February 22, 2024

Accused ‘selfie scammer’ admits to living off loans from women/other creditors

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Opening a laptop and logging into a Zoom meeting, Jill Schardein got confirmation of a lagging financial fear.

The tens of thousands of dollars she’s owed by her ex-boyfriend is gone.

Todd Dean filed for bankruptcy in late December 2023, and confirmed in a creditor’s Zoom call Monday that he has no income and no job.

“I don’t think I’ll ever see the money,” Schardein said.

Schardein is among the women across the United States who accuse the Nashville man of deceiving them into relationships in order to use their money to continue his lifestyle.

Dean earned the nickname of the “selfie scammer” because of the number of photos he sent to women of himself in his downtown condo in Nashville, describing himself on LinkedIn as a “visionary.”

Dean’s bankruptcy was not a big surprise to Schardein as she already took him to court and was awarded $30,727.50, but has not been repaid.

While Dean did not show for Schardein’s hearing, WSMV4 Investigates found him arriving at a Cool Springs bar to play poker.

On Monday, Dean answered financial questions from a bankruptcy trustee, as well as other creditors and several of the women.

“My goal is to get the creditors paid back,” Dean said.

Dean admitted that he lived off personal loans he took from the women and other creditors while trying to launch Nashville Sanjara Wellness, a mental health retreat in southern Kentucky.

While Sanjara never opened, Dean continued to rent a high rise condo in Nashville and, in some recorded calls, even asked for small amounts of money from women just to cover expenses.

“(Dean) said that was for ‘Sanjara operating expenses’ but that was actually just for him to live. I think Sanjara is just a front for Todd Dean to live his life,” Schardein said.

According to bankruptcy records, Dean intends to sell the land on which Sanjara was to stand.

But Dean took out a loan in order to purchase the land, so that too will have to be repaid in full. While Schardein is listed as a creditor, she hopes Dean isn’t granted bankruptcy.

“What kind of example does that set for people out there? I can con you out of money and then file Chapter 7 or 11, and my slate’s clean?” Schardein asked.

The bankruptcy trustee said he is currently “hunting for money” in order to pay back the creditors.

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