June 19, 2024

1287 Trimble Road sold for $3 million

MANSFIELD – The February property transfers included 1287 South Trimble Road in Mansfield. It was sold for $3,000,000 to Island Life Homes, LLC and Trimble Property Holdings from Mansfield Investments, LLC.. 

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


496 Woodward Ave.; Kayela Cooper to Kosht Realty Holdings, LLC; $80,500

5-7-9 Betzstone Ave.; Rhinostar, LLC to Fares Fares; $315,000

645 Yale Drive; Estate of David P. Emmens to Grant Mueller and Kathleen Mueller; $125,400

199 Glessner; Rissler Enterprises, Ltd. to Jonathan Wiese; $160,000

783 Lexington Ave.; Kurt Stimens, Trustee to 777, 799 Lexington Avenue, LLC; $500,000

231 Sycamore St.; Joseph Ball to SACA Investments, LLC; $43,000

1183 Dillon Road; Dora M. Gearhart to Stateside Property Group, LLC; $7,000

519 Park Avenue West; Ace Carson Investments, LLC to Allie L. Nicolas and Lauren T. Lidhout; $220,000

543 Forest St.; Cory A. Prater to Chandler Taylor; $180,000

1039 Pearce Drive; Jeffrey R. Koozer and Karen L. Koozer to Cody M. Green and Kayla N. Gree; $199,000

617 Russell Road; Randy P. Jenkins to Matthew Bolin; $90,000

246 E. First St.; Elizabeth Evans to Ignacio Gaytan Solis; $13,500

1120 Walker St.; Edward Moore to Paul Stuart Landau; $164,900

469 Sloane Ave.; Larry D. Merwine to Asa C. Stevens; $119,900

Dewey Ave.; Michael D. Shambaugh to John M. Craft; $0

340 Sturges Ave.; George R. Guegold, Jr. and Tina Blackstone to Benjamin Chadwick; $126,350

90 Harvard Ave.; Anthony J. Woodard to Jonathon Thomas Clevenger; $100,499

303 Eighth Ave.; Darl W. Schifer to Barry E. Roark; $25,000

229 Fifth Ave.; Apex Bank fka Bank of Camden to Shawna Lee White and Charles O. Grice, Jr.; $106,000

598 Dirlam Lane; Mary J. Maynor, Randy Webb, Michelle Deskins, etc. to Amy A. Sweet; $248,500

109 Church St.; April Loree Fuhrer and John A. Fuhrer to Jaron Allen; $9,000

60 North Linden Road; Nathan J. Hickerson to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $72,000

632 Princeton Court; Dongsoo Kim and Jiyoung Son Kim to Ryan Lee Noland; $329,000

224 West Third St.; RCHB 1, LLC to Simpson Homes, LLC; $59,000

842 Forest Drive; Amie Patton to Reid Mounts; $113,800

1084 Malabar Lane; Phyllis E. McPhern, deceased, to Calvin B. Musselman, Jr.; $200,000

1515 Royalwood Court; Royal Oak Investments, Ltd. to Mary Lee Scherer; $0

443 Parker St.; Lex Properties, LLC to Black Fork River Enterprises, LLC; $27,000

254 Marion Ave.; Howard Stephenson to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $46,000

328 Newman St.; Alexis Sanderfer to Get It Done Hauling & Property Management, LLC; $5,000

45 Orchard St.; Milner Delmar to Coffee and Sutton ForeverDone, LLC; $0


2270 Ferguson Road; Maple Ridge Villas Ltd. to Krista A. Moore; $239,900

32-34 S. Ireland Blvd.; Shelley Cheyanne DeHart to Remale Frazler and Chelsi Lohr; $240,000

64 and 66 S. Home Road; Rhinostar, LLC to Aaron D. Francis; $227,970

900 Lexington-Springmill Road; Rent Apartment, Ltd. to KXW Investment, LLC; $1,090,000


62 Marvin Ave.; William F. Anspach and Toni A. Anspach, aka Toni Anspach to Shawn Allen Miller; $170,163

43 Grand Blvd.; The Estate of Lee A. Smith to Diana Marvin and Yasser Ibrahim; $170,000

70 Broadway St.; Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC to Phileo Properties, LLC; $65,000


52 E. Durbin St.; Larry Littleton, Jr. and Sally A. Littleton to Joe Ammons; $0


27-37-26-19-0 Steven Drive; Katherine M. Bryant, Trustee to David Knipp and Johannah Knipp; $0

