February 29, 2024

Property tax bills for Kentucky seniors would be frozen under SB 23

A constitutional amendment that would prevent property tax increases for Kentucky homeowners who are 65 years old and older could be on the November ballot. 

Senate Bill 23 is a constitutional amendment that is meant to help Kentucky seniors who are struggling with rising tax bills on their homes by freezing the property values of their homes for tax purposes once they turn 65. The bill passed the Senate on a 31-3 vote Monday afternoon.

Sen. Michael Nemes, R-Shepherdsville, is the bill’s primary sponsor.

Sen. Phillip Wheeler, R-Pikeville, spoke in support of the bill and said it’s supposed to benefit the elderly population.

“The purpose of this amendment is clearly to provide relief to those who can least afford a property tax increase,” Wheeler said.

Sen. Karen Berg, D-Louisville, was the only senator who abstained from voting, saying she couldn’t vote yes on a bill that “she could personally gain from.”

Sen. Matthew Deenen, R-Elizabethtown, pointed out though that the bill benefits all of society instead of just the senators and said it isn’t wrong to vote for it. Turner also said he wanted to clarify that the bill won’t let anyone get by without paying property taxes. He said instead homeowners will pay the tax that’s owed on the value of their home when they turn 65 and will continue to stay at that value.

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