March 5, 2024

Holmes, Wayne sale prices range from $10K-$895K

Holmes County

Berlin Township − Gingland LTD to The Carter Jones Lumber Co., 0.18 acre, state Route 39, $10,000.

Daniel and Clara Gingerich to The Carter Jones Lumber Co., 0.4 acre, state Route 39, $35,000.

Edward and Esta Raber to Noah A. and Ariana Mae Yoder, 3 acres, Township Road 362, $12,000.

Kurt T. Garver and Renee Omran to Mark A. and Rita K. Miller, 5567 Northridge Drive, $350,000.

Roy A. and Martha R. Schlabach to Japeth Keim, 5730 Township Road 351, $305,000.

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