July 20, 2024

First responders compete to raise funds for Salvation Army

JACKSON, Tenn. – First responders went toe-to-toe to raise money for a local non-profit.

The Jackson Fire Department and the Jackson Police Department had a competition on who could raise the most money for the Salvation Army on Wednesday.

This has been a competition between the two departments for years now.

“We’re out here from eight to five all day today taking turns, different people from each agency,” said Chief David Dorris, the Division Chief of Training for the Jackson Fire Department.

Each team was on opposite ends of Walmart ringing their bells. Some had a strategy to ring in shoppers like playing music.

“Strategy-wise, ring the bells. Maybe try to make some kind of rhythm of it, which we’ve not been successful with but we have had a lot of donations today. And they have had problems getting the money inside the bucket. Whatever we’re doing is working,” said Sgt. Frank Yalda, with the Jackson Police Department.

The other team used their motivation to bring in more shoppers

“Just beating PD. We’re really good at that. So that’s what we’re going to continue to do,” said Chief Matt Jones, the Division Chief of EMS for the Jackson Fire Department.

This was also a special moment for one department to see the community come together for a great cause.

“You see people from all walks of life come in and out. You can kind of profile some people and, you know, they may not look like they have a lot. They’re the ones that are putting in a lot of money,” Yalda said.

Both teams shared that there are no prizes on who wins but they are having fun raising money for a great cause.

The Grinch also visited the fire department while they were ringing in shoppers.

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