June 18, 2024

Letter: Prosser school levy is a sound investment | Opinion

To the editor — I would like to express my support for the upcoming Prosser school levy. I am optimistic that our district is on an upward trajectory. In the last few years, we have chosen new leaders at many of our schools, in our administration and on our school board. While volunteering in classrooms, helping to select our new English language arts curriculum, and serving on our local attendance committee, I have observed the determination of our school district to reach its full potential.

Capital levy dollars will build on our momentum as we update our athletic facilities and crucial infrastructure at the middle school.

EP&O levy dollars will support programs such as counseling services, athletics, after school arts programming, and other ASB activities. These services provide students with healthy social outlets and help our students build self-esteem, healthy relationships with coaches and peers, and pride in their schools and community.

Let’s invest in our Prosser students! After graduation, many of our students choose to return to Prosser and become contributing members of our community. An investment in our youth today is an investment in the future of Prosser.



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