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PROPERTY BROTHERS’ Drew Scott Reveals Son’s Nursery

Published: December 28, 2023

Photo from Drew Scott’s Instagram

PROPERTY BROTHERS’ Drew Scott Reveals Son’s Charming Nursery

By Movieguide® Contributor

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PROPERTY BROTHERS’ Drew Scott just shared a glimpse into his son Parker’s nursery. 

In an Instagram post, Scott’s wife, Linda Phan, sits in a wide arch with a smile. The caption reads, “Date nights lately.”

“In the background of the photo, Parker’s adorable wardrobe and colorful collection of toys were on display,” Closer reported. “The unique seat is actually part of a small jungle gym that Drew, 45, and Linda, 38, installed for their son. The pieces come apart and can be put back together easily, allowing Parker to play and climb around the room whenever he wants.”

A similar set can be found here.

Scott previously shared a video of toys they placed in Parker’s nursery, including a special stuffed bear and bird that were Scott’s own childhood toys. 

He also shared a video of Parker’s crib, which belonged to him and his brother Jonathon as infants. 

“Can you imagine that Jonathan and I were both in it together at the same time?” Scott asked Phan. “I have pictures of me and Jonathan as babies in this. I think it would be really cool to get our baby in that and send it to Mom and Dad.”

The recent photo also shows Phan pressing her hands on her belly. Fans have speculated that it is a hint that the couple may be expecting baby No. 2. 

Movieguide previously reported on the brothers’ animated children’s show, BUILDER BROTHERS’ DREAM FACTORY: 

‘The brothers’ positive focus on family and family dynamics is important for Latin American audiences,’ she added. ‘Property Brothers‘ down-to-earth and humble approach to what can traditionally be a stressful process inspires people to believe they can do it.’

Carla de Jong, head of production at Sinking Ship Entertainment said, ‘The show also emphasizes the value of service to others and teamwork, and shows the characters as real kids who are vulnerable and unafraid to show how much they love each other.’

Do you think Drew and Linda should have another baby?

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