June 22, 2024

Make smart investments for your home at the Indy Home Show

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Home Show kicks off this weekend and lasts until Jan. 28. As visitors get to meet with hundreds of vendors and step inside home models, this gives inspiration for future home investments.

“If you are coming out just to look, it’s just a lot of knowledge and information and sometimes things you didn’t know you were looking for or you want those little nuggets, but you will absolutely walk away with information,” Leslie Davis said.

Davis is visiting the home show with her twin sister Lyndsay Lamb. The sisters are the relators on the HGTV show “Unsellable Houses,” where they help homebuyers invest in necessary renovations.

“I think often homeowners look at online or different social sites and they ‘oh everybody’s updating their kitchen that must be what I need to do,’ but you need to step back,” Davis said.

While they know the dream is to have the picture-perfect home, they say homeowners really need to look at the renovations that will keep your home standing.

“There may be small improvements you can make that make huge differences on the sales prices and really that’s what we look for,” Lamb said.

While visitors get to meet with many unique vendors, both sisters say you shouldn’t go all in and really think about what will benefit your home. Especially for first time homebuyers who may not know where to start.

“Don’t rush it and buy the first thing you see because you think it’s all you can get, there’s always more options out there but also be willing to compromise a little,” Lamb said.

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