March 5, 2024

The Latest Tech News in Crypto and Blockchain

Dec. 21: Amboss, a data analytics provider for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, launched “Ghost Addresses, which empower users to seamlessly receive payments into self-custody without reliance on the centralized wallet intermediaries that have dominated usage to-date,” according to the team.

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Tenderly 2023 EVM Network Landscape Report Assesses Impact of ‘Multichain System’

Dec. 21: Tenderly has released its “2023 EVM Network Landscape Report, looking into the most widely used Ethereum scaling solutions, and revealing increased on-chain activity on Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche and Base for chain-specific use cases,” according to the team: “The availability of tooling and infrastructure on these chains also points to their developing ecosystems. Overall, the report posits that a multichain system of independent networks and appchains benefits Ethereum’s scalability, ecosystem resilience, growth and innovation and blockchain adoption generally.”

Dec. 21: WalletConnect announced an “ambitious new roadmap to build an open, permissionless and decentralized network that will both improve performance of the WalletConnect Protocol and achieve functionality that better aligns with the tenets of Web3,” according to the team. “Milestones on the roadmap will be tested, audited and executed over the next year, concluding with a proposed formal launch of an open, permissionless WalletConnect Network in 2025.”

Dec. 21: Bitfinex Securities Ltd, which offers listing and trading services for security tokens, announced the successful raise of 5.2M USDT in a tokenized bond issuance, according to the team: “The tokenized security offering is a result of collaboration with microfinancing firm Mikro Kapital that manages a securitization fund named Alternative. The tokenized bond, denominated in USDT, uses the ticker ALT2612 and has a 36-month tenor with a 10% coupon.”

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