April 22, 2024

Ashland County Property Transfers from December 2023

ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office from Nov. 28 to Dec. 19.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


939 Virginia Ave., Ashland; Janet Lee Nalley to Lucas Rose LLC; $46,000.

881 Avalon Drive, Ashland; P. Louise Farmers to John and Terry Sammons; $146,000.

852 Hoover Drive, Ashland; Donna Marie Coe to Trevor Luke and Melanie Rebecca Kline; $250,000.

911 Masters Ave., Ashland; Priscilla J. Gordon to Holt Property Investments LLC; $113,300.

1063 Deer Crossing, Ashland; James H. Prinz to Antonio G. Manocchio; $200,000.

914 Thomas Drive, Ashland; Carolyn D. Brown to Jonathan A. and Kori D. Chandler; $305,000.

Vacant lots 3201 and 3202 along Columbus Circle North, Ashland; Peter J. and Linda E. Cuzzolini to Mark and Paige McFadden; $40,000.

425 Bank St., Ashland; TBC Realty LLC to NE Ohio Capital LLC; $276,000.

1527 Southwood Drive, Ashland; Leonard S. Parsons to Michael L. Bryant and Shannon Lyn Reichert; $228,000.

105 Sherman Ave., Ashland; Tina Kiplinger to Lois O’Hall; $90,000.

37 East Eighth St., Ashland; Linda S. Thomas to Dowdell Properties LLC; $155,000.

405 Virginia Ave., Ashland; Justin Pyanowski to Matthew Beck and Bailey Warren; $76,000.

225 West Fourth St., Ashland; Ashland County Land Reutilization Corporation to Benjamin T. and Alyssa Nicolle Margaret Clark; $500.

Vacant land on Abbie Lane, Ashland; Brandon J. and Tiffany M. Lotridge to Gregory S. and Cynthia A. Boggs; $5,600.

1011 Smith Road, Ashland; James C. and Tracy J. Strahsburg to Jeremy D. and Cassie Buckles; $186,500.

1020 Columbus Circle South, Ashland; Nancy L. Walker to Connor A. Black; $200,000.

1610 Orange Road, Ashland; Melissa M. McCormic to A.D.A. Homes LLC; $44,900.

417 Luther St., Ashland; JJ Funk Rentals LLC to Sarah M. Goodwill Hmphrey and Micah James Daniel Humphrey; $125,000.

708 Smith Road, Ashland; Sandra K. Donelson to GSD LLC; $120,000.

957 Winthrop Lane, Ashland; Ellen A. Hughes, Kathy F. Eft and Sally L. South to EMMOVENTURES Ltd.; $99,000.

201 West Washington St., Ashland; Jennifer D. Wood to Gregory A. Applegate, $124,700.

425 Arthur St., Ashland; Billy and Tarah Christian to Stephen and Cassidy Bacon; $145,000.

2378 Magnolia Drive, Ashland; Harvey N. and Beverly J. Young to Brian D. and Bonnie S. Schulties; $309,000.

Vacant land along Stone Brook Circle, Ashland; Sharlene A. Sprinkle to Kevin and Sharon Jeffries; $40,000.

11 East Eighth St., Ashland; Duane E. and Karen J. Weaver to Derek Harper; $118,800.

Bailey Lakes Village

Clear Creek Township 

Green Township

0 State Route 60, Loudonville; Aaron M. Miller to Keith and Christine Strother; $92,500.

2349 County Road 2175, Perrysville; The Estate of Larry E. McClure to Travis Karper; $70,000.

Hanover Township

3226 State Route 3, Loudonville; Estate of Larry P. Rogers to Shawn R. Burkhart; $33,760.

800 South Market St., Loudonville; Cot Pizza RE LLC to TALC LLC; $858,389.

330 South Market St., Loudonville; Eva M. Brentlinger to Richland Home Buyers LLC; $71,600.

51 acres along Township Road 629, Loudonville; Ervin and Ada Miller to Aquy LLC; $420,000.

