April 23, 2024

Neighbors provide list of concerns over Grand Strand Humane Society’s new property

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Neighbors from Waterside Drive in Myrtle Beach met with Santee Cooper CEO Jimmy Staton Friday morning to voice concerns about Grand Strand Humane Society’s new location.

Santee Cooper previously announced they would give the humane society 10 acres of land so that the organization could build a permanent home.


However, Waterside Drive residents voiced concerns that this would affect their quality of life with both short-term and long-term effects.

One neighbor, Regina Ward, who’s lived on the street for about a year said while the location may work for the humane society, it doesn’t work for the people who would reside near it.

“If everything is checking the box correctly then why not? Well obviously it backs up to a residential area and it is gonna impact the residents, it’s gonna impact the values of our properties, it’s going impact, really importantly, our peace and enjoyment of our own property,” Ward said.

The neighbors went into the meeting with a list of ‘expected nuisances’ which included barking dogs at all hours of the day and night, offensive smells of urine and feces, and people abandoning animals at the facility after hours among other things.

One of the neighbors, Carlis, emphasized a point that the residents all shared with Santee Cooper, they’re not against Santee Cooper giving the Humane Society land, they’re just against giving them the 10 acres near Waterside Drive homes.

“We’re not against the Humane Society, we are dog lovers, cat lovers too. We are against them putting it next to our houses,” Carlis said.

Ward said the group of neighbors pointed out other pieces of land owned by Santee Cooper that could be given to the humane society instead of the 10 acres currently being offered.

“We think that is a noble effort of theirs to try to help Grand Strand Humane Society so we pointed out in this meeting today,” Ward said. “This property we’re standing on today, there’s plenty of acreage for them to offer up property here for the same purpose.”

Santee Cooper spokesperson Tracy Vreeland told WMBF News the CEO has to think about the information he heard in the meeting before any decisions are made. She also told WMBF News a decision may not be made until the State Joint Board Review Committee meets in March.

We reached out to Grand Strand Humane Society several times to hear their thoughts on the meeting but received no response.

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