June 22, 2024

Did you ever wonder how far in advance you should get pre-approved for a mortgage? Doug clears it up!

How Far in Advance Should You Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage? Doug Robinson clears it up in 3 questions:

Are you wondering when you should get a pre-approval for a home loan during the buying process? Let’s look at when and how far in advance of purchasing a home you should get pre-approved. Let’s also look at why you should get the pre-approval.

When Should I Get Pre-Approved for A Mortgage?

Ideally, you want to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start looking for houses. Doing so will help you find any obstacles to your pre-approval, like having excessive debt or a poor credit score. You’ll also be able to determine your home-hunting price range. 

Additionally, you will become more competitive in the market in comparison to buyers who have not gotten their pre-approval. All of those aspects will help your cause when the time comes to shop for a house.

Overall, a pre-approval is a preliminary review of your financial status to determine:

  • Your purchasing capacity
  • The amount of risk you bring

The lender performs it at the moment you apply for a loan. But it can also be done before you hand in a formal application.

The pre-approval process serves two purposes:

  1. The lender wants to know if you are qualified to borrow funds from them. Hence, they will look at your credit score, debt level, current employment and income status, and other financial aspects.
  2. It helps you to identify your price range in terms of the loan amount.

Why Should You Get Pre-Approved Before Shopping for a House?

In most cases, it makes sense for a home buyer to get a mortgage pre-approval before they begin to shop for homes. The process of getting pre-approved for a mortgage helps you concentrate your search on the sort of homes you can afford, depending on the creditor’s willingness to lend.

However, the pre-approval review process is not a substitute for budgeting. You need to review your income and expenses to establish how much you can afford in monthly payments.

The process of pre-approval comes into play later, when you are ready to shop for a property. You should have a budget in mind before you move on to this phase.

There is also another good reason to get a pre-approval before home hunting. A house seller will prioritize your offer over other buying offers that a lender has not reviewed. In other words, you’ll be taken more seriously as a potential home buyer.

Overall, it makes excellent sense when you look at it from the seller’s point of view. No seller wants to accept an offer from somebody who does not qualify for a mortgage loan. Therefore, it’s wise to get pre-approved before hunting for homes.

It is also worthwhile to note that pre-approval is different from final approval. You can still be rejected for a mortgage even after a loan officer pre-approves you.

“Pre” means that it happens at the beginning of the mortgage process. For you to receive final approval from the mortgage lender, you also need to undergo a rigorous underwriting procedure. The underwriter will typically review your application and your credentials to establish whether you’re an acceptable risk. If the underwriter issues a green light, then you will get final approval.

What Documents Are Necessary for a Mortgage Pre-approval?

The lender will want to confirm your identity, credit history, working history, income, and monetary assets to give a pre-approval. He or she will probably ask you to fill out a residential loan application called 1003 (“ten-oh-three”).

The 1003 application will ask for your details, financial information, and loan details, which include:

  • Bank accounts, including your retirement account
  • Any other assets you own
  • The property you own
  • Employment and income information
  • Your employer’s contact details
  • Debts you owe

Your lender will also perform a hard credit -inquiry and might require supplemental documents based on your situation.

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