May 30, 2024

County denied grant funds for ADA projects at Lewis Emery Park

Lewis Emery Park has a rich history as being a Civil War muster site of the 18th Michigan Infantry before it became a fishery in 1930 and ultimately a county park in the 1960s.

HILLSDALE — The Hillsdale County Board of Commissioners announced Tuesday, Dec. 26, that for the second year in a row now, the county narrowly missed out on state grant funds that would have allowed them to make much needed improvements to its largest recreational park. 

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund approved 35 grant applications this year disbursing nearly $10 million to various communities for park improvements. Hillsdale County scored 280 points on the trust fund’s scoring system, an increase of 25 points over 2022.

Former County Commissioner Bruce Caswell spearheaded the grant application process for the county commissioners, who earmarked $84,400 of their 2023-24 budget as a 26-percent match of the $240,000 they asked for.

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