March 5, 2024

LoanCare Rolls Out New Mortgage Servicing Website

Mortgage subservicer LoanCare has introduced a wholly re-imagined, re-engineered, and re-designed version of its website powered by its proprietary software.

The new homeowners’ website provides a path toward a more consumer-centric tech-driven future through state-of-the-art capabilities designed for quick interactions and intuitive self-service options.

“Our vision to make the mortgage journey straightforward for homeowners to navigate and lenders to manage continues to fuel our innovation,” says Dave Worrall, president of LoanCare, in a release. “This proprietary mortgage management platform was built with analytical insight, authoritative market research, and client collaboration. It is the latest demonstration of LoanCare’s commitment to providing an exceptional digital experience for our clients and homeowners.”

The new site empowers lenders with enhanced visibility. It provides a more comprehensive line of sight into the customer’s experience through the Homeowner View feature located within their portal, LoanCare Client Connect. It also offers extended retention opportunities through LoanCare ABM, an account-based marketing platform for clients to promote offers, programs, and content relevant to a particular homeowner.

The new site also includes the ability to communicate with homeowners through their preferred method – text, email, or phone – and language, English or Spanish. The platform’s technology provides a modernized experience enabling homeowners to self-serve on the go with advanced tools and support information. The refreshed design provides an at-a-glance loan overview through a visual dashboard with quick access to payment details, documents, and popular resources.

“By leveraging robust data inputs in the development of next-gen tools like our new homeowner website, we continue to advance LoanCare services to a place where tech prowess and exceptional user experiences converge,” says Worrall.

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