78 College St.; Susan L. Yates to Matthieu F. Maglott and Kathleena B. Maglott; $145,000


120 Essex Circle; Candi Goetz, Executor of the Estate of Peggy Bucklew to Camryn S. Harris and Macie E. Rhoads; $130,000


111 W. Broadway St.; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Northern Property Investments, LLC; $20,000


60 N. Pettit St.; Melvin Hamons, Ella M. Hamons, and Rick Kigar to SZI Investment Group, LLC; $46,785


3315 Dinninger Road; Melvin Z. Burkholder and Wilma R. Burkholder, Trustees, to Vaughn Conley; $68,000

V/L, Ganges Five Points Road; John C. Provchy, Jr. and Joan M. Provchy to Marcus N. Burkholder and Rebekah E. Burkholder; $817,707


2879 Hoff Drive; Joseph Endicott to Daniel Jimmie Oakley and Shannon Marie Oakley; $175,000


State Route 39 & Taylortown Road; Wayne Family Investments, LLC to Melvin Z. Butkholder and Wilma Burkholder, Trustees; $268,521

3356 State Route 96 East; LAJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Peter Schumacher; $142,000

2506 Holtz Road; Corey M. Anderson to Cindy Nolf; $150,000


6198 Renie Road; Charlie Scott, Trustee to Tara E. Brown and Cody A. Brown; $355,000


1249 Bonnie Drive; Oak Wood Developers, Inc. to Heather M. Keener and Paige M. Keener; $161,685

1430 Beal Road; Sally Jo Stigall, Trustee to Cory A. Prater and Allison E. Prater; $289,000

999 Lenox Ave.; Shannon M. Oakley to Kelly Crosby and Douglas Thompson; $102,000

946 Springmill Road; Coral Reef, LLC to NS Retail Holdings, LLC; $1,285,413

1534 Timber Road; Chad A. William, aka Chad Williams and Lori Williams to Benjamin Bush; $43,200

565 N. McElroy Road; Crace Enterprizes, LLC to Cameron T. Cole and Adrianna R. Cole; $223,000

1031 Duke Ave.; Debra D. Baker to Ashley A. Brown; $143,000

1262 Ashland Road; St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mansfield, Ohio to Frenchie Roast, LLC; $300,000

920 Park Avenue East; Shalon N. Vazquez to Amy S. Biederman and Kathryn S. Tackett; $143,000

747 Fairfax Ave.; Rodney Ciesla, Administrator of the Estate of Lorene Ciesla to John Lyn; $36,000

1382 Manner Drive; Robert J. Gandee to Brian S. Burggraf, Jr.; $229,900

3 Eastlawn Ave.; Lex Properties, LLC to Black Fork Enterprises, LLC; $27,500

16 Martha Ave.; Lex Properties, LLC to Black Fork Enterprises, LLC; $35,900

1491 Troy Drive; Joyce A. Wolf to Tonya L. Hutchison; $157,500


1759 Hale Road; Richard Bergman, Trustee of the Bergman Family Trust to Jacob Cabell and Cristina Cabell; $317,000

1321 Circle Drive W.; Lisa M. Linscott and Russell E. Dill and Angela K. White to Anthony Linscott; $120,000

2240 Lakewood Drive; Robert J. Wolfe, Jr. and Kathy L. Wolfe to Cheyanne A. Horvath and Kaden L. Young; $200,000

514 Biscayne Drive; Jennifer L. Hummel to David J. Wolfe, Jr. and Kathy L. Wolfe; $0

963 Pike Drive; The McMullen Revocable Living Trust to The Virginia A. Smith Living Trust; $500,000


5 acres, Pleasant Valley Road; The Andrew Zeigler Profit Sharing Plan to Robert Hicks; $89,900


V/L, Galion Airport Road; Sandra J. Rader and Linda K. Tancek-Lemieuk to The Ulmer Family Revocable Living Trust; $210,000

V/L, State Route 181; Sandra J. Rader and Linda K. Tancek-Lemieuk to Shawn Richard; $30,000


4962 State Route 61; Linda Moore to Roger Nedolast and Amy E. Nedolast; $253,500


0/465 Lohr Road; Wurthmann Rentals, LLC to James Stewart and Jamie Stewart; $95,000


4433 Blooming Grove Road; Heiser Family Farm, LLC to John M. Heiser and Debra A. Heiser, Trustees; $0

1879 Lexington Springmill Road; CWS Investments, Inc. to IplanGroup Agent for Custodian FBO Fei Havenor ROTH IRA; $15,000

Lindsey Road; Sarah M. Rivers, fka Sarah M. Lewis to Jason Murfield and Amber Murfield; $48,000


V/L, 0.5495 acres, German Church Road; Wayne Bishop aka Wayne C. Bishop to Edward J. Banks; $2,000

2424 Lexington Ave.; Tommy E. Washington and Karen L. Washington to RKMK Holdings, LLC; $180,000

Lexington Avenue; Dritto Holdings, LLC to Kathleen A. Rinehart and Donald W. Rinehart; $100,000

2815 Hillcrest Drive; Miller Properties of Ohio, LLC to Ashley N. Stolsmark; $35,000


6396 State Route 95; Alan D. Hayes to John Munrow; $181,818

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