June 13, 2024

United Fund allocates 2024 funds | News

EAST TAWAS – Tawas-Whittemore-Hale United Fund Board of Directors allocated $13,000 to the 10 agencies it voted to support for 2024 during its January meeting held Thursday at the East Tawas Community Center.

Allocations are made quarterly to the agencies with the first made this month. The 10 agencies each focus on children or family-related activities.

So far, the organization raised more than $11,400 during the 2023-24 campaign drive. T-W-H United Fund President John Morris said this year’s campaign drive is expected to be larger from what was raised during the previous year’s drive.

The board unanimously approved to allocate $100 increases to agencies who have representatives on the T-W-H United Fund board. Three of the four agencies have representatives who are long-time members of the United Fund.

Approved to receive 2024 T-W-H United Fund allocations of $1,600 each are Iosco Coats for Kids, Tawas Area Education Foundation, Girl Scouts, and Tawas FISH, Inc. Receiving $1,000 each are Hale Area Education Foundation, Whittemore-Prescott Education Foundation, Hope Shores Alliance, Boy Scouts, Hale Soccer and Iosco County 4-H.

The 10 agencies requested $16,000 in funding from the organization for 2024. The local United Fund board had set a goal of raising $20,000.

Additionally, the United Fund was selected this year to receive a $5,000 grant from the U.S. Gypsum Foundation. Because of the grant, the United Fund board approved additional one-time allocations of $835 each to 4-H, Tawas, Hale and Whittemore-Prescott education foundations, Coats for Kids and Tawas FISH.

And like previous years, the local board may make increases this year should additional funding come in.

The local United Fund is overseen by an all-volunteer board.

Those who haven’t yet made a contribution to the local United Fund can still do so. Contributions can be sent to T-W-H United Fund, P.O. Box 28, East Tawas, MI 48730.

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