February 29, 2024

United Hospital Center hosts annual Holly Ball to raise funds

UHC Holly Ball to raise money for their Greatest Need Fund. (WBOY image)

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — United Hospital Center (UHC) held its 64th annual Holly Ball featuring a Casino Royale theme at The Morris Event Center in Glen Elk.

More than 400 guests attended the ball and during the first hour of the night, the casino opened along with a cocktail hour. Guests could try their luck at blackjack, a roulette wheel, the craps table, and the infamous prize wheel. Those guests could win “funny money” and turn their winnings into tickets that would be drawn for prizes.

UHC Chief Quality Officer and Vice President of Quality Mark Povroznik said organizers are proud to continue the tradition of the St. Mary’s Hospital and Union Protestant Hospital Auxiliaries Ball, which was first held on Thursday, Dec. 28, 1961.

“Always remember what anchors the Holly Ball, it’s the history of pillars of the community coming together to make a fun night, make a fun evening, and, and put forth some fundraising for something that was the greatest need,” Povroznik said.

All proceeds raised from the event will benefit UHC’s Greatest Need Fund. The fund helps UHC continue to provide outstanding patient care and respond to a variety of healthcare facilities, staff and patient needs. Any of the donations made will go to help address the most immediate needs. An online auction also helped raise money and officials said more items will be added, bidding will conclude near the end of the month.

“Over the years it’s been just a variety of healthcare needs. So, this year the greatest need is really a find of what is that need, and it’s grown to be taxi rides, It’s growing to be expensive medication to get patients safely home, and most recently we’ve been investing in the homeless and how to bridge those in each shelter from an acute care condition and getting back to their basic lifestyle. So, that’s what we’re here to do but we’re here to celebrate each other,” Povroznik said.

After the welcoming announcement was made, a farm-to-table dinner was provided by Fish Hawk Acres. Live music was also provided throughout the night by Crimson Reign. There was even a photo booth.

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