April 22, 2024

Letters: Federal oversight | Property crime

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Feds must step in to
oversee PG&E, CPUC

Re: “PG&E monthly bills poised to top $300” (Page B1, Jan. 9).

Now is the time for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to review the actions of the CPUC and PG&E.

The feds are the check-and-balance when the governor, state politicians and CPUC fail in their oversight of the PG&E monopoly.

The question is why can’t PG&E match Southern California Edison in delivering power in dryer conditions, at lower rates and without sparking fires?

Why can PG&E funnel our hard-earned money to advertising, lobbyists and politicians’ campaigns, paying fire fines, giving top salaries and retirement to its executives, and awarding some CPUC members with lucrative contracts with PG&E after their terms?

The feds need to make PG&E accountable to the citizens of California instead of to its shareholders on the New York Stock Exchange.

Ask your members of Congress to investigate, and when you see a PG&E line crew, thank them for risking their lives for us.

Curtis Panasuk
San Jose

Property crime is
everyone’s concern

Re: “Proposition 47 helped reform state’s criminal justice system” (Page A8, Jan. 7).

Regarding Proposition 47’s goal of reducing incarceration, by lumping together crimes of petty theft and possession of drugs for personal use, Tinisch Hollins’ opinion piece masks crucial distinctions about their societal impact.

One crime (drug possession) harms the person committing it. The other crime (theft) harms innocent victims. It is this harm to innocent victims that is driving the decline of so many of our urban areas. This is also why it’s not just the “powerful law enforcement interests” she cites that care about the increase in property crime; it’s most of us who care.

Brian Suckow
Palo Alto

Newsom sold out
solar to special interests

Re: “Rooftop-solar firms struggle” (Page A1, Jan. 10).

Shame on Gov. Newsom for letting his regulators on the California Public Utilities Commission send rooftop solar off a cliff. Thank you for highlighting the connection between this tragic turn of events and labor bosses and their “Big Green” sycophants like Earthjustice. Shame on them as well.

Please remember that more than 600 nonprofits, cities, schools, citizens and businesses pleaded with Gov. Newsom to not slash rooftop solar. He caved to his utility and labor benefactors anyway. What a disgrace.

Rebecca Elliot
San Jose

Defense chief fiasco
shameful for Biden

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