April 24, 2024

Arapahoe County says property tax bills coming late while deadlines remain the same

AURORA | Arapahoe County says the property tax relief law passed by Colorado’s General Assembly after voters rejected Proposition HH means property owners will be getting their tax bills by mid-February rather than the end of January.

Regardless, the county says property owners will still have to pay by the previous deadlines to avoid owing interest.

“The Colorado Legislature kept the existing payment deadline to ensure that essential services provided by our special districts — including fire departments, school districts, health districts, hospitals and other public entities — continue to receive the necessary funding without interruption,” Arapahoe County treasurer Michael Westerberg said in a news release.

November’s property tax relief law lowered the taxable value of residential properties, meaning homeowners will pay less in property taxes. The change also delayed Arapahoe County’s certification of its tax rolls, which will cause tax bills to be mailed late.

For bills less than $25, the full amount of the taxes must be paid by April 30. For larger bills, taxpayers can either make one full payment by April 30, or two half-payments, with the first half due Feb. 29 and second half due June 15.
The county’s news release said tax information will be available online in early February at this link>  Treasurer. Questions for the County Treasurer’s Office can be submitted at www.arapahoegov.com or by emailing treasurer@arapahoegov.com or calling 303-795-4550

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