July 23, 2024

Commissioners hear proposals for CDBG funds | News, Sports, Jobs

Salineville Mayor Chad Bettis presents plans for the resurfacing of 1,850 feet of roads in the village, near highly trafficked areas where stores and the village’s medical clinic are located, and requests $100,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the project during the Columbiana County Commissioner’s meeting Wednesday. The commissioners have approximately $400,000 in grant funds available to award, against approximately $919,045 in total requests from 10 different municipalities in the county. (Photo by Evan Houk)

LISBON — Columbiana County Commissioners heard proposals from 10 municipalities requesting Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds during its regular meeting Wednesday.

New Waterford, Salem, Columbiana, Salineville, Lisbon, East Palestine, and Wellsville all presented plans and local contribution amounts for street improvement projects, Leetonia and Wellsville are planning parks and recreation improvements, and Hanover Township and the village of Hanoverton are planning fire department upgrades.

The commissioners have approximately $400,000 to give in actual award money, according to Tad Herold, director of economic development for the Columbiana County Office of Economic Development.

Between the 10 municipalities, approximately $919,045 in project funds were requested at Wednesday’s meeting. All of the projects are improving infrastructure in verified low and moderate income (LMI) areas, as defined by the parameters of the CDBG program.

The grant program “provides annual grants on a formula basis to states, cities, and counties to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment, and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons,” according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website.

“The board will review these,” Commissioner Mike Halleck said of the proposals. “We’ll assess what the needs are.”

The commissioners are hoping to make a decision within two weeks, Herold said.

Herold attended the meeting along with Columbiana County Port Authority Assistant Executive Director Brittany Smith, who he said has been “instrumental” during the CDBG process.

New Waterford is planning to pave three roads, which will affect low-income areas, Mayor Shane Patrone said.

“Two of the roads are the main access roads from Unity Township,” he said. “We have a leveling coat already performed on those roads to secure them through the year. We’re looking to get an inch-and-a-half blacktop on top of that to finish those roads so they’re able to be maintained.”

The village is requesting $90,000 and is proposing a contribution of $6,863, or 5%, for a total project cost of $96,863, to resurface parts of Church Street, East Main Street, and Front Street. The project is expected to impact 48 households and one business.

Wellsville is planning to resurface and fence the playground on 18th Street and add pickleball courts, according to village council member Karen Dash.

“We have a large parking area on 18th Street that needs something,” Dash said. “So I thought of pickleball. It seems to be a fast-growing sport. It would give our people that are middle-aged and older something to do.”

For the pickleball courts, Wellsville is asking for $64,500 in CDBG funds and it will contribute 10% of the estimated total project cost.

The village of Wellsville also wants to resurface approximately 800 feet of Third Street between Main Street and Lisbon Street, at a total cost of $133,285. The village would contribute $35,000, or 30%, and is asking for $98,285.

Salem presented plans for resurfacing East Fourth, East Fifth, and East Sixth Streets. The city is requesting $100,000 and would contribute $258,725, for a total project estimate of $358,725.

Columbiana requested $73,600 for a $92,015 resurfacing of South West Street and the addition of 250 feet of sidewalk along the western side of the street, Columbiana Deputy City Administrator said. The city would contribute $18,415.

“That project will affect 15 homes,” Miner said.

Hanover Township and the village of Hanoverton requested $60,000, of which the township and village will contribute approximately 20%, for a total estimated project cost of $73,247.60, to acquire a cascade water system and trailer that will allow the fire department to respond to emergencies where on-site support is critical, Hanover Township Trustee John Zehentbauer said.

“That will charge our air pacs,” he said. “I think this would be a great piece to have for the entire community.”

The project is expected to impact 1,484 households.

Salineville has plans to resurface 1,850 feet on Academy, McKinley, Short, and Water Streets, as well as Line Alley.

“The second paving project in the area will also be around the medical clinic of Salineville. There’s 700 patients that go there, as of 2020, and it surrounds our neighborhood as well,” Salineville Mayor Chad Bettis said.

The village is requesting $100,000, of which it will contribute $11,364, for a total project estimate of $111,364.

Lisbon Mayor Peter Wilson presented plans for the resurfacing of 2,200 feet of East Washington Street, from state Route 45 to state Route 30, of which the village is requesting $187,785 in grant funds.

“Two years ago, we presented the same project. At that time, the price tag was $150,000. We are re-submitting our request this year,” he said. “We would appreciate any help you could consider giving the village.”

The area proposed to be paved is near the county prosecutor’s office and receives heavy traffic, Wilson said. The project is estimated at $217,785, of which the village will contribute $30,000.

Leetonia requested $75,000 for a $227,700.50 public restroom construction project near the new amphitheater and the splash pad in the downtown area. The village would contribute a match of $152,700.50.

East Palestine requested $69,875 for a $109,875 project for resurfacing 1,833 square yards of pavement on South Street and 2,288 square yards of pavement on Sebring Street. The project is expected to impact 20 households on South Street and 12 households on Sebring Street.

The next meeting of the Columbiana County Commissioners will be held in the board room in the downtown courthouse at 9 a.m. May 8.


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