April 22, 2024

Bethel Installs New Systems To Combat Property And Mortgage Fraud

BETHEL, CT — Town officials have upgraded Bethel’s property records software in an effort to combat property and mortgage fraud.

Residents who sign up for the free service may receive notifications when official documents are recorded on their property. These alerts, powered by Cott Systems’ PropertyCheck, can be triggered based on a resident’s name or address.


“Property fraud can occur if someone forges your identity, transfers your property into their name, and records the document,” Bethel Town Clerk Lisa Bergh said in a statement released Thursday.

The transfer of ownership records can occur unbeknownst to the true property owner, according to Bergh.

Residents interested in signing up for the service must create a free account on the Cott Systems’ RECORDhub website, and choose their preference for either email or text message alerts.

“It’s also a good idea to set up multiple alerts based on first, middle and last name variations and your spouse’s name, to be sure that an alert will be triggered in case a recording happens with some kind of slight variation,” according to Paul Fetters, the product implementation specialist at Cott Systems.

The Town of Bethel has never received a fraudulent deed, and the implementation of the new, free and voluntary alert system is meant to provide residents with the peace of mind that comes with an even higher level of security, according to Bergh.

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