griffith, Mary B. Schafer, Sharon Doner and Elizabeth Stover to Michael R. and Susan K. Pratt, 1481 Rockyford Road, Franklin Grove, $2,788,500.

Bonnie L. Wood to Mark R. Appelquist, one parcel of farmland in Nachusa Township, $0.

Barnadine I. Gerdes, Carol Peterson, Shirley Celletti and Connie and David E. Gerdes to Jake R. Kastner, one parcel in Dixon Township, $165,000.

Chancellor A. and Danielle R. Torrez to Matthew and Abigail Wolf, 258 Cambridge Court, Dixon, $255,000.

Carol J. Beck to Kristin A. Keegan, 1017 N. Dement Ave., Dixon, $110,000.

Dixon Land Group LLC to Dixon Lodging LLC, 1755 Fulfs Lane, Dixon, $350,000.

Leland Farmers Co. to Schlesinger Ag LLC, five parcels of improved commercial land in Wyoming Township, $0.

Matthew A. and Abigail A. Wolf to Michelle R. Mayfield, 1012 Avery Ave., Dixon, $133,000.

Quit claim deeds

Brandy L. Huber to John A. Glavac, 306 Main St., Steward, $0.

Cheryl A. Johnson to Michael D. Johnson, Dana M. Considine, administrator, one parcel in Wyoming Township, $0.

Trustees deeds

Marilyn A. Huffman Trust, Marilyn A. Huffman, trustee, to Joseph A. and Myra L. Walls, 1121 Johnson Ave., Dixon, $179,900.

Alberta A. Nusbaum Revocable Trust, Mark E. Nusbaum, trustee, to Janet K. Mansfield, 220 E. Boyd St., Dixon, $0.

Kathryn Gaskill Trust, Kathryn Gaskill, trustee, to Matthew L. and Savanna Egan Porter, one parcel of farmland in Palmyra Township, $598,000.

Amerimark Trust No. 04-538, Albany Bank and Trust Co., trustee, to Douglas B. Walksler Trust 2023, Douglas B. Walksler, trustee, two parcels of farmland in May Township, $115,000.

Trust No. 15960, Harris NA and Amcore Bank NA, trustees, and North Star Trust Co., Chicago Title Land Trust Co., trustee, to Kreider Services Inc., 303 S. Peoria Ave., Dixon, $115,000.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

The late Thomas L. Hill by heirs to Jason P. and Candace Hill, 1901 Squires Landing, Rochelle, $250,000.

Margaret A. Smith to Amy A. Otten and Thomas J. Grace, 415 W. Fourth St., Byron, $150,000.

Brian K. and Kelly P. Duncan to BIF Land Inc., 15983 W. U.S. route 52, Polo, $2,363,897.

Newrez LLC and Shell Point Mortgage Servicing to Timothy Hayden, 825 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $87,400.

Aaron J. and Siera M. Wetzel to Steven E. Smith, 502-504 N. Woodland Drive, Dixon, $240,000.

Rick W. and Terese M. McKnight to Nathan Ocker, 102 W. Main St., Davis Junction, $180,000

Zachary A. Freeman to Gracie E. Young, 110-112 N. Hickory Lane, Dixon, $94,000.

Donald and Sarah Florian and Rick and Elizabeth Buck to Kendal M. and George F. Justice III, 3271 N. Silver Ridge Drive, Oregon, $349,000.

Evelina Q. Troike to Eric Ruchti, 200 S. Third St., Oregon, $160,000.

Tiffany Marie Tibben to Asa J. and Angela S. Derstine, 5108 S. Hidden Heights Road, Oregon, $207,000.

Trent R. and Kayla L. Metzger to Allen Cox, two parcels on Clara Ave., Rochelle, $40,000.

Melanie A. Howells to Steven Sims, 411 S. Sixth St., Oregon, $175,000.

Michael G. Beeter to Double L. Trust 1293, Tex and Peggy A. Bellows, trustees, 1975 S. Lowell Park Road, Oregon, $10,000.

Kimberly Donovan Ray to Darrell R. Donovan, 625 N. Allison Circle, Byron, $0.

Contry Homes Group LLC to Juan Carlos and Jessica L. Munoz Gonzales, 723 Oxford Drive, Byron, $293,880.

Duane and Shirley Bartelt to Norman D. and Edna S. Tangerose, 15559 W. Milledgeville Road, Polo, $239,100.

James D. and Beverly D. Hodge to Olivia Lavonne Weaver, 504 N. Fourth St., Oregon, $95,000.

Quit claim deeds

Edgar Mascorro Galvan to Olivia Galvan Gonzalez, 1001 N. Seventh St., Rochelle, $0.

Amy Adams, Brian Buddinger and Kate Laird to Eugene E. Buddinger, 1221 Crest Lane, Rochelle, $0.

Village of Davis Junction to Habitat for Humanity of Ogle County Inc., 117 Prairie Moon Drive, Davis Junction, $0.

Trustees deeds

Helen J. Toms Trust 102, Marvin L. and Irvin L. Toms and Anita L. Wetzbarger, trustees, to Brian K. and Kelly P. Duncan, 15983 W. U.S. route 52, Polo, $2,505,994.

Leroy E. Toms Trust 101, Martin L. Toms, trustee, to Helen J. Toms Trust 102, Marvin L. and Irvin L. Toms and Anita L. Wetzbarger, trustees, 15983 W. U.S. route 52, Polo, $0.

Lentz Land Trust 2013, Ronald Leo and Julianne Lentz, trustees, to Justin Wood, 8752 N. Perryville Road, Davis Junction, $275,000.

Jon R. Wolf Living Trust, Jon R. Wolf, trustee, to Brian and Kelly Duncan, one parcel in Buffalo Township, $225,000.

Karen Lea Peterson Trust 102 and Larry Clark Peterson Trust 101, Karen Lea and Larry Clark Peterson trustees, to Gretna Properties LLC, 515 N. Sixth St., Rochelle, $225,000.

Executors deeds

Estate of Mary L. Spencer by executor to Jesus Valdez Barraza, 1061 Meadow Lane, Rochelle, $175,000.

Estate of Deborah A. Jaeger by executor to Amanda and Robert Welter, 1405 Crest Lane, Rochelle, $191,000.

Sheriff’s deed

James D. Ratledge, Michelle R. Collins and Ogle County sheriff to First State Bank of Shannon-Polo, 405 E. Mason St., Polo, $0.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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