February 25, 2024

Another YSRC MLA All Set to Quit Party, Alleges No Funds Allocation

 Vijayawada: Another YSRC MLA is all set to leave the ruling party in AP. YSRC leader and Mylavaram MLA Vasantha Krishna Prasad made some shocking comments against the policies of the YSRC government and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy on Monday. He stated that he would quit the party soon.

Krishna Prasad convened the ‘Athmeeya Samavasham’ with his supporters and followers at his residence at Ithavaram of Nandigama Mandal in the NTR district. Many senior leaders and people’s representatives attended the meeting from all Mandals in the Mylavaram constituency.

During the meeting, MLA Krishna Prasad discussed his future plans and said he would quit the party. Later, addressing the media, he said he had not resigned from the party but he would do it very soon. He has not decided on joining another party though he received invitations from Telugu Desam, Congress, BJP and Jana Sena parties, he said.

MLA Krishna Prasad said the sand and liquor policies of the ruling YSRC were wrong. He said many construction workers suffered in the past due to the wrong sand policy of the YSRC government. He felt the liquor policy of the YSRC government was also wrong. He said CM Jagan had taken a decision on sand policy but many people had questioned the MLAs about the wrong policy.

The rebel MLA said Jagan Mohan Reddy had not responded when he told him about the problems he faced in the Mylavaram constituency due to the interference of one leader from another segment.

He alleged the YSRC leadership ignored senior leaders of the party in the allotment of portfolios in the state cabinet and referred to the name of Kolusu Parthasarathy, who was denied a berth in the state cabinet.

Krishna Prasad also felt the concept of Why Not 175 of CM Jagan was wrong. He said even Y S Rajasekhar Reddy never thought of winning all seats. He questioned why there should be no opposition in the state and felt the TD could win the elections in the state.

MLA Krishna Prasad said that he opposed the three capitals decision of the government and faced onslaught from his party leaders for opposing the shifting of capital from Amaravati.

He said the government stopped payment of bills for the house sites’ levelling works. He said the government had not fulfilled the promises and MLAs faced problems when they visited the areas under the Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam scheme.

Krishna Prasad recaled that Y S Rajasekhar Reddy had sanctioned `100 crore for his development works whereas he could not get at least `1 crore from CM Jagan for development works in the constituency.

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