February 29, 2024

Chicago Booth Introduces New Master’s Programs In Finance And Management

With classes starting in fall 2024, the two programs bring Booth’s transformative business education to ambitious recent college graduates.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business recently launched two dynamic new academic programs that expand the benefits of a Booth education to recent college graduates seeking a business-related master’s degree.

Designed for students with limited or no work experience, the Master in Management Program and the Master in Finance Program enable recent graduates to study at one of the world’s top business schools and earn a degree in about a year. The first cohorts of both programs start classes in fall 2024. 

While both programs are for recent college graduates, they have different target audiences. The 10-month Master in Management Program (MiM) is for students with undergraduate degrees in liberal arts or STEM fields who want to create a career that requires business-oriented skills and knowledge. Courses in economics, management, data analytics, accounting, and decision-making provide students with core business skills, while electives allow them to focus their studies in areas such as finance, strategic management, analytics, marketing, or entrepreneurship. When they graduate, MiM students will be ready to take a strong first step into any business environment. 

In contrast, the Master in Finance Program (MiF) is specifically geared toward recent graduates who have a strong quantitative background and a passion for financecurious and highly analytical thinkers who are searching for a master’s degree that allows them to start a finance career with a competitive advantage. The program prepares students to master the innovations that are disrupting the finance industry, including A.I., machine learning, blockchain technologies and applications, and big data. Specializations in asset management, investment banking, and fintech give students the flexibility to create a graduate experience that meets their career needs and intellectual interests.

MiF students at Booth will learn from the world’s best finance faculty. Booth scholars have shaped financial theory and markets for more than 100 years, and they continue to generate groundbreaking ideas with enduring global impact. After completing the program in 15 months, MiF students will have the financial expertise and personal skills to succeed in asset management, investment banking, fintech, and beyond. Students begin taking courses in the fall, continue through the winter and spring, and then complete a summer internship, followed by a final set of fall electives.

A World-Class Business Education

For more than 125 years, Chicago Booth has been the destination for people who believe in challenging conventional thinking and who seek the freedom to pursue success on their own terms. At Booth, MiM and MiF students will join a dynamic, supportive community of MBA and PhD students who are driven by curiosity and who believe that real change starts with knowing how to ask the right questions.

The MiM and MiF programs are deeply rooted in Chicago Booth’s analytical, multidisciplinary approach to business education. Home to one of the world’s most highly regarded MBA programs, Booth is well known for its transformative MBA curriculum and its preeminent scholars: since 1982, 10 faculty members have won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Drawing on the school’s deep expertise in business fundamentals, analytical thinking, management, and finance, the MiM and MiF programs provide an unparalleled education.

A focus on career development is woven throughout both programs. It starts with Boothcamp, an immersive, two-week experience featuring hands-on programming to help students develop career goals, define a job search strategy, and build essential skills to execute a job search. Next, a 10-week Succeeding in the Workplace course builds on the lessons learned in Boothcamp to teach the fundamentals of professional success. Throughout the academic journey, students in both programs will have access to Booth’s career counseling and coaching staff, ensuring that they will be well prepared to enter a new field and excel in any workplace. They will also have abundant access to a broad network of business leaders and potential employers, providing them with the connections they need to enter the workplace.

MiM and MiF students will learn, live, and grow in Chicago—a city that is unrivaled in its intellectual, cultural, and professional energy. They will participate in transformative, experiential learning opportunities. And they’ll complete part of their coursework as a cohort, forming meaningful connections that last a lifetime. When they graduate, they’ll join a global network of Booth alumni who are shaping the future of business around the world.

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