April 12, 2024

Italy Investment Path to Residency and Beyond

It is a comfortable country with a mild climate, many attractions, centuries-old culture, traditions, and delicious food. We are talking about sunny Italy.

It is convenient and safe not only to travel but also to live here. You can get a residence permit in a prosperous EU country under the “Golden visa” program. It lasts only a few months and gives the opportunity in the future to get a passport of this country to any private person who is not a citizen of the EU countries. It is suitable primarily for wealthy foreigners who wish to move to the sea and are ready to make large investments in Italy’s economy. The accelerated procedure of consideration and approval of applications is provided for them. Read more about it below.

The local government launched the Italy Golden Visa program in 2017 to actively attract foreign capital to the country’s economy for its development. Citizens of non-EU countries who wish to obtain a second passport and new opportunities for business development can participate in the program. It is worth noting that Italy residence by investment can noticeably improve the life of your family and will help you reach a better level. 

The bonus of a favorable decision on the application is a residence permit for 2 years with the possibility of further extension for another three years. After living in Italy for at least 10 years, you can initiate a passport through naturalization. 

Investment Options for Gaining Italian Residency (IR)

To become a participant in the program, the applicant can choose from four different ways of investing in strategic areas of the economy, namely:

  • from 250,000 EUR to an innovative Italian startup;
  • from 500,000 EUR to a local limited liability company;
  • from 1 000 000 EUR to charity;
  • from 2,000,000 EUR in the country’s government bonds.

There is no need to take an Italian language exam and live in Italy if the applicant is not required to obtain a local passport. You have various options to move to a prosperous, sunny country legally.

Benefits of Italian Residency

What are the reasons why the Italian visa is so in demand among wealthy foreigners? According to the expert Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest company), the minimum requirements for participation in the program are necessary, the application is filled out online, in English, and the personal presence of the applicant in the country is not required Italy Golden Visa by investment has several undeniable advantages, such as: 

  • strong economy, which brings business people to domestic and EU markets;
  • visa-free visits to Schengen countries for up to 90 days;
  • unlimited employment or as a sole proprietor;
  • the same privileges for all family members who are included in the application: partners, children, parents;
  • fixed tax rate, which does not depend on the investor’s income;
  • possibility to open accounts in EU banks;
  • free medical care;
  • access to European education;
  • life in a safe, comfortable country.

There are other advantage that a businessman will have after moving. After five years, the owner of the Golden Visa can apply for permanent residence.

Application Process and Requirements

Adult citizens of countries that are not part of the European Union can get an Italy residence permit. For this, it is necessary to make an investment of 250,000 to 2,000,000 EUR and prepare a certain package of documents. The potential investor must also have no criminal record, have legally earned capital, and be able to prove it, as well as pledge to contribute to the welfare of Italy and show loyalty to this country. 

A private person with significant capital should go through the process of checking the applicant for reliability, then apply for a Nulla Osta certificate (you can do it online) with a package of supporting documents to obtain the desired status. After receiving the above document, the applicant should apply for an investor visa at the nearest Italian embassy within six months. All procedures are simple and clear if you get the support of a migration specialist. 


If you are interested in Italy as a country for business development, living, working, and studying, and you are ready to invest some funds into the local economy, register for a “golden visa”. It is one of the shortest and most accessible ways for many people to get the desired residence permit. More detailed information about this issue is available at immigrantinvest.com. If you are interested in how to get Italian citizenship, contact a specialized immigration agency. Its specialists will not only provide detailed advice and offer different options but also help you prepare a complete package of documents to increase the chances of approval of your application. 

Seek help from specialists and simplify your way to moving to a more promising country. Consider this decision’s pros; you will realize it opens up excellent prospects. Don’t miss a profitable opportunity; make an engagement for a consultation with specialists, and you will see that your move to sunny Italy can become a reality shortly with the support of professionals. 

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