April 23, 2024

Lakeland made investments in 2023

The Prospect Lake Wire Luxury Apartments, under construction on the old Florida Tile site across the street from Lake Wire in Lakeland.

LAKELAND — As the year comes to a close, Lakeland officials say there’s a strong sense of “calm” and stability as the city moves into 2024.

Mayor Bill Mutz said the commission’s work in 2023 has built a strong foundation for Lakeland to move forward after the COVID pandemic.

“It allowed us to start to put into place some measures to deal with the impacts that occurred from COVID, and moving forward it created ways for us to do the things that mattered, to plan for the things that mattered most,” Mutz said.

The mayor and City Manager Shawn Sherrouse were invited to share with The Ledger what some of Lakeland’s biggest accomplishments and successes were in 2023.

Lakeland Police Department has equipped more than 100 uniformed patrol officers with body-worn cameras ahead of Christmas.

Bolstering public safety

In January, the Lakeland Police Department completed the deployment of body cameras to its public-facing members who work on the streets and equipped its cruisers with license plate-reading technology. In two weeks, Assistant Chief Hans Lehman reported nearly 250,000 license plates has been scanned.

Sherrouse said the police department hired 13 additional officers during the year to increase public safety for an ever-growing population, reabsorbed the school resource officers into its daily ranks and hired a part-time cold case detective.

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