February 29, 2024

Kentucky General Assembly must further invest in child care

Accessible, quality child care is as essential to Kentucky’s economy as roads, bridges and high-speed internet. It’s time to invest in child care infrastructure that is affordable for families, supports the child care workforce and providers, and incentivizes growth.

For the nearly 250,000 Kentucky parents and caregivers with young children, access to child care enables them to obtain gainful employment while also nurturing and educating their children, laying the foundation for their individual future success, as well as the future strength of our state and economy.

In this year’s 60-day budget session, the Kentucky General Assembly will pass the state’s next two-year spending plan. The House has passed HB 6, the first version of that budget and we are grateful to the House for their recognition of child care as critical infrastructure. The proposed $52 million annual investment for child care would represent the state’s largest to date; however, more targeted investment is needed.

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