April 24, 2024

Frederic Wandres Sponsored by Anrecht Investment to Promote Harmony and Fair Horse Riding

German World and European Championship team rider Frederic Wandres has secured special support and sponsorship from the German couple Kristina and Jörg Anrecht.

The Anrecht couple first made headlines by launching the “Harmony & Fairness Prize” in 2019 and rewarding riders at several shows in Germany with a cheque. The winner of the prize is chosen by a vote from spectators in the stands and online and it goes to the most harmonious rider.

Anrecht Signs Wandres

Their company Anrecht Investment wants to build on that concept and have signed Frederic Wandres to carry out their message as of 1 January 2024.

“Frederic Wandres stands for harmonious riding and fair treatment of his four-legged friends,” said Kristina Anrecht. “It is precisely these values that are close to our hearts at Anrecht Investment. We are convinced that this partnership will not only bring sportive success, but also inspiring moments and positive development for equestrian sports.”

Frederic Wandres explained that ” the health and well-being of the horse always comes first. Its training and development can only be achieved through sustainable riding.”

Anna Laura Heinrich, spokesperson for Anrecht Investment, further detailed to Eurodressage that “Anrecht-Investment recognizes Frederic Wandres as a remarkable individual and an outstanding dressage rider. Our support for his career extends beyond mere financial backing. We are committed to nurturing his talent and passion for presenting in harmony with the horses. While our primary goal is to accompany and support a talented young rider like Mr. Wandres on his journey, the returns we anticipate are the shared successes and accomplishments that align with the core values of Anrecht Investment and its engagement in the equestrian sport for more of Harmony & Fairness.”

If the collaboration goes well the company will consider sponsoring horses for Freddy to ride.

A Positive Light on Horse Sport

Wandres in the lap of honour at 2023 CDIO Aachen

In a time in which especially social media is casting a negative light on high performance sport with often unfounded criticism on riders, Wandres and Anrecht hope to provide more transparency in what horse training for top sport involves. 

“We agree that dressage sport needs to become more transparent. We would like to make our contribution to this together,” said Wandres.

Frederic told Eurodressage that “I believe we can all do part and show the world and people, who have nothing to do with horses, how nice our sport is and with how much passion we do with, because we love our horses. With the support of the Anrecht couple we want to open our doors and bring the sport and daily life more to the people at home. We will show them what Lars and I do with our horses. We feel this is necessary to secure the future of our sport for the next generations.”

Photos © Mehmet Akdag – Astrid Appels

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