June 22, 2024

Nusenda Credit Union offers a variety of options to pay off loans in New Mexico

If it feels like you are drowning in debt and trying to get everything under control, you are not alone. Nusenda Credit Union has years of specialized experience and services to help with financial challenges, and with more than 20 branches throughout New Mexico, Nusenda is here to help.

Franco Bethea, the area vice president of branch experience, and Brendan McCracken, the branch manager, have information on all that Nusenda offers. McCracken says, “We’re half a month into a new year, and there is a lot of opportunity for a fresh start, fresh perspective. But, for a lot of us, there could be a lot of stress with that, too. Part of that is because the holidays can be very expensive.”

McCracken explains that many Americans get into debt during the holiday season and often take much of the following year to pay it off. For those in that situation or with other debt, the new year is a great time to reevaluate your finances.

Nusenda offers a variety of options to help community members with their loans, says Bethea. “Personal loans are going to be super common because they’re simple,” he says. With personal loans, Nusenda offers a fixed rate, fixed term, and fixed payment with no collateral required.

Nusenda also offers credit card balance transfers and home equity loans. With a home equity loan, clients can use the equity they have in their home to take cash out and pay it off at a low-interest rate. Auto loans offer a similar option, taking equity in a vehicle out as cash to pay off debt at a low rate.

To learn more about how Nusenda Credit Union can help you sort out your finances, click here.

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