May 20, 2024

Arsonist continues to set cars, flags and other property on fire in Fort Collins: “It’s frightening”

A community in northern Fort Collins is on edge after a series of fires have come close to burning homes while residents are inside asleep. 

Residents in the Timbervine neighborhood, located north of Mulberry Street in Fort Collins, say they have had a series of arsons in recent days that have caused cars to explode and homes to come near burning.

Fort Collins Police confirm the neighborhood has had an issue with graffiti and small fires since late October of 2023. However, since the new year, at least three vehicles have been torched and several other property items burned by what appears to be a male arsonist.


Security video from nearby homes caught the suspect in action. In one clip he is seen going onto someone’s property to light their flags on fire. This was not the first time the suspect burned flags in the neighborhood that were attached to a residence.

The doorbell video shows the suspect lighting the flag on fire and then walking away. He takes the time to turn back and look at the fire he started, a fire which was burning only feet away from bedroom windows.

Just one night later another fire caused one car to explode in the driveway of a home just doors away. The owner of the vehicle told CBS News Colorado his daughter was home visiting and awoke to find her car engulfed in flames in the middle of the night.


While it isn’t clear whether or not there is just one suspect in the series of fires, some residents fear it is one individual who is terrorizing the community.

“It has been a few nights in a row now, he has just been trolling the neighborhood,” one resident who wished not to be identified said.

Every resident CBS News Colorado’s Dillon Thomas spoke with on Thursday declined to go on camera for an interview, each citing their concerns that the suspect or suspects would target them next.

However, all said they were deeply concerned for their own family’s property and safety.

“It is frightening. Being a mom with kids, knowing someone is out on the loose harming our neighborhood. This is our neighborhood, this is our safety. It has been very concerning,” one resident said.

Some residents in the neighborhood have came together to collect a reward offer for any information leading to an arrest. So far more than $2,000 has been pledged.

A spokesperson for Fort Collins Police said they have teamed up with the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office to try and locate the suspect or suspects.

One family had two vehicles burn in a morning fire on Thursday. Residents told Thomas there were seven people in the home at the time.

Fort Collins Police Department

Some say they want the suspect or suspects arrested not only to give them peace of mind, but also to make sure those responsible are given treatment.

“It’s not that he is just starting fire, he is mentally unstable. I just want him to get the help he needs on a personal level,” one resident said. “It is frightening. It is extremely scary. These are our lives that someone is having fun with. It is extremely disappointing and scary.”

The community is planning on meeting with law enforcement and elected officials in Fort Collins on Friday evening.

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