May 20, 2024

Women in finance: our report 2023

Revolut is one of 400 signatories of the Women in Finance Charter, whose aim is to improve ‌gender representation in the financial services industry, especially in leadership positions.

One of our goals is to achieve at least 30% female representation in our senior leadership by 2025. We define senior leadership as all employees with a seniority of Lead and above. Currently, Revolut’s female representation in senior leadership stands at 21%.

Our progress

At Revolut, we’re all about making data-based decisions. The first step we took, therefore, was embedding the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) data across many of our business processes. This includes recruitment, promotion and development, employee engagement, and satisfaction. These metrics help us track progress and identify targeted initiatives to improve them.

Our strategy is focused on growing talent internally, and we’re pleased that in the last performance cycle the share of promoted women reached 44% of total promotions, compared to 35% in the previous cycle.

What’s next?

We’ve built our strategy around three key Diversity and Inclusion pillars. Attract (talent acquisition), Grow (promotion and development), and Belong (inclusion).

We have a comprehensive roadmap of ‌talent initiatives in place, including anti-bias training, as well as training more colleagues from diverse backgrounds to become interviewers. Another step is to make sure we remove any possibility of gender bias from our recruitment process. This includes introducing blind CV screening. We’ll also be reviewing all of our recruitment communications to ensure they’re gender neutral; from job descriptions, emails, and interview cases, to offer letters. We also plan to expand our scholarship programmes, networking events, and workshops for aspiring new talent.

To support our female employees’ growth, we plan to expand our mentoring programme, as well as our development initiatives like the High Potential programme (aimed at developing leadership skills) and the Spires programme (aimed at equipping our non-technical employees with data analysis and engineering skills, giving them an opportunity to change career path).

The RevWomen guild is also a major driver of bringing the female community together at Revolut. We’ll continue to organise events and workshops across the year, as well as collaborate with our partners such as Women in Finance and Women in Tech organisations.

Reporting period: September 2022 – September 2023

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