June 13, 2024

From credit cards to debt to stocks: Expert offers insight to top financial literacy questions

ABC Owned Television Stations, in collaboration with Microsoft Philanthropy, are proud to present “Our America: In the Black,” an hour-long documentary special aims to drive conversations about building financial literacy and economic empowerment in the Black community.

In the special, Microsoft Philanthropy tech specialist Darrell Booker takes us on a journey around the nation in the quest to bridge the racial wealth gap through Microsoft’s Digital Inclusion Program. Booker and his team are devoted to shining a spotlight on nonprofits actively pushing financial literacy programs to teach youth economic mobility and generational wealth creation.

In the special, Booker introduces us to neuropsychologist and financial health and wellness expert Dr. Jatali Bellanton, aka Dr. J., who provides insight into the top frequently asked questions about financial literacy.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Dr. Jatali Bellanton helps explain the difference between good and bad debt, plus what to know about interest rates, auto loans, and more.

Many Americans currently struggle with debt. In the video player above, Dr. J takes a deep dive into understanding debt. She explains how to know the difference between good and bad debt, especially when it pertains to credit card interest rates, mortgage, auto loans, student loans, and business loans. She also talks about the importance of increasing income, plus having discipline and commitment to retaining and maintaining money.

Credit Cards and the College Experience

If you’re a college student or know one, listen up. Dr. Jatali Bellanton shares advice about how students should manage credit cards and avoid debt while in college.

In this video, Dr. J talks in detail about how students should properly manage credit cards and avoid debt when in college. She also discusses annual percentage rate (APR), compound interest, cash advance fees and how they affect the cost of borrowing.

World of Stocks

Financial health and wellness expert Dr. Jatali Bellanton shares insight about what a stock is, the importance of investing, and more.

Watch as Dr. J goes in-depth about what a stock is, the importance of investing in stocks, and how to successfully manage them. She also shares insight on brokerage stocks, types of brokerage accounts like a 401(k), and the different benefits one can obtain when using a bank or a brokerage firm to manage and gain assets.

Start your journey in empowering your community to achieve generational wealth with Microsoft nonprofit resources at www.aka.ms/NTA.

Watch “Our America: In the Black” in the video player above or wherever you stream this station on Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or Google TV. You can also find the special on Hulu’s “Black Stories Always” hub, the ultimate streaming destination for Black stories and storytellers all year round.

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