February 23, 2024

Homeowners can’t challenge property taxes. Ohio auditors must do more

Property values in Hamilton County jumped 28% based on the latest tax reappraisals. That includes both commercial and residential. Residential values alone jumped 34%.

Owners can challenge property values, but not the taxes

I appreciate Ohio Auditor Keith Faber highlighting in a guest opinion column published in The Dispatch last week that property owners should check their new property value and file a complaint with their county board of revision by April 1 if they disagree with the value. However, he didn’t explain that taxes cannot be directly challenged since they are set based on levies voters have approved and on state law.

Auditor Faber also failed to mention that when he was a state senator, he voted to raise property taxes, including limiting eligibility and the benefit amount of the Homestead Exemption. He also voted to strip rollbacks from new levies and slashed state funds for local government, which, in turn, increased reliance on property taxes for critical services.

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