June 19, 2024

Digital Mortgage Lender Opening Up Access to Housing as Mortgage Rates Fall

Beeline Loans Inc. has an innovative new platform that it expects to attract new homeowners as mortgage rates fall, and the company plans to go public this year. Read what experts are saying about the mortgage market as inflation cools off.

As mortgage rates go down and homebuying becomes more accessible to more people, it will also likely become more accessible for younger people. As inflation rates drop, mortgage rates have become less intimidating, representing an opportunity for mortgage lenders who appeal to a younger customer base.

Molly Grace with Business Insider provided a look at recent mortgage rates on January 21, 2024, which have fallen from record highs this fall to about 6.32% over the weekend.

While this is not a precipitous drop, according to the report, it does demonstrate a possible long-term trend that could make homeownership available to those who couldn’t afford October’s highs.

Mortgage Rates Cooling Down

Ana Teresa Sola with CNBC reported on December 15, 2023, that the housing market looks like it will be more favorable to home buyers this year. The trend started in December, she stated, as mortgage rates dropped below 7%, a welcome change in a year where the price of entering homeownership was 52% more expensive than renting.

This drop in mortgage rates has held steady throughout the weekend, according to Angela Mae with Fox Business on January 22, 2024, with rates remaining at 6.625% since Friday. A number of factors can impact mortgage rates, which can fluctuate day by day, but the most notable is most likely inflation.

Falling Interest Rates 

A representative of the Federal Reserve, Christopher Waller, stated that they believe that inflation will keep falling and that the American economy will hit the organization’s 2% target, reported Christopher Rugaber with the Associated Press on January 16, 2024.

The Business Insider report by Molly Grace also highlighted the Federal Reserve’s actions to combat inflation as a major factor in falling mortgage rates. As the Federal Reserve has indicated that it will not engage in more rate hikes and may even reduce them in 2024, mortgage rates could fall in tandem.

Beeline Loans does plan to go public sometime in 2024. 

This trend — inflation rates falling in conjunction with mortgage rates — seems to be supported by earlier trends in November when mortgage rates first began to drop from record highs. According to Diana Olick with CNBC, on November 14, 2023, mortgage rates dropped from about 8% in October to 7.40% after inflation rates fell below-expected rates.

One digital lender has based its platform on the premise that it is making homeownership more accessible, especially to millennial buyers. Beeline Loans Inc. hopes that its digital loan portal will ease the mortgage process for young buyers, but falling mortgage rates could make the costs themselves more accessible to first-time buyers. If trends continue, young homeowners, who have historically struggled to enter the market, may be looking at an opportunity to snag homes. 

Beeline Loans Inc.

Beeline Loans Inc. is a digital mortgage lender that stands out from the crowd due to its online portal and A.I.-powered chatbot that connects with consumers and evaluates their eligibility for loans.

According to Beeline, this is “a radically new way to apply, like five steps in 15 minutes radical. Do it from the sofa even.” It believes that this digital approach to conventional mortgage lending will increase engagement with young people who have been hesitant to buy homes in recent years.

In a previous article, we noted that Beeline elaborated on its chatbot, named Bob, which is available 24 hours a day and is capable of answering complex questions. Based on these conversations, the chatbot will provide the customer with a personalized quote. A representative of the company stated that the chatbot “poses highly personalized product-specific questions to generate a quote in real-time.”

The company has stated that it offers a variety of options, including refinancing, to consumers through the digital platform. Beeline has built its premise on making homeownership more accessible to a wider, more diverse market, making it an attractive prospect if mortgage rates continue to fall.

Beeline Loans is a private company, and the company reports that its largest shareholder is founder Nick Liuzza. According to Beeline, it has invested US$40 million in the company. It reports that the Cavalry Investment Fund, Atalaya, and Ellington have made significant investments in the company.

The company does plan to go public sometime in 2024. 

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