June 13, 2024

Czech Daytrip Secured а $10M Series B Investment For Strengthening Its Position In the Online Travel Industry

Only have 1 minute? Here are 3 key takeaways: 

  • Czech-founded Daytrip, a travel platform specializing in private door-to-door car transfers, successfully closed a $10 million Series B investment round.
  • The investment was led by Taiwania Capital, with participation from existing investors Euroventures, J&T Ventures, and N1.
  • The Series B funding will support Daytrip in expanding into new markets, with a particular focus on the US, and enhancing its platform.


Czech-founded Daytrip, a travel platform providing private door-to-door car transfers, closed a $10M Series B investment led by Taiwania Capital, with participation from existing investors Euroventures, J&T Ventures, and N1. 

Daytrip offers private transfers with English-speaking drivers and optional sightseeing stops. The startup was founded in 2015 by Tomáš Turek, Markéta Bláhová, Valeriia Pshenychna, Jan Prokop, and Jiří Sváček. All of them were seeking a more optimized way to travel between cities. After establishing door-to-door rides in a private car with professionals, they added the option to visit curated sightseeing stops, enabling travelers to explore captivating destinations along their route. According to their data, the company has transferred over 350K people in 2023 which is double the amount compared to a year earlier. They operate in more than 110 countries worldwide.

The latest funding round will aim to support the company in further building their platform, expanding its operations in new countries including the United States, and establishing strategic partnerships with industry leaders. Daytrip closed a Series A with €6M in 2022, their first funding round after the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Global Online Travel Market Forecast for 2024-2030, the online travel industry growth is projected to expand rapidly, reaching $1.56T by 2030.

The investment in the Czech Republic-based startup was led by Euroventures, with existing investors J&T Ventures, Nation 1 VC and Pale Fire Capital also involved. “Traveling is picking up again and in fact, data show that American travelers are about to take as many, or even more international trips in 2024 compared to last year,” said Markéta Bláhová, Co-Founder and COO of Daytrip. “People are looking to explore countries they were not able to travel to during the pandemic, they are more willing to spend their money on unique travel experiences and immerse themselves into the local cultures. And Daytrip is ready to help them achieve that”, she adds. 

The funding will be further used to support the marketing activities of the company and strengthen their position within the online travel ecosystem. Daytrips’ plans include also launching a mobile application. Their customers will be able to book transfers in the UK, India, Brazil, and Argentina in 2024.

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