April 23, 2024

Freezin’ for Funds expects to double fundraising for 2024 | Local News

freezing funds 2024 4

Participants make their way back to shore after the plunge.

freezing funds 2024 2

Participants enter the water at Glazebrook Park

A light covering of snow helped add to the wintry atmosphere of the annual Freezin’ for Funds event at Glazebrook Park in Godfrey on Saturday. The fundraiser isn’t a traditional “polar plunge,” because donors have the option of getting into the chilly pond and about two dozen did so. For a $30 donation, you got a long sleeve shirt, and a charity of your choice could be drawn out for a large donation.

Freezin' - committee

Freezin’ for Funds Committee member Craig Lombardi thanks participants and sponsors prior to the plunge.

Started by a group of Alton High School Class of 1986 graduates, Freezin’ for Funds first helped the Alton Athletic Association. Now, the money raised goes to a non-profit that is chosen randomly from the names submitted by those who donated. This year the recipient drawn out by the mayor was the YWCA of Alton which should receive close to $7,000 once all the donations are received.

Rebecca Griffon of Godfrey was one of the participants:

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Rebecca Griffon of Godfrey minus one shoe after the event. (if you find it you can keep it)

Shivers of Godfrey was on hand with free coffee and hot chocolate, St. Peter’s Hardware donated portable heaters, the Village of Godfrey and Godfrey Fire provided EMS service, and the YWCA provided a warming van.

freezin funds 2024 3

More participants brave the chilly water at Glazebrook Park

Freezing funds 2024 5

Freezin’ for Funds 2024

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Mayor McCormick draws the winner of the donation, this year the YWCA of Alton. Once final totals are in, the group expects the donation to be around $7,000.

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