3183 County Road 3175, Loudonville; Jeannine Basinger to Ashland Destinations LLC; $319,000.

Hayesville Village

Jackson Township 

3333 Acumianta Drive, West Salem; John M. Sweany to Robby Stalnaker; $380,000.

4145 Cedar Lane, West Salem; Ronnie and Pamela Brown to Karl W. and Pamela L. Hagelin; $350,000.

4035 Cinnamon Drive North, West Salem; Cody L. Darr to Bunny Ngeth; $299,000.

3156 Curaso Drive, West Salem; Wendy Jean and Dean Vernon McKinley to Lacie Martin and Dane Matthews; $199,000.


Lake Township

3.3 acres of vacant property along State Route 179, Loudonville; Marlin N. and Barbara Ann Beachy to Elsie M. Beachy; $44,200.


334 North Spring St., Loudonville; Andrew N. Durniat to Carolyn J. Book; $154,500.

330 South Mount Vernon Road, Lot 1079, Loudonville; Jeffery To. and Patricia J. Strouse to Matthew J. and Elizabeth J. Troyer; $33,500.

Mifflin Township

223 Yacht Point Drive, Lucas; Mark Krichbaum to Julie and Albert J. Miller; $200,000.

Milton Township

1216 Milton Township Road 1153, Ashland; The Haley Living Trust to Hunter W. Krebs and Erica R. Strong; $294,000.

1551 Township Road 1152, Ashland; Guy W. and Deborah A. Keener to Hawke Acres LLC; $350,000.

1177 Township Road 1186, Ashland; Nikki Cline to Noah N. and Mary A. Garber; $280,000.

Mohican Township 

32.5 acres of vacant land along County Road 1975, Jeromesville; JR ME LLC to LAM Estates LLC; $346,775.

35.9 acres along County Road 175, Jeromesville; JR ME LLC to Chester and Grace Burkholder; $207,900.

Montgomery Township 

1569 State Route 60, Ashland; Barbara A. Kirkbride to Steven M., Patricia A. and Joan M. Douglas; $266,000.

667 Township Road 1275, Ashland; Mark A. McQuate to Cathy S. Sholl; $240,000.

Orange Township 

583 Township Road 902, Polk; Derick Michael and Natasha Ann Kimmell to Patrick L. and Judy A. Smith; $315,000.

895 Township Road 754, Ashland; David K. Parks to Amy L. Stentz; $35,000.

792 County Road 620, Ashland; Johnathon D. and Sarah C. Powell to Diane Knabenshue; $169,000.

Three vacant parcels along State Route 302, Ashland; Richard K. Powell to Seth Buriss and Dominique Schultz; $110,000.

Perry Township

Perrysville Village

148 Pleasant St. East, Perrysville; Carol A. Secoy to The Village of Perrysville; $30,000.

Polk Village

Ruggles Township

Savannah Village

Sullivan Township

232 Township Road 481, Sullivan; Amber N. Pitz-Lachance, Melissa Y. Petrishin and Joshua G. Pitz-Lachance to Rhonda J. Penn; $137,500.

2.9 acres of vacant land along Township Road 350, Sullivan; Everett G. Plesz to Joseph and Saloma Gingerich; $27,700.

Troy Township

834 County Road 500, Ashland; Stacy Marie Koch to Christopher Beat; $180,000.

Vermillion Township

695 Township Roa 1904, Ashland; Hayesville Village Park LLC to DenBrad Holdings LLC; $700,000.

25 College St., Ashland; Joseph Edward Emanuel to Penton Properties LLC; $75,000.

2055 State Route 511, Perrysville; David J. and Ann Marie Tomchak to Clay M. Leibolt; $977,000.

Vacant land along Township Road 905, Perrysville; Sonya M. Morse to Joseph R. and Cara M. Grabowski; $8,000.

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