April 22, 2024

XRP 385,464% Surge to $2500 Possible As Banker Explains 40,000 XRP Equals $100M

EGRAG, a prominent crypto market analyst, recently shared a bold XRP price prediction, presenting the possibility of a 385,464% surge to an ambitious $2,500 price.

The analyst said he received this revelation from a well-connected banker with ties to major and regional banks, as well as central banks.

According to him, the story unfolded during everyday discussions related to work where the banker, unknowingly following EGRAG’s crypto insights, recommended the X account to the analyst.

Intrigued by the banker’s recommendation, EGRAG soon discovered that this well-versed financier was unaware of his true identity despite following the account.

How Does 40K XRP Make $100M?

The sequence of events included an agreement that would expose his identity in return for addressing analytical uncertainties. As the analyst disclosed his authentic identity, the financier presented a perplexing question: how could 40,000 XRP translate into $100 million? 

In response, EGRAG presented a chart and a prediction spanning nearly a decade, forecasting from 2017 to 2027. The banker, acknowledging the alignment with financial trends, highlighted an extended cycle reminiscent of the period from 2013 to 2017 but stretched out over twice the duration.

XRP 00 Price Trajectory EGRAG Crypto
XRP $2500 Price Trajectory | EGRAG Crypto

The Banker showed that holding onto XRP for a decade could result in significant profits. The Banker mentioned that @JoelKatz had discussed how owning 40,000 ETH could have led to a value of $100 million. This was attributed to the changing banking trends, Basel III regulations, and global politics.

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The Banker believed that this market cycle would be similar to the one between 2013 and 2017 but would last twice as long.

Notably, for a 40,000 XRP to hit $100 million, one XRP needs to appreciate to $2,500.

A Call to Action

The primary message from the analyst urged followers to take action and amass XRP. The forecast indicates that XRP might be crucial in tackling liquidity challenges during economic slowdowns.

As the pace of money circulation diminishes and governments explore avenues to boost economic activity, the potential rise of XRP could be transformative.

The banker recommended that individuals acquire XRP as it could potentially serve as a solution for liquidity during sluggish economic times. Money circulation is on the decline, and authorities must take measures to boost it. This move has the potential to alter the situation significantly.

EGRAG emphasized the uniqueness of this narrative, sharing it solely to disseminate the story without any additional motives. The analyst expressed a commitment to accumulating XRP until his family requires it, a statement underscored by a hopeful outlook for the future.

This revelation comes at a time when the XRP market is witnessing noticeable challenges, and enthusiasts are keenly watching for potential breakout opportunities. XRP remains below $0.65 despite a 4% surge over the past 24 hours.

The crypto token currently trades for $0.6484, aiming to recover and retain the $0.65 psychological threshold in the short term. Hitting $2,500 would require a 385,464% surge. Meanwhile, interest in XRP has resurged amid the price uptick, with 24-hour trade volume up 15% to $1,768,979,928.

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