June 19, 2024

A new era in mortgage lending begins

Mike Pearson, SVP of business development at A&D Mortgage, yearns for stability. “Some stability would be nice,” he said, expressing a desire for a more predictable market environment to navigate effectively.

Brady Ryan, West region sales manager at Lima One Capital, sees opportunity in adversity. “Rates will not stay this elevated,” Ryan added. “They might stay elevated longer than folks hope and believe and want. But look, optimism is a perspective that you choose to sort of implore with you in your daily life, and you can choose to be optimistic about re-crafting your tools and iterating on products and solutions you can offer your clients. So I think it’s really a sort of a singular choice, and you need to choose individually whether you want to be optimistic or not.”

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Raymond Eshaghian, president of Greenbox Loans, projects rate improvements in 2024, which he believes will stimulate refinances and purchases, creating ample opportunities for originators.

Carl Markman, director of national sales at REMN Wholesale, emphasizes the importance of relationship-building. “If you’re in front of your customers consistently and constantly… I think there’s going to be some great opportunity for those that stick it out,” he advised.

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