February 25, 2024

Mayor steps in after Hallandale property manager threatens residents’ legal security camera

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. – A Broward County woman says she is living in fear and claims she is the target of an out of control property manager.

The latest incident sent her to the hospital, and it was all caught on camera.

Video shows property manager Isabelle Brassard-Jobin smashing Natalia Williams’ camera right off the top of her accordion shutter.

It happened at Building V in Rolen Lake Gardens in Hallandale Beach.

The incident was the second camera Williams has put up.

The first camera was attached to the outside wall of her apartment building. It had been there since 2022.

Williams claims, recently, her property manager cut the cord, removed it and took it.

Williams was warned nothing can be affixed to the outside wall of the building, so she placed a new camera on her accordion shutter that she paid for.

Police showed up and said the camera can stay on the shutter, but the property manager still threatened to come with a worker and remove it.

Officers are seen on video saying if anyone did, they would be arrested for theft.

The incident caused Williams to have a panic attack. She was taken to the hospital.

“My blood pressure was so high,” she said. “That day was just a horrible day.”

There are 18 buildings in Rolen Lake Gardens and there are cameras placed by residents on almost every one of them, including the property manager’s office.

Williams believes this is all retaliation because it was her camera that caught the then-building president, Larry Reinfeld, confronting another female resident in Building V.

Reinfeld was forced to resign after Local 10 News aired that video last year.

He’s since been arrested for allegedly leaving a drawing of a gun on the doorstep of another female resident that has a restraining order against him.

For Williams, the camera is peace of mind.

“That camera is to protect me,” she said. “This camera is a security camera. Who would want a security camera to come down?”

Local 10 News’ Jeff Weinsier attempted to speak to Brassard-Jobin about the situation.

“I wanted to talk to you about some video of you pulling down (a camera),” Weinsier began.

“I don’t have any comments,” replied Brassard-Jobin.

“Why are you pulling down her camera when there are cameras all over the place here?” asked Weinseir.

“These are different entities and they are governed by different board members,” Brassard-Jobin said. “They have their own rules.”

“You’re taking her camera down and no one else’s?” asked Weinsier.

“Our attorney said we could,” Brassard-Jobin said.

“But the police told you whoever takes the camera down is going to be arrested,” Weinsier said.

“He will take this up with our lawyer because we are now talking this to civil court,” said Brassard-Jobin.

“Why not let he have the camera to protect herself?” asked Weinsier. “It’s really bothering you that much?”

“I have no personal comment and I have no opinion,” said Brassard-Jobin.

“So she can’t have a camera on top of her accordion shutter?” asked Weinsier.

“Let me take care of the customer thank you so much,” Brassard-Jobin said as she closed the door on Weinsier.

The issue has since reached the office of the mayor of Hallandale Beach.

Mayor Joy Cooper has written a letter in support of the camera and a restraining order Williams has filed against the former building president and her property manager.

“We as a city can’t get too engaged in civil disputes,” said Cooper. “To me, level heads need to prevail. Cameras are security measures. They are here to stay.”

Williams said her camera, mounted on her shutter, is not coming down.

“All I want is peace,” she said. “From when I got here, I haven’t had any peace at all.”

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