May 30, 2024

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe struggles to wrangle pig on massive property after star purchases $700K mansion

AMERICAN Pickers star Mike Wolfe has shared a video displaying his struggle to wrangle in a pig on a huge property.

Mike Wolfe, 59, took to Instagram and shared a brief clip of himself wandering in the woods. 

Mike Wolfe finally found his neighbor’s lost pig named Bagel in a new clipCredit: instagram/mikewolfeamericanpicker
The American Pickers star whistled at the pig and said: “Come on, lil doggie!”Credit:
Bagel ignored Mike’s commands and walked away from himCredit: instagram/mikewolfeamericanpicker

In the short video, the American Pickers notable pointed the camera at a Gloucestershire Old Spot, a pig with a white fur coat and black marks.

He mentioned: “This is my neighbor’s pig. His name is Bagel. We were looking for him. Finally found him.”

The antique expert then rubbed his hand all over the pig’s butt. 

He continued: “What were you doing, you little stinker? Get that dust off your butt.”

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Mike whistled at Bagel, like a dog, before the hog ignored his commands and walked away.

He went on: “Come on, lil doggie! What are you doing? All right. It’s a standoff.”

In the caption, the History Channel star mentioned he was in the hills of Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee

Mike wrote: “Pig herding with [JT Hodges].”

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He owns a $1million home in Leiper’s Fork, where he primarily resides. 


On Thursday, The U.S. Sun revealed the TV star purchased a huge mansion for $700,000 in Columbia, Tennessee. 

He bought the 3,166-square-foot house on May 20, 2022. 

The brick house has three bathrooms, and a basement, and comes with a nook – an architectural feature – in the front. 

The home also features a wood deck, a detached carport, a cabana, a utility building, a porch, and more amenities. 

The building is just minutes away from his Columbia Motor Alley shop. 

In November 2017, Mike bought the former Chevrolet dealership Columbia Motor Alley, which was built in 1948, for $400,000. 

Mike’s purchase came after his show returned to the air with all-new episodes.


Near the end of December 2023, the TV personality returned to her show with co-hosts Danielle Colby, 48, brother Robbie Wolfe, 62, and co-star Jersey Jon, 60, for the Season 25 premiere. 

The ratings dipped to a nearly all-time low, putting the show’s future in question.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed the ratings for the premiere episode, Classic Car Cemetery, which reached about 723,000 viewers.

Viewership plummeted even further during part two of the premiere, Hidden Cash Stash, which had only 676,000 people tuning in.

It was the lowest premiere rating the once-beloved show has had in some time.

The season 24 premiere kicked off with better numbers, with about 943,000 fans watching on January 4, 2023. 

Fans have had mixed reviews about the series since Mike’s original co-host, Frank Fritz, 60, was fired in 2021 and replaced by Robbie.

Viewers have called for Robbie to get fired and complained about him online.

Frank suffered a stroke in July 2022 and is under conservatorship and guardianship.

A view of the property owned by Mike in Columbia, Tennessee- he purchased it for $700kCredit: Matt Symons – Commissioned by The US Sun Digital edition
Mike pictured with brother Robbie Wolfe and Danielle Colby in an American Pickers promoCredit: A&E